Consumer Spend Analysis - Alcoholic Beverages

Consumer Spend Analysis - Alcoholic Beverages


Consumer Spend Analysis - Alcoholic Beverages explores the evolution of consumers' spending habits on alcoholic beverages between 2022 and 2024. The report examines the trends in consumer shopping behavior and how inflationary concerns impact overall spending for alcoholic beverages, such as beer, cider, spirits, and wine.

Uncertain economic situation and inflationary price spikes pressurized global consumers to cut spending on non-necessities such as alcoholic drinks. Approximately 30% of global buyers now describe their spend on alcoholic beverages as low.

  • Medium-income consumers reported the biggest change in responses regarding high spend on alcoholic drinks, indicating they cut back the most on these products.
  • Supermarkets are a clear leader among channels offering alcoholic drinks. It was the most popular option to purchase alcohol from for low, medium, and high-income earners and for consumers from single, two-person, and three or more-person households.
  • A relatively high share of Generation Z do not purchase alcohol-almost one-third of respondents. It suggests their relationship with alcoholic drinks is changing, which can shape their future spending habits and product preferences.
Reasons to Buy
  • Understand how consumer spending on alcoholic drinks is changing and why modern buyers have tightened their budgets for alcohol as the cost-of-living crisis decreased their spending confidence.
  • Identify the future implications of a lower consumer spend on alcoholic drinks.
  • Learn about the consumer spend on alcoholic drinks depending on location and household size, and what does it mean for the market players.

Introduction to Spend Analysis Report Series
Hot Topics 2024 Consumer Survey - Coverage and Sample Size
Category Landscape
Consumer concern for their financial situation
Consumer concern on different aspects of their spend
Category performance trend
Category performance
Consumer Concerns
Spend analysis by category - a rise in low spending buyers across all categories
Spend by income - shrinking budgets for alcoholic drinks
Spend analysis - frequency of purchase for alcoholic drinks
Spend by location - where are consumers shopping?
Spend on alcoholic drinks by location and household size
Lower consumer spend on alcoholic drinks and its future implications
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