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Organizing for Digital Transformation: Emerging Structures and Approaches

Organizing for Digital Transformation: Emerging Structures and Approaches

This IDC study is intended to help business and technology leaders understand organizational structure options, how each impacts digital transformation (DX) initiatives and programs, and how businesses can optimize their organization structures to meet DX goals. It contains a review of several approaches to organizational structure, some more proven than others. Among the many decisions that business leaders must make when embarking on digital transformation is that of how to organize to best support and grow DX initiatives. While many bosses would like to transform their entire enterprises and the sooner the better, most will have to adopt more limited approaches because of cultural, operational, and other constraints. Organizational structure changes are sometimes viewed as a series of tactical steps needed to fix problems or improve products and services. In fact, organizational structures and strategies are better viewed as "platforms" for transformation, providing the flexibility to adopt and adapt new approaches to meet changing needs and opportunities. The study answers three questions about organizational change:What types of organizational structures are being used by large enterprises to facilitate digital transformation initiatives?What are emerging organizational forms, not widely in use but with potential for the future?What are key considerations in selecting from alternative approaches to DX organizational structures?"Organizing for digital transformation is not merely picking 'the structure du jour' but instead matching structures to digital transformation goals and the characteristics of the existing organization," says Marc Strohlein, adjunct research advisor with IDC's Research Network.

Please Note: Extended description available upon request.

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Why Organizations Must Change to Support DX
Goals for Organizational Structures
Emerging Organizational Structures
Organization as a Platform
Future Outlook
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