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  • Furfural and Furfuryl Alcohol - A Global Market Overview

    ... attributed to demand for this product in the production of foundry resins. Furfural as a solvent is the second largest application for furfural globally. Furfural is used as a solvent in the refining of lubricating ... Read More

  • Piezoelectric Materials – A Global Market Overview

    ... expand upon the application of a voltage. A piezoelectric material’s response to mechanical forces/pressures resulting in the generation of electric charges/voltages is referred to as the direct piezoelectric effect. In contrast, the application of electric ... Read More

  • Mining Equipment – A Global Market Overview

    ... copper, which is being steered by new expansions and projects. While the initial years of this decade witnessed a decline in sales of mining equipment, the global market for the same has been maintaining sustained ... Read More

  • Activated Carbon – A Global Market Overview

    ... from liquids and gases renders it to be used on an extensive basis in several applications concerning air and water purification. Additional application areas for the material include the automotive, food & beverage and medical ... Read More

  • Mining Chemicals - A Global Market Overview

    ... low productivity as a consequence of depleting reserves of high quality ore grades, which has resulted in exploiting deposits that lie deeper in the earth’s crust. This procedure is marked by complex extraction processes that ... Read More

  • Global Lithium-ion (Li-ion) Batteries Market in Hybrid and Electric Vehicles - HEV, PHEV and BEV

    ... electric vehicles and energy storage. While the ubiquity of hybrid vehicles and full-electric vehicles has yet to be manifested on global roads in greater numbers, the process of a marked shift towards more fuel-efficient and ... Read More

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Energy & Resources market research reports by Industry Experts

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