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Top Use Cases in Assistive Technologies/Cognitive Computing in AP

Top Use Cases in Assistive Technologies/Cognitive Computing in AP

This IDC Insight covers major use cases for cognitive computing that are in production environments and had achieved measurable or significant results/benefits. These innovative use cases not only deliver significant business impact but also address the perception of sustainable cost and scalability.The following are the three broad categories of cognitive computing implementations:Virtual agents: Virtual agents are cognitive assistants that use deep natural language processing and understanding to answer questions and provide recommendations and instructions directly to an end user. A cognitive assistant is trained through ingestion of vast amounts of content and hypothesizes and formulates possible answers based on available evidence. The system automatically adapts and learns from its mistakes and failures.Healthcare and medical intelligence: This is a procedure in which medical decisions, practices, and treatments can be tailored to individual patients based on their predicted response or risk of disease. It includes the analysis and study of medical history, family history, and the genomics of the patient. This is in addition to scientific research on diseases and cancer that benefits from systems that helps generate hypothesis and recognizes patterns based on large-scale laboratory data and anonymized medical data. Scientist can focus more on experiments to verify the hypothesis and feed back the results to generate new hypothesis.Financial technology: Fraud analysis is the most popular fintech use case. The rate at which transactions are occurring require systems to help identify potential fraud schemes and alert the relevant parties. Over time the resulting actions of alerts would improve the systems' performance. Other uses in this area include automated customer engagement services such as customer inquiries and products/services cross/upselling.

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