Taiwan Telecoms Industry Report – 2020-2025

Taiwan Telecoms Industry Report – 2020-2025

This report provides analyses of revenue and market forecasts as well as statistics of the Australian telecoms industry including market sizing, 5-year forecasts, market insights, key telecom trends and also features the following:

Overall Telecommunications Market by Major Operators
Telco Operators Profile, Revenue and EBITDA Mix
Mobile and Broadband Subscribers & Revenue Market Overview and Forecasts
Spectrum Holdings
IoT Market Overview
Fixed Broadband Market: NBN, FTTP, HFC, FTTN and FTTC
National Broadband Network Detailed Market Overview and Forecasts
Thematics / Opportunities relating to 5G and NBN
Telco Infrastructure Review
Telco Transaction Database

1 Key Statistics
1.1 Taiwan Population
1.2 Taiwan Households
1.3 Taiwan’s GDP
2 Overall Telecommunications Market, 2014–2025
2.1 Market Overview
2.2 Historical Telecommunications Market Revenue, 2014-2019
2.3 Overall Telecommunications Market Forecast, 2018-2025
2.4 Telecommunications Market Capital Expenditure, 2014-2025
2.4.1 Historical Telecommunications Capex Spend, 2014-2019
2.4.2 Capex to Revenue Country Benchmark
2.4.3 Capex to GDP Benchmark
2.4.4 Telecommunications Capex Spend Forecast, 2018-2025
3 Telecommunications Operators Profile
3.1 Chunghwa Telecom Profile
3.1.1 Chunghwa Telecom Revenue and EBITDA Mix
3.2 Far EasTone Profile
3.2.1 Far EasTone Revenue and EBITDA Mix
3.1 Taiwan Mobile Profile
3.1.1 Taiwan Mobile Revenue and EBITDA Mix
3.2 Asia Pacific Telecom Profile
3.2.1 Asia Pacific Telecom Revenue and EBITDA Mix
3.3 OTher Operators Profile
3.3.1 Taiwan Star
3.3.2 KBro
3.3.3 China Network Systems (CNS)
3.3.4 Taiwan Broadband Communications (TBC)
4 Mobile Market
4.1 Mobile Subscribers Historical and Forecast, 2014-2025
4.1.1 Mobile Subscribers Historical, 2014-2019
4.1.2 Mobile Subscribers Market Share, 2014-2019
4.1.3 Taiwan Smartphone Share, 2019
4.1.4 Taiwan Mobile Subscribers Forecast, 2019-2025
4.2 Mobile Revenue Historical and Forecast, 2014-2025
4.2.1 Historical Taiwan Mobile Service Revenue, 2014-2019
4.2.2 Mobile Service Revenue Forecast, 2018–2025
4.2.3 Mobile Subscribers ARPU, 2014-2019
4.3 Spectrum Holdings
4.3.1 Existing Spectrum Holdings
4.3.2 5G Trials and 5G Auctions Results
4.3.3 Mobile Frequencies Portfolios Analysis
4.3.1 Spectrum Depth Benchmark by Country
4.4 Mobile Download Data and Pricing Trends
4.5 Mobile Speed Tests
4.5.1 Ookla Mobile Speed Tests
4.6 Internet of Things (IoT)
5 Broadband Market
5.1 Fixed Broadband Subscribers Historical, 2014-2019
5.2 Fixed Broadband Subscribers Forecast, 2018-2025
6 Telecommunications Infrastructure Investments
6.1 Fixed Infrastructure
6.1.1 Government Plans and Policies
6.1.2 Submarine Cables
6.2 Mobile Tower Infrastructure Landscape
6.2.1 Getting Ready for 5G
6.3 Telco Infrastructure Comparative
7 Thematics / Opportunities
7.1 Going for Scale
7.2 Going for Scope
7.2.1 e-Commerce
7.2.2 Digital Payments
7.3 New Telecoms Operating Model
7.3.1 The Attraction of Infrastructure Multiples
7.4 5G versus Fixed
7.4.1 5G Overview
7.4.2 5G – Relative Capex Investments and Frequency Range
7.4.3 Fixed Broadband Networks Doing the Heavy Lifting Long Term
8 Telco M&A Transaction Database
9 Methodology
10 Copyright Notice

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