Thematic Intelligence: High-Performance Computing

Thematic Intelligence: High-Performance Computing Summary Supercomputers have existed since the 1960s, but there has been renewed interest in high-performing machines in the last decade following developments in artificial intelligence (AI) and the exponential growth in data. Businesses, governments, and individuals generate huge volumes of data every day, and organizations use high-performance computing (HPC) to store, process, and analyze large, complex workloads to extract value from this data. In the last decade, the commercial use cases for HPC have expanded, supported by improvements in AI, cloud, and data analytics. Key Highlights - Historically, HPC was the remit of academia. The COVID-19 pandemic helped put the spotlight back on HPC as a research resource. Cloud-based HPC has made the technology more accessible for applications like fraud detection and personalized medicine, eliminating the need for costly local data centers. Thanks to the cost-lowering benefits of customizable offerings tailored to specific use cases, alongside workload and performance improvements in HPC’s underlying technology, HPC democratization has the potential to further broaden HPC’s reach. Above all, greater flexibility has made HPC capabilities more accessible to a broader audience. While future quantum computing breakthroughs may revolutionize HPC, it remains the best technology for data processing today. - AI’s growing importance means governments with HPC systems capable of running complex AI systems will have a technological edge. Competition between the US and China for technological supremacy will intensify in the next decade. Regulatory scrutiny, international sanctions, and export controls will increase with the growing number and value of HPC applications, such as complex simulation in bioscience, financial risk management, and geological exploration and drilling. By enhancing cybersecurity, surveillance, and defense technologies, HPC’s role in national security—among other sectors—will continue to stimulate the geopolitical tension that drives market volatility and disrupts supply chains. Scope - This report provides an overview of the high-performance computing (HPC) theme. - It identifies the key trends impacting growth of the theme over the next 12 to 24 months, split into two categories: technology trends and macroeconomic trends. - It includes comprehensive industry analysis, including data on HPC patent filings, M&A deals, and a timeline showing key events in the development of HPC. - The detailed value chain shows comprises four segments: semiconductors, equipment, data center solutions, and end-users. Reasons to Buy - In the last decade, HPC’s commercial use cases have grown, and the technology has become more accessible. This report is an invaluable guide to a theme that is increasing in importance, including identifying the leading companies in semiconductors, equipment, and data center solutions.

Executive Summary
Technology Briefing
What is high-performance computing?
Supercomputers have evolved to become computing clusters
The Internet of Things has created a data explosion
Like everything else, HPC is moving to the cloud
The edge can complement on-premise and cloud solutions
The future will include quantum computers
Technology trends
Macroeconomic trends
Industry Analysis
Market size and growth forecasts
M&A trends
Venture financing trends
Patent trends
Company filing trends
Hiring trends
Value Chain
Digital logic chips
Storage devices
Networking equipment
Data center solutions
On-premise HPC data center
HPC in the cloud
HPC deployed at the edge
Hybrid solutions
Government and defense
Financial services
Sector Scorecard
IT infrastructure sector scorecard
Who’s who
Thematic screen
Valuation screen
Risk screen
Further Reading
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Our Thematic Research Methodology
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List of Tables
Table 1: Technology trends
Table 2: Macroeconomic trends
Table 3: Key M&A transactions associated with the HPC theme since January 2019
Table 4: key venture financing deals associated with the HPC theme since January 2021
Table 5: Companies
Table 6: Glossary
Table 7: GlobalData reports
List of Figures
Figure 1: Who are the leading players in the HPC theme, and where do they sit in the value chain?
Figure 2: Supercomputers have evolved tobecome computing clusters.
Figure 3: HPC democratization will be supported by the growth of connected technologies, like cloud computing.
Figure 4: The HPC story
Figure 5: HPC-related venture financing volume and value peaked in 2023
Figure 6: HPC-related patent publications have grown consistently since 2016Patent publications peaked in 2023
Figure 7: Nvidia leads in ttal patent publications since 2020
Figure 8: HPC-related mentions have fallen since 2021
Figure 9: AI, big data, and cloud are the themes most frequently mentioned alongside HPC
Figure 10: HPC-related job postings peaked in October 2021
Figure 11: US-based technology companies dominated HPC job postings in 2023
Figure 12: The high-performance computing value chain
Figure 13: The HPC value chain - semiconductors layer - Microcomponents: leaders and challengers
Figure 14: The HPC value chain - semiconductors layer - Digital logic chips: leaders and challengers
Figure 15: The HPC value chain - semiconductors layer - Memory: leaders and challengers
Figure 16: The HPC value chain – equipment layer - Servers: leaders and challengers
Figure 17: The HPC value chain – equipment layer - Storage devices: leaders and challengers
Figure 18: The HPC value chain –equipment layer - Networking equipment: leaders and challengers
Figure 19: The HPC value chain – data center solutions layer
Figure 20: The HPC value chain – end-user layer
Figure 21: Who does what in the IT infrastructure space?
Figure 22: Thematic screen
Figure 23: Valuation screen
Figure 24: Risk screen
Figure 25: Our five-step approach for generating a sector scorecard

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