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  • Global Full-Body Scanner Market 2019-2023

    ... full-body scanner in APAC, Europe, North America, South America, and MEA. In 2018, the ground-mounted scanner segment had a significant market share, and this trend is expected to continue over the forecast period. Factors such ... Read More

  • Global Lawful Interception Market 2019-2023

    ... new forms and are broadening in to a large number of audience and data volumes are soaring. This creates opportunities for cybercrime, in turn, intensifying the challenge for law enforcement agencies and service providers to ... Read More

  • Global Physical Security Information Management (PSIM) Market 2019-2023

    ... for Standardization (ISO) 17799. Thus, PSIM solutions play a major part in assisting enterprises to comply with the regulatory requirements. PSIM solutions can support enterprises to comply with the regulations as mandated by HIPAA. PSIM ... Read More

  • Global Ballistic Protection Market 2019-2023

    ... and political integrity of nations in the region. Threats to transnational security includes activities such as illegal migration, trafficking, terrorism, transnational crime, maritime piracy, and arms and ammunition trafficking. Thus, such initiatives due to the ... Read More

  • Global GIS Market in the Government Sector 2018-2022

    ... jam and sudden changes in weather can be addresses using AI in GIS solutions. It also helps in predicting the need and offer suggestions and multiple options. Technavio’s analysts have predicted that the GIS market ... Read More

  • Global Police and Military Simulation Training Market 2018-2022

    ... naval vessels, and during the use of weapons, target systems, armored vehicles, and missiles. Technavio’s analysts forecast the Global Police and Military Simulation Training Market to grow at a CAGR of 4.2% during the period ... Read More

  • Global Law Enforcement Software Market 2018-2022

    ... and lawmakers. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global law enforcement software market to grow at a CAGR of 5.36% during the period 2018-2022. Covered in this report The report covers the present scenario and the growth ... Read More

  • Global DNA Forensic Solution Market 2018-2022

    ... is obtained from sources such as blood, hair, saliva, bones, tissue, teeth, and semen. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global DNA forensic solution market to grow at a CAGR of 18.62% during the period 2017-2022. Covered ... Read More

  • Global Forensic Technologies Market 2017-2021

    ... can be used to address litigation issues, investigations, and requirements in regulatory and financial crime. Much development has been seen in the technologies used in forensic science. These technologies provide effective and reliable results, thus ... Read More

  • Global Riot Control Vehicle Market 2017-2021

    ... individuals that are involved in violent public demonstrations, or mass protests. Riots usually occur when there is a public outrage against issues related to government policies, private business operations, unwanted international interference, and communal differences. ... Read More

  • Global M2M Homeland Security market 2017-2021

    ... and M2M services is resulting in an increased demand for innovative M2M platforms to offer new M2M services (such as connected cars and smart homes). Also, many small players are entering the global M2M platform ... Read More

  • Global Prison Management Systems Market 2017-2021

    ... inmate population. Prison management systems can also be used by all the prisons across a country to share a common database of the criminals. In addition, it captures biometric information of all prisoners so identification ... Read More

  • Global Security and Law Enforcement Robots Market 2017-2021

    ... defense and police officials in carrying out their day-to-day activities. These robots are mainly used in unmanned transportation and defense operations, such as border patrolling and bomb detection, thus reducing the risk to human life. ... Read More

  • Global Narcotics Scanner Market 2017-2021

    ... as drugs when taken without the prescription of a physician. These are the non-medicinal uses of narcotics. Narcotics are often smuggled, and this has paved way for the narcotics drug trade. The trafficking of methcathinone ... Read More

  • Global e-Passport Market 2017-2021

    ... identification number, and a digital signature. It is more secure than traditional paper technology as it cuts down the risk of data alteration and duplication. The data stored electronically on the chip is authenticated by ... Read More

  • Global Balancing Scooter Market for Law Enforcement and Security 2017- 2021

    ... law enforcement and security forces and made it more convenient and effective. These scooters find applications in criminal pursuit, prevention of crimes/illegal activities, and maintaining the safety of civilians. They are comparatively cheaper than motorbikes ... Read More

  • Global Military Body-Worn Camera Market 2017-2021

    ... for future references. These are usually small in size and can be clipping on the uniform, mounted on the helmet, glass integrated, button pinhole, and clipped on the holster; depending on the type of mission ... Read More

  • Global Connected Breath Analyzer Devices Market 2017-2021

    ... as smartphones, tablets, or smart watches, which measure the BAC through an app. Breath analyzers do not measure BAC or concentration directly. Instead, these devices estimate BAC by measuring the amount of alcohol present in ... Read More

  • Global Homeland Security Surveillance Camera Market 2017-2021

    ... to perform surveillance from a distance. These cameras are primarily used by various governments and government agencies for intelligence gathering, crime prevention, protection of people or infrastructure, or for the investigation of crimes. Technavio’s analysts ... Read More

  • Global Stun Gun Market 2017-2021

    ... functions without causing substantial damage to the suspect who could be a threat to law and order. These stun guns are used to control violent situations involving civilians, as well as in scenarios where the ... Read More

  • Global Bulletproof Vest Market 2016-2020

    ... law enforcement personals, and many times by civilians as a protective cover against bullets and shrapnel from explosions. Soft bulletproof vests weigh less and provide protection against small-caliber handguns. Hard bulletproof vests are used in ... Read More

  • Global Breath Analyzers Market 2016-2020

    ... uses one of these three technologies to detect the BAC of a person –– infrared, semiconductor, and fuel cell technology. Breath analyzers are commonly used by law enforcement agencies to ensure that people do not ... Read More

  • Global Advanced Combat Helmet Market 2016-2020

    ... The design of an ACH has been derived from modular integrated communications helmets (MICH). An ACH can also be used as a platform to mount electronics such as communication and night vision devices. Although the ... Read More

  • Global DNA Forensic Market 2016-2020

    ... saliva, bones, tissue, teeth, and semen. Technavio’s analysts forecast the global DNA forensic market to grow at a CAGR of 20.75% during the period 2016-2020. Covered in this report The report covers the present scenario ... Read More

  • Global Utilities Security Market 2016-2020

    ... different regions around the world. Critical infrastructures are high-value construction projects, and their security is crucial for governments as well as enterprises. An increased number of cyber threats are likely to cause more damage than ... Read More

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Government market research reports by TechNavio

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