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World OTT Markets - data & forecasts up to 2020

World OTT Markets

Markets & Forecasts up to 2020 - Fixed and Mobile Internet

This yearly observatory - report and dataset- provides a comprehensive worldwide and regional/country level market value database covering all principal OTT services for the period of 2010 to 2020.

  • Markets covered: Internet access and usage, search, social, mobile, video, e-commerce, communication, cloud, digital contents and online games.
  • The above markets are also dissected from a business model angle, to include both paid revenues and advertising revenues from display formats including RTB
  • 7 regions and 15 countries covered: World, Europe, EU5, APAC; LATAM, Middle East/Africa, North America, Brazil, China, France, Germany, India, Italy, Japan, Russia, South Africa, South Korea, Spain, Switzerland, Turkey, UK, USA
  • The total telco services market is also provided as a means of comparison with the OTT services market
Case studies of the principal Internet players (Amazon, Apple, Facebook, Google), including their acquisition and platform strategies are looked into, whilst also looking at other major players and trends to emerge, such sharing economy players (Airbnb/Uber) and impacts on regulation, and a look at players' financials. A detailed analysis of the dynamics of each OTT market is provided, including the key players, competition levels and IDATE's perspectives and outlook.

Video Solution Providers
Towards Software-Defined Video
This report analyses the rollout of new IP-based video management and distribution solutions. This includes extensive company profiles which describe the positioning of leading players coming from the TV industry, telecom and IT equipment suppliers, Internet giants and start-ups.

It catalogues in detail the major trends in the market including concentration and vertical integration, trade-offs and greater softwarisation of solutions.

Among the key questions examined are how far will the use of IP-based solutions grow in the future? Will the concept of software-defined video develop on a large scale and, going a step further, will virtualisation be the next big thing in the market?

Finally, it is anticipated that the market of OTT professional video distribution will grow by close to 25% per year up to 2020. Given, though, the tensions on unit prices, increasing internalisation and competition, the growth in value will be lower than in volumes.

Content Economics
How digital distribution is impacting content industries

This report takes a look at four major content industry sectors:
  • book publishing
  • recorded music
  • video games
  • video.
For each sector, it provides detailed market data, along with an analysis of sector's transition to digital formats and distribution, how this is impacting the industry structure and how revenue is distributed between market players.

It then delivers a cross-cutting and comparative analysis of trends that are common to all four sectors.

Lastly, it provides global market forecasts for 2016-2020 for all four sectors, for six key countries and four regions.

1. Executive summary
1.1. World OTT services market to surpass 620 billion EUR in 2020
1.2. Cloud dominates the paid OTT market, search in the advertising OTT market
1.3. While some OTT markets see total dominance, others see fierce competition
1.4. Total OTT service market gaining on telco service revenue
1.5 Some of the major trends going into 2016
2. Methodology
2.1. List of indicators by country
3. Key Internet trends
3.1. The diversification of major OTTs; different assets, same goals
3.2. Some OTT services are more reliant on personal data than others
3.3. Large differences in Internet services per-user revenues for the Internet giants
3.4. Facebook stands out leader for revenue generation through mobile services
3.5. Despite revenue growth, some OTTs post negative net income
3.6. 2014 was a year of high profile acquisitions… but has now settled down
3.7. Top sharing economy startups being valued among top Internet companies
3.8. Internet giants also making moves into sharing economy
3.9 Mobile ad blocking usage is increasing but remains relatively minor for now
3.10 Internet giants are expanding into various verticals...
3.11 ... with their dedicated strategies to enhance their revenues
3.12. Late 2015 to early 2016 saw plenty of moves from a regulatory perspective
4. Internet player focus: Google, Facebook, Apple & Amazon
4.1. Google: The restructuring to Alphabet, to become a digital conglomerate
4.2. Facebook: Continuing impressive growth in mobile ads
4.3. Low or negative net income despite strong revenue
4.4. Apple: Mobile device sales dominate revenues, digital content accounts for 5%
5. Online search
5.1. Online search will maintain steady growth and lead advertising revenues
5.2. Google global leader, with other regional leaders in some markets
6. Cloud
6.1. Cloud to continue its impressive growth, and is the main OTT revenue driver
6.2. Some big names battling for top shares, leaving the rest behind
7. Communication
7.1. Communication services will grow but revenue generation is moderate
7.2. Even the most popular communication services are part of the platform strategy
7.3. Today sees various strategic positionings by the telcos in answer to OTTs
8. E-commerce
8.1. E-Commerce will continue to grow aided by the growth in m-commerce
8.2. Localisation particularly important in e-commerce
8.3. Telcos and OTT players show different approaches to mobile payment
9. Social networks
9.1. Social Networks will continue to see diversified models depending on region
9.2. Facebook reigns supreme, with some local variants
10. OTT video
10.1. OTT Video to continue its US-lead growth
10.2. The United States: the largest VOD market worldwide
10.3. The United Kingdom: the market leader in Europe
11. Online Gaming
11.1. The online computer game market will reach 20 billion EUR in 2020
11.2. The PC game market is segmented into several large families
12. Paid mobile applications
12.1. Paid mobile applications dominated by APAC revenue generation
12.2. Free and in-app models dominate the popular apps
13. Online advertising
13.1. Online advertising to grow pushed by the US and extension into mobile
13.2. Google dominates overall but Facebook catching up in mobile ads
14. RTB
14.1. RTB continued to lead the growth in the advertising sector
List if Tables and Figures
Executive summary
Figure 1: World OTT services market, 2010-2020
Figure 2: Evolution of fixed and mobile Internet penetration worldwide, 2010-2020
Figure 3: Breakdown of OTT paid service revenues, 2016 and 2020
Figure 4: Breakdown of OTT ad funded revenues, 2016 and 2020
Figure 5: Comparison of global telco and OTT service market revenues, 2010-2020
Figure 6: Regional breakdown of telco and OTT service market revenues, 2020
3. Key Internet trends
Figure 7: Major OTTs diversifying into various service domains
Figure 8: Estimated annual per-user revenue for digital content worldwide, 2011-2015
Figure 9: Share of revenues generated through mobile services, as a % of total revenues, 2011-2015
Figure 10: Revenue generated through mobile services, 2011-2015
Figure 11: Ratio of CAPEX over revenue for select OTTs, 2010-2015
Figure 12: Ratio of net income over revenue for select OTTs, 2010-2015
Figure 13: Focus Twitter, revenue and ratio of net income over revenue, 2010-2015
Figure 14: List of high-profile tech acquisitions
Figure 15: High-tech acquisitions by Facebook, Amazon, Google and Apple
Figure 16: Top Internet companies by market cap as of May 2016, together with top Internet startup valuations
Figure 17: Amazon smart home offering (Echo and DRS)
4. Internet player focus: Google, Facebook, Apple & Amazon
Figure 18: Google total and ads revenue breakdown, 2009-2015
Figure 19: Facebook total and ads revenue breakdown, 2009-2015
Figure 20: Share of advertising revenue between fixed and mobile, 2012-2015
Figure 21: Amazon Net Sales 2010-2015
Figure 22: Amazon Net Income and Net Operating Cash Flow2010-2015
Figure 23: Breakdown of net sales of Apple products, 2011-2015
5. Online search
Figure 24: Search advertising revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 25: Global online advertising revenues breakdown in terms of advertising formats (display, search, other), 2010-2020
Figure 26: Effect of national control in China on Google
Figure 27: Global and select countries' search engine market shares, based on searches conducted, May 2016
6. Cloud
Figure 28: Cloud revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 29: Most popular cloud storage services for SMEs
Figure 30: Cloud Infrastructure services market share evolution, 2013 to 2015
7. Communication
Figure 31: OTT communication revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 32: Active users of messaging / chat / VoIP services
Figure 33: WeChat integrates various Tencent services for its platform
Figure 34: Orange France: unlimited SMS + 2 hours free call for mobile
Figure 35: Go SURF plans from Globe Telecom in Malaysia
Figure 36: Vodafone's VoLTE/RCS strategy
8. E-commerce
Figure 37: E-commerce revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 38: M-commerce revenues and its percentage of e-commerce, 2010-2020
Figure 39: Leading e-Commerce platforms worldwide based on revenue
Figure 40: Chinese e-commerce market share, 2015
9. Social networks
Figure 41: Social networks revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 42: Social network revenue, paid vs advertising share, 2020
Figure 43: World Map of Social Networks, and also of those in second place
Figure 44: Active users by social platform
10. OTT video
Figure 45: OTT video revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 46: OTT video revenue, paid vs advertising share, 2020
Figure 47: United States' market share for the various types of VOD service and pay-TV worldwide, 2015
Figure 48: Breakdown of the United States' video-on-demand revenues by type of service, 2015
Figure 49: The UK's market share for the various types of VOD service and pay-TV in Europe, 2015
Figure 50: Subscriber growth for the three major SVOD services in the United Kingdom
11. Online Gaming
Figure 51: Global online computer games, in value, 2016-2020
Figure 52: Types of games on personal computers
12. Paid mobile applications
Figure 53: Paid mobile apps revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 54: Paid mobile applications annual revenue per mobile Internet user, 2010-2020
Figure 55: Top smartphone apps in USA, 2015
Figure 56: Worldwide Mobile App Store Revenue format breakdown, 2010-2020
13. Online advertising
Figure 57: Online advertising revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 58: Mobile advertising revenues worldwide and as a share of online adverting revenues, 2010-2020
Figure 59: Player shares of online advertising revenue, 2015
Figure 60: Player shares of mobile advertising revenue, 2015
14. RTB
Figure 61: RTB revenues worldwide and regional breakdown, 2010-2020
Figure 62: RTB revenues worldwide and as a share of display advertising revenues, 2010-2020

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