Directed Energy Weapons (Defense) - Thematic Research

Directed Energy Weapons (Defense) - Thematic Research


The development of directed energy weapons for military purposes has gained increased traction over the last few years as the requisite technology continues to mature and provide new opportunities for integration and deployment of these revolutionary new capabilities.

This report provides an overview of the direct energy weapons market, outlines advances in technology and key programs, and provides insight into current procurement and research trends.

Key Highlights

  • Studies of emerging technological trends and their broader impact on the defense market.
  • Analysis of the various directed energy weapons programs currently under development, as well historical directed energy research initiatives.
  • The key defense challenges that forces and defense sector suppliers face are covered.
  • The investment opportunities for armed forces, suppliers, and institutional investors, across the whole soldier modernization value chain are covered.
  • Highlights from the range different loitering munitions programs currently being undertaken by various defense companies.
Reasons to Buy
  • Determine potential investment companies based on trend analysis and market projections.
  • Gaining an understanding of the market challenges and opportunities surrounding the Directed Energy Weapons theme.
  • Understanding how spending on directed energy weapons will fit into the overall market and which spending areas are being prioritized.

  • Executive Summary
  • Players
    • Table Figure 1: Who are the leading players in the directed energy weapons theme and where do they sit in the value chain?
  • Technology Briefing
    • Types of directed energy weapons
      • Table Figure 2: Directed energy weapons - technology flowchart
      • Laser weapons systems (LWS)
      • High power microwave weapons (HPMW)
      • High power sonic weapons (HPSW)
      • Particle beam weapons (PBW)
    • Directed energy weapons in combat
      • Table Figure 3: Combat applications of directed energy weapons
      • Land domain
      • Air domain
      • Naval domain
      • Space domain
  • Trends
    • Technology trends
      • Table Technology trends
    • Macroeconomic trends
      • Table Macroeconomic trends
    • Regulatory trends
      • Table Regulatory trends
  • Industry Analysis
    • Market size and growth forecasts
      • Table Figure 4: Global directed energy weapons expenditures breakdown 2020-22
    • Mergers and acquisitions
      • Table Mergers and acquisitions
    • Patent trends
      • Table Figure 5: Directed energy weapons - Patent publication trends 2000-22
      • Table Figure 6: Directed energy weapons - top patent assignees 2000-22
    • Case studies
      • China
      • France
      • Germany
      • India
      • Israel
      • Turkey
      • Russia
      • South Korea
      • The United Kingdom
      • The United States
    • Timeline
      • Table Figure 7: The history of Directed Energy Weapons
  • Value Chain
    • Table Figure 8: The directed energy weapons value chain
    • Laser weapons systems
      • Table Figure 9: Laser weapons systems (LWS) value chain
    • High powered microwave weapons
      • Table Figure 10: High powered microwave weapons value chain
    • High powered sonic weapons
      • Table Figure 11: High powered sonic weapons, particle beam weapons, and systems integrators value chain
    • Particle beam weapons
    • Systems integrators
  • Companies
    • Leading companies
      • Table Leading companies
    • Disruptor companies
      • Table Disruptor companies
  • Sector Scorecards
    • Aerospace, defense & security sector scorecard
      • Who’s who
        • Table Figure 12: Who does what in the aerospace, defense & security space?
      • Thematic screen
        • Table Figure 13: Thematic screen
      • Valuation screen
        • Table Figure 14: Valuation screen
      • Risk screen
        • Table Figure 15: Risk screen
  • Glossary
    • Table Glossary
  • Further Reading
    • GlobalData reports
      • Table GlobalData reports
  • Our thematic research methodology
    • Table Figure 16: Our five-step approach for generating a sector scorecard
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