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Fixed Broadband Market Trends and Opportunities in Europe

Fixed Broadband Market Trends and Opportunities in Europe


Fixed Broadband Market Trends and Opportunities in Europe, a new Telecom Insider Report by GlobalData, provides an executive-level overview of the fixed broadband market in Europe. It delivers quantitative and qualitative insights into the fixed market, analyzing key trends and growth drivers in the region.

Given the developed telecoms infrastructure in Western Europe, growth in fixed broadband over 2018-2023 will be primarily driven by increased investments in networks and infrastructure deployments by the operators. European Union's initiative Digital Agenda 2020 aims to provide minimum speed of 30Mbps to the entire population in member countries by 2020 and of 100Mbps by 2025. Regional disparities persist between the WE and CEE regions, with penetration of fixed broadband remaining lower in CEE countries. Declining cost of fixed broadband is expected to improve the affordability over the forecast period, fostering adoption of broadband services in CEE. Investments by European telcos in deploying FWA and satellite technologies to improve speed and coverage in underserved areas will support growth in adoption of broadband services.

It provides in-depth analysis of the following -

  • Section 1: Europe in a global context: This section provides a comparison of Europe's macro-economic KPIs, fixed telecoms market size, and trends with other regions.
  • Section 2: Regional Market Trends and Competitive Dynamics: This section analyzes the competitive dynamics that have been shaping the Europe fixed broadband markets over the past few years, including market entries, market exits, consolidation, and M&A activities.
  • Section 3: Fixed Broadband Subscription Trends: Provides analysis, historical figures, and forecasts of fixed broadband subscriptions and usage trends in the region as well as their growth drivers.
  • Section 4: Fixed Broadband Revenue Trends: Examines changes in the breakdown of overall revenue and ARPU over 2018-2023. - Section 5: Key findings: it consists of a summary of key findings and growth opportunities for the Europe fixed broadband market.
  • Scope
    • Between 2018 and 2023, operators in Europe will generate a cumulative $489.8 billion in fixed Internet services revenue.
    • Fixed broadband lines in Europe will reach 281.5 million by the end of 2023. Total broadband market will be led by the FTTH/B segment.
    • Spain, Russia, and Portugal will have the highest FTTH/B penetration of population rates in the region by 2023.
    Reasons to buy
    • This Insider Report provides a comprehensive examination through forward-looking analysis of Europe’s fixed broadband markets trends in a concise analytical format to help executives build proactive and profitable growth strategies.
    • Accompanying GlobalData’s Forecast products, the report examines the assumptions and drivers behind ongoing and upcoming trends in Europe’s fixed broadband markets.
    • The report is designed for an executive-level audience, with charts and tables boasting presentation quality.
    • The broad perspective of the report coupled with comprehensive actionable insights will help operators, equipment vendors and other telecom industry players better position to seize the growth opportunities in Europe's evolving fixed broadband market.

    Key Takeaways 5
    Europe Highlights 6
    Section 1: Europe in a Global Context 7
    Europe’s Demographics at a Glance 8
    Europe in a Global Context 9
    Section 2: Regional Market Trends and Competitive Dynamics 10
    Regulatory Drivers of Fixed Broadband in Europe 11
    Major Competitive Changes in Europe 12
    National Broadband Plans 13
    Europe’s Main Competitive Market Trends 14
    Section 3: Fixed Broadband Subscription Trends 15
    Internet User Trends in Europe 16
    Fixed Broadband Technology Trends in Europe 17
    Section 4: Fixed Broadband Revenue Trends 18
    Fixed Broadband ARPU in Europe 19
    Fixed Broadband Revenue Trends in Europe 20
    Section 5: Key Findings and Recommendations 21
    Appendix 23
    List of Figures
    Exhibit 1: Population, 2017-2023 (millions) 8
    Exhibit 2: Nominal GDP, 2017-2023 (US$trillion) 8
    Exhibit 3: Real GDP Growth, 2017-2023 8
    Exhibit 4: Voice Lines Penetration, 2018 (% of Population) 9
    Exhibit 5: Internet Users as a % of Total Population 9
    Exhibit 6: Broadband Lines Penetration, 2018 9
    Exhibit 7: Internet Users, Europe, 2017-2023 (Millions) 16
    Exhibit 8: Fixed Broadband Line and Penetration in Europe, 2017-2023 16
    Exhibit 9: Fixed Broadband Lines by Technology, Europe, 2018-2023 17
    Exhibit 10: Top Five Europe Markets in Terms of FTTH/B as a % of Total Fixed Broadband Lines, 2023 17
    Exhibit 11: Fixed Broadband ARPU in Europe (US$), 2018 19
    Exhibit 12: Fixed Broadband Revenue, Europe, 2018-2023 20
    Exhibit 13: Select Europe Fixed Broadband Market Sizes and Growth Prospects, 2018 20

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