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  • Global RFID Market – Readers, Tags and Software

    ... South East Asia & others in Asia, Middle East & Africa. In Logistics & Transportation and Healthcare & Medical sectors, the focus on RFID technology for the tracking and classification of travel & shipping and ... Read More

  • Piezoelectric Materials – A Global Market Overview

    ... expand upon the application of a voltage. A piezoelectric material’s response to mechanical forces/pressures resulting in the generation of electric charges/voltages is referred to as the direct piezoelectric effect. In contrast, the application of electric ... Read More

  • Biophotonics – A Global Market Overview

    ... mechanical and chemical properties of biological materials and systems. Though the initial focus of this technology has been in providing enhanced diagnosis for various health conditions, the current application of Biophotonics in a multitude of ... Read More

  • High Purity Alumina – A Global Market Overview

    ... as display materials, energy, automobiles, computers and semiconductors. High purity alumina, with purity equal to or greater than 99.99% and uniform fine particles, finds extensive application in translucent tubes for high-pressure sodium lamps, single crystal ... Read More

  • BioMEMS Devices – A Global Market Overview

    ... facilitate and assure continuous monitoring without hampering a user’s freedom of movement are being bolstered through new opportunities offered by innovative sensors for human biomedical signal acquisition coupled with wireless connectivity and low power solutions. ... Read More

  • Global RFID Market - Readers, Tags, Software and Services

    ... areas. This led several organizations to investing in research and development projects for deriving the maximum benefit as promised by RFID, with a few succeeding and many others failing. The buildup surrounding RFID began to ... Read More

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Computer Hardware & Networking market research reports by Industry Experts

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