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Human Gene Sequencing Markets, Strategies & Trends. Forecasts by Hereditary, Newborn Screening, NIPT, Oncology, Pharmacogenomic, and Direct To Consumer, by Country. With Executive and Consultant Guides. 2020 to 2024

Human Gene Sequencing Markets, Strategies & Trends. Forecasts by Hereditary, Newborn Screening, NIPT, Oncology, Pharmacogenomic, and Direct To Consumer, by Country. With Executive and Consultant Guides. 2020 to 2024

Will all newborns receive genetic testing at birth? Why has Direct to Consumer Testing taken a big jump? What’s holding the industry back? Where are the over 800 locations that have high throughput sequencing devices?

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The plummeting costs for Genome Sequencing is creating a gold rush. New consumers, new technologies, new market niches. It is reminiscent of the birth of the internet industry; a wide range of well funded players are racing for market share on a global stage. This report forecasts the market size out to 2024. The report includes detailed breakouts for 14 countries and 5 regions.

Tumor Cell Sequencing? Direct to Consumer? Gene Expression? Find out about the technology in readily understood terms that explain the jargon. What are the issues? Find the opportunities, and the pitfalls. Understand growth expectations and the ultimate market forecasts for the next five years.

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1. Introduction and Market Definition
1.1 Gene Sequencing Definition In This Report
1.1.1 Gene Sequencing
1.1.2 Hereditary
1.1.3 Newborn Screening
1.1.4 Non Invasise Prenatal Testing
1.1.5 Oncology
1.1.6 Pharmacogenomic
1.1.7 Direct to Consumer
1.2 The Genomics Revolution
1.3 Market Definition
1.3.1 Revenue Market Size
1.4 U.S. Medical Market and laboratory Testing - Perspective
1.4.1 U.S. Medicare Expenditures for laboratory testing
1.5 Genetic Testing vs. Gene Sequencing
1.5.1 Cost and Pricing Practice
1A Global Listing of Sequencer Installed Base – Location & Contacts
1A.1 Notes to Installed Base Listing
2. Market Overview
2.1 Market Participants Play Different Roles
2.1.1 Instrument Manufacturer
2.1.2 Independent lab specialized/esoteric
2.1.3 Independent lab national/regional
2.1.4 Independent lab analytical
2.1.5 Public National/regional lab
2.1.6 Hospital lab
2.1.7 Physician lab
2.1.8 DTC Lab
2.1.9 Sequencing Labs
2.1.10 Audit body
2.2 Human Gene Sequencing –Markets, Examples and Discussion
2.2.1 Inherited Disease – Not what it used to be Clinical and Research Lines Blur Genetic Counselling – Not so simple anymore The Genetic Blizzard – Issues of Access and Payment
2.2.2 Newborn Screening – The Standard of Care Newborn Screening – Do Parents Want to Know?
2.2.3 NIPT – We’ve Only Just Begun NIPT, IVF and the Fertility Practice – PGS, PGD, CCS NIPT in the Future – Beyond Inherited Disease
2.2.4 Oncology – Understanding Two Worlds The Tumor – A Sequence of Sequencing The Tumor - Biopsy and Liquid Biopsy The Human Genome – Predisposition and Prognosis
2.2.5 Pharmacogenomics Sequencing Not the Only Player New Roles for Old Drugs – A Research Bonanza?
2.2.6 Direct To Consumer – More Than Meets the Eye DTC – How Many Segments?
2.3 Industry Structure
2.3.1 Hospital’s Testing Share
2.3.2 The Rise of the Sequencing Lab
2.3.3 Sequencing as a Commodity
2.3.4 Informatics
2.3.5 Instrument Manufacturer Role
2.3.6 Healthcare Industry Impacts – Still Struggling
2.3.7 Can the Healthcare Industry Adapt?
2.3.8 Genetic Counselling as an Industry
2.3.9 Sequencing Adoption and Cannibalization
3. Market Trends
3.1 Factors Driving Growth
3.1.1 New Diagnoses
3.1.2 Wellness and Prevention
3.1.3 Fertility Technology
3.1.4 Cancer – Screening, Management and Monitoring
3.2 Factors Limiting Growth
3.2.1 Increased Competition Lowers Price
3.2.2 Lower Costs
3.2.3 Healthcare Cost Concerns Curtail Growth.
3.2.4 Wellness has a downside
3.3 Sequencing Instrumentation
3.3.1 Instrumentation Tenacity.
3.3.2 Declining Cost of Instruments Changes Industry Structure.
3.3.4 Long Reads – Further Segmentation
3.3.5 Linked Reads
3.3.6 New Sequencing Technologies
4. Human Gene Sequencing Recent Developments
4.1 Recent Developments – Importance and How to Use This Section
4.1.1 Importance of These Developments
4.1.2 How to Use This Section
Fluxion Bio Wins NIH Grant to Develop NIPT Assay
Illumina, Broad Institute Collaborate on Genome Analysis Software
Illumina, Adaptive Biotechnologies Partner on IVD Test Kits for Immune Sequencing
Menarini Silicon Biosystems, BlueBee Partner on Sequencing Data Analysis Platform
Paying cash for elective genomic sequencing
NIH funds Color ahead of million-person sequencing effort
Veritas Genetics slashes price of whole genome sequencing 40% to $600
Superfast gene sequencing diagnoses critically ill patients
New Blood Test Detects Colorectal Cancer Recurrence Up to 16.5 Months Earlier
PerkinElmer Genomics Introduces Physician-Ordered Genetic Screening Test for Proactive
Health Management
Roche Gets CE Mark for Mutation Profiler Software for NGS Cancer Tests
PGDx and PathGroup Enter Co-Development Agreement
Newborn genomic sequencing detects unanticipated disease risk factors
llumina to Acquire Pacific Biosciences for $1.2 Billion
5. Profiles of Key Companies
10x Genomics, Inc
23andME Inc
Abbott Diagnostics
AccuraGen Inc.
Adaptive Biotechnologies
Admera Health, LLC
Agena Bioscience, Inc
Akonni Biosystems LLC
Anchor Dx
ArcherDx, Inc.
ARUP Laboratories
Baylor Miraca Genetics Laboratories
Beckman Coulter, Inc.
Becton, Dickinson and Company
BGI Genomics Co. Ltd
Bioarray Genetics
Biocept, Inc
Biodesix Inc.
Biolidics Ltd
bioMérieux Diagnostics
Bioneer Corporation
Bio-Rad Laboratories, Inc.
Cancer Genetics
Caris Molecular Diagnostics
CellMax Life
Cepheid (now Danaher
Chronix Biomedical
Clinical Genomics
Color Genomics
Complete Genomics, Inc. – A BGI Company
Dante Labs
Datar Cancer Genetics Limited
Diasorin S.p.A.
Epic Sciences
Epigenomics AG
Eurofins Scientific
Excellerate Bioscience
Exosome Diagnostics
Fabric Genomics
Fluidigm Corp
Foundation Medicine
FUJIFILM Wako Diagnostics
GE Global Research
GE Healthcare Life Sciences
Gene by Gene, Ltd.
GeneFirst Ltd
Genetron Health (Beijing) Co., Ltd.
Genomic Health
Genomics England
Genomics Personalized Health (GPH)
Genzyme Corporation
Grail, Inc
Guardant Health
Horizon Discovery
HTG Molecular Diagnostics
Human Longevity, Inc.
Incell Dx
Integrated Diagnostics
Invitae Corporation
MDx Health
Meridian Bioscience
Mesa Biotech
miR Scientific
MNG Labs
Molecular MD
NantHealth, Inc.
Nebula Genomics
New Oncology
Novogene Bioinformatics Technology Co., Ltd
Omega Bioservices
ORIG3N, Inc.
Origene Technologies
Oxford Nanopore Technologies
Pacific Biosciences
Perkin Elmer
Personal Genome Diagnostics
Protagen Diagnostics
Qiagen Gmbh
Roche Molecular Diagnostics
Roswell Biotechnologies
Siemens Healthineers
simfo GmbH
Singlera Genomics Inc
Stratos Genomics
Sure Genomics, Inc.
Sysmex Inostics
Tempus Labs, Inc.
Thermo Fisher Scientific Inc
Veritas Genetics
6. Global Market Size
6.1 Global Market by Application
7. Market Sizes by Application
7.1 Hereditary Gene Sequencing Market
7.2 Newborn Gene Sequencing Market
7.3 NIPT Gene Sequencing Market
7.4 Oncology Gene Sequencing Market
7.5 Pharmacogenomic Gene Sequencing Market
7.6 Direct To Consumer Gene Sequencing Market
8. Vision of the Future of Human Gene Sequencing
I. United States Medicare System: 2019 laboratory Fees Schedule
II Methodology
II.1 Authors
II.2 Sources
Table of Tables
Table 1 The Base Pairs
Table 2 Most Common Traditional Genetic Disorders
Table 3 Lab Spending 2014 to 2024
Table 5 Market Players by Type
Table 6 The Different Markets for Human Gene Sequencing
Table 7 DTC Sub Segments
Table 8 The Factors Driving Growth
Table 9 Factors Limiting Growth
Table 10 - Listing of Current NGS Instrument Specifications
Table 11 Six New Sequencing Technologies
Table 12 Global Market by Application
Table 13 Hereditary Segment by Country
Table 14 Newborn Segment by Country
Table 15 NIPT Segment by Country
Table 16 Oncology Segment by Country
Table 17 Pharmacogenomic Segment by Country
Table 18 Direct To Consumer Segment by Country
Table 19 2019 Clinical Lab Fee Schedule
Table of Figures
Figure 1 Clinical Lab Spending 2014 to 2024
Figure 2 Gene Sequencing
Figure 3 TruSight Germline Panel
Figure 4 Historical Cost of Gene Sequencing
Figure 5 - Cost To Sequence a Human Genome
Figure 6 Application Share by Year
Figure 7 Application Segment Growth Rates
Figure 8 Segment Share Shifts
Figure 9 Hereditary vs. Total Market Growth
Figure 10 Newborn vs. Total Market Growth
Figure 11 NIPT vs. Total Market Growth
Figure 12 Oncology vs. Total Market Growth
Figure 13 Pharmacogenomic vs. Total Market Growth
Figure 14 Direct To Consumer vs. Total Market Growth

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