Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics Market Forecasts for Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics with COVID-19 Impact and Updates:Including Executive/Consultant Guides and Customized Forecasting/Analysis 2021 to 2025

Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics Market Forecasts for Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics with COVID-19 Impact and Updates:Including Executive/Consultant Guides and Customized Forecasting/Analysis 2021 to 2025

Report Overview:

Revolution in cancer therapy to be driven by new diagnostics. Histology, genomics and liquid biopsy converge. COVID-19 changes the focus of research.

This is a complex area but this readable report will bring the entire management team up to speed, on both the technology and the opportunity and the surprising impact of COVID-19 on what might seem to be an unrelated area.

A revolution in cancer therapy is underway. New therapy based on using the body’s natural immune defenses is having unprecedented success. But diagnostics, especially biomarkers are desperately needed to help select the right therapy.

The technology is moving faster than the market. The impact on the health care industry is enormous. Tumor Mutational Burden? Checkpoint Inhibitors? Cytokines? Find out about the technology in readily understood terms that explain the jargon. Find the opportunities and the pitfalls. Understand growth expectations and the ultimate potential market size.

1. Introduction and Market Definition
1.1 What are Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics?
1.2 Immuno-oncology – the looming cure
1.2.1 Immuno-oncology Diagnostics Takes a Leading Role
1.3 Market Definition
1.3.1 Market Size
1.3.2 Currency
1.3.3 Years
1.4 Methodology
1.4.1 Authors
1.4.2 Sources
1.5 U.S. Medical Market and laboratory Testing - Perspective
1.5.1 U.S. Medicare Expenditures for Laboratory Testing
2. Immunotherapy – Guide to Immune Technologies
2.0 The Immune System
2.0.1 Innate immune system Surface barriers Inflammation Complement system Cellular barriers Natural killer cells
2.0.2 Adaptive immune system Lymphocytes Killer T cells Helper T cells Gamma delta T cells B lymphocytes and antibodies
2.0.3 Tumor immunology – the immune surveillance system
2.1 Immuno Oncology Diagnostics
2.1.1 Checkpoint Assays Outlook for Checkpoint Assays
2.1.2 Cytokine Assays Outlook for Cytokine Assays
2.1.3 Genomic Germline Outlook for Genomic Germline
2.1.4 Genomic Tumour Outlook for Genomic Tumour
2.1.5 Tumor Microenviroment Outlook for Tumor Micro Environment
2.1.6 Others Outlook for Other Diagnostics
3. Industry Overview
3.1 Players in a Dynamic Market
3.1.1 Academic Research Lab
3.1.2 Diagnostic Test Developer
3.1.3 Genomic Instrumentation Supplier Cell Separation and Viewing Instrumentation Supplier
3.1.4 Pharmaceutical/Reagent Supplier
3.1.5 Independent Testing Lab
3.1.6 Public National/regional lab
3.1.7 Hospital lab
3.1.8 Physician Lab
3.1.9 Audit Body
3.1.10 Certification Body
4. Market Trends
4.1 Factors Driving Growth
4.1.1 Outcome potential
4.1.2 Companion Diagnostics
4.1.3 Funding
4.1.4 Technology Environment
4.1.5 Target Solutions
4.2 Factors Limiting Growth
4.2.1 Complex Role of Diagnostics
4.2.2 Clinical Trials Role
4.2.3 Protocols
4.3 Diagnostic Technology Development
4.3.1 Combinations - Issues and Complexity
4.3.2 Shifting Role of Diagnostics
4.3.3 Multiplexing and Foundation One
4.3.4 The Disruption Dynamic
4.3.5 The Race for Biomarkers
4.3.6 The Next Five Years
5. Cancer Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics Recent Developments
5.1 Recent Developments – Importance and How to Use This Section
5.1.1 Importance of These Developments
5.1.2 How to Use This Section
OncoDNA use HalioDx to Expand into North America
Adaptive Biotechnologies, Q2 Solutions Sign Agreement for ImmunoSeq Assay
Qiagen Expands Immuno-Oncology Portfolio
Immune Profiling System Redirected to Fight COVID-19
IncellDx Awarded PD-L1 Detection Patent
FDA Approves CDx for Trastuzumab
Promega Nabs CE Mark for Microsatellite Instability IVD
ArcherDx partners with AstraZeneca for Immuno-Oncology
Germline Results Guides Precision Therapy
Agilent PD-L1 Assay Gets FDA Approval
Bayer, OrigiMed Form Companion Diagnostic Development Alliance
Bio-Me to Develop Microbiome Biomarker Test for Cancer Immunotherapy
SkylineDx, BioInvent Collaborate to Characterize Predictive Immunological
Biocare Medical Launches 7 Novel IVD Antibodies
Oncocyte to Acquire Insight Genetics for $12M
Novigenix and BioLizard to develop NGS Based Diagnostic Algorithm
Biodesix and Immodulon Collaborate for Pancreatic Cancer Treatment
Generex to Merge with NuGenerex Immuno-Oncology
Cellgen Diagnostics and Genomic Testing Cooperative Partner to Develop
Companion Diagnostics for Cancer Therapies
Hematogenix Launches FDA Approved Immuno-oncology Test for Triple-Negative
Breast Cancer
Icon Acquires MolecularMD
Guardant Health to Develop Companion Diagnostic Tests for AstraZeneca
Tumor Mutational Burden as Predictor of Immunotherapy Success
6. Profiles of Key Immunotherapy Companies
10X Genomics
Abbott Laboratories
Adaptive Biotechnologies
Aethlon Medical
Agena Bioscience
Angle plc
ARUP Laboratories
Beckman Coulter
Becton Dickinson
Bioarray Genetics
Biodesix Inc
Bristol-Myers Squibb
Cancer Genetics
Caris Molecular Diagnostics
CellMax Life
Charles River Laboratories
Chronix Biomedical
Clearbridge BioMedics
Clinical Genomics
Cytolumina Technologies Corp.
Dako (Agilent)
Diagnologix LLC
Epic Sciences
Exosome Diagnostics
Fluidigm Corp
Fluxion Biosciences
Foundation Medicine
Genomic Health
Guardant Health
Horizon Discovery
HTG Molecular Diagnostics
Incell Dx
Integrated Diagnostics
Leica Biosystems
MDx Health
Merck & Co., Inc
Molecular MD
MRM Proteomics Inc
Myriad Genetics/Myriad RBM
New Oncology
Ortho Clinical Diagnostics
Perkin Elmer
Personal Genome Diagnostics
Protagen Diagnostics
Rarecells SAS
Roche Diagnostics
Silicon Biosystems
SRI International
Thermo Fisher
Vortex Biosciences
7. The Global Market for Immuno-Oncology Diagnostics
7.1 Global Market Overview by Country
7.1.1 Table – Global Market by Country
7.1.2 Chart - Global Market by Country
7.2 Global Market by Assay Type - Overview
7.2.1 Table – Global Market by Assay Type
7.2.2 Chart – Global Market by Assay Type – Base/Final Year Comparison
7.2.3 Chart – Global Market by Assay Type – Base Year
7.2.4 Chart – Global Market by Assay Type – End Year
7.2.5 Chart – Global Market by Assay Type – Share by Year
7.2.6 Chart – Global Market by Assay Type – Segments Growth
8. Global Immuno-Oncology Diagnostic Markets – By Assay Type
8.1 Checkpoint
8.1.1 Table Checkpoint – by Country
8.1.2 Chart - Checkpoint Growth
8.2 Cytokine
8.2.1 Table Cytokine – by Country
8.2.2 Chart - Cytokine Growth
8.3 Germline Genetic
8.3.1 Table Germline Genetic – by Country
8.3.2 Chart - Germline Genetic Growth
8.4 Genetic Tumor
8.4.1 Table Genetic Tumor – by Country
8.4.2 Chart - Genetic Tumor Growth
8.5 Tumor Microenvironment
8.5.1 Table Tumor Microenvironment – by Country
8.5.2 Chart – Tumor Microenvironment Growth
8.6 Other
8.6.1 Table Other – by Country
8.6.2 Chart - Other Growth
9. Appendices
9.1 FDA Cancer Drug Approvals by Year
9.2 Clinical Trials Started 2010 to 2016
9.3 Prevalence of Cancer Treatments
Table of Tables
Table 1 List of Cancers by Mortality
Table 2 Lab Spending 2014 to 2024
Table 3 Overview of Innate and Adaptive Immunity
Table 4 FDA Approved Monoclonal Antibodies in Cancer treatment
Table 5 FDA Approved Companion diagnostics in Cancer treatment
Table 6 Market Players by Type
Table 7 Five Factors Driving Growth
Table 8 Three Factors Limiting Growth
Table 9 - Global Market by Region
Table 10 Global Market by Assay Type
Table 11 Checkpoint by Country
Table 12 Cytokine by Country
Table 13 Germline Genetic by Country
Table 14 Genetic Tumor by Country
Table 15 Tumor Microenvironment by Country
Table 16 Other by Country
Table of Figures
Figure 1 Cancer Death Rates – USA, CDC
Figure 2 Clinical Lab Spending 2014 to 2024
Figure 3 Helper T Cell Roles
Figure 4 Antibody Diagram
Figure 5 Macrophages attack a Cancer Cell
Figure 6 The Tumour Micro Environment
Figure 7 Comparing IO Diagnostic and Traditional Testing
Figure 8 Growth rates of IO DiagnosticTechnologies
Figure 9 Global Market Density Chart
Figure 10 Global Market by Assay Type - Base vs. Final
Figure 11 Global Market by Assay Type Base Year
Figure 12 Global Market by Assay Type End Year
Figure 13 Assay Type Share by Year
Figure 14 Assay Type Segments Growth
Figure 15 Checkpoint Growth
Figure 16 Cytokine Growth
Figure 17 Germline Genetic Growth
Figure 18 Genetic Tumor Growth
Figure 19 Tumor Microenvironment Growth
Figure 20 Other Growth
Figure 21 FDA Cancer Drug Approvals by Year
Figure 22 Clinical Trials for Immunotherapy by Year
Figure 23 Pie Chart of Prevalence of Cancer Treatments

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