Tuberculosis - Drug Pipeline Landscape, 2023

Tuberculosis - Drug Pipeline Landscape, 2023

Tuberculosis is a severe infectious disease that affects the lungs and other parts of the body including the abdomen, glands, bones and the nervous system. There are three types of tuberculosis: active tuberculosis in which bacteria are rapidly multiplied and invade different organs of the body, miliary tuberculosis is a rare form of active disease that occurs when tuberculosis bacteria enter into the bloodstream, and latent tuberculosis in this person doesn't exhibit symptoms.

TB is caused by mycobacterium tuberculosis. It spreads from one person to other through air when people with active TB have cough, spit, speak or sneeze. Active TB is more predominant among people with HIV/AIDS and smokers.

The general symptoms of tuberculosis disease include sickness, weight loss, fever, night sweats, and cough for three or more weeks. In severe condition, cough with blood or mucus are exhibited.

Initial diagnosis of TB is based on the signs of the lung disease or symptoms lasting longer than two weeks. Identifying M. tuberculosis in clinical samples including sputum, pus and tissue biopsy is a part of definitive diagnosis. Chest X-ray and CT scans are imaging evaluations. The Mantoux tuberculin skin test is often used to screen people at high risk.

Treatment involves the use of antibiotics, which is best treated with combinations to reduce the risk of the bacteria development against antibiotic resistance. The recommended treatment for new-onset of pulmonary TB is for six months of combination antibiotics, and multiple drug resistant TV (MDR-TB) is treated with at least four effective antibiotics for 18 to 24 months. Bacillus Calmette-Guerin (BCG) vaccine is given to children for the prevention of TB.

Major pharmaceutical companies are involved in the development of potential drug candidates to improve Tuberculosis treatment such as GC3107A, MTBVAC, OPC-67683 and others. Key players involved in the development of therapies to treat tuberculosis are GC Biopharma Corp, GSK plc, Astellas Pharma Inc, MannKind Corp, Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co Ltd and others. Seven drugs are under late-stage Phase III clinical trials and fifteen drugs are in Phase II clinical trials and some other drugs are under Phase I, preclinical and discovery stages of development. In November 2022, GSK announces positive Phase IIa study results for a new first-in-class candidate medicine for patients with tuberculosis.

Report Highlights

Global Insight Service's, Tuberculosis - Drug Pipeline Landscape, 2023 report provides an overview of the Tuberculosis pipeline drugs. This report covers detailed insights on Tuberculosis drugs under development, assessment by target, mechanism of action, route of administration and molecule type. Product pipeline by companies, stage of development and key regulatory designations, deals and milestones have been presented to provide insights and thus help industry participants in their decision making. Tuberculosis pipeline report helps gain insights on drugs which are under development stage of drug development process across globally.


The research process includes extensive secondary research on public domain and other authentic sources to add or update the pipeline products information. The secondary research sources include, but are not limited to company websites, annual reports, financial reports, company pipeline chart, investor presentations and SEC filings, journals and conferences, and clinical trials registries.


The pipeline landscape report provides analysis of pipeline products based on several stages of development ranging from Discovery to Pre-Registration. The report provides a review of pipeline therapeutics by companies based on information derived from company and industry-specific sources. The pipeline report covers assessment of therapeutics by mechanism of action (MoA), drug target, route of administration (RoA) and molecule type. Comprehensive profiles of the pipeline products with details such as company overview, development stage; molecule type, target, mechanism of action, route of administration, dosage form, regulatory designations, key deals, clinical trials, and key upcoming milestones are included.

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Helps to find and recognize significant therapeutics under development. Thorough understanding of pipeline structure and helps in developing corrective measures for pipeline projects.
Effective R&D strategies can be developed with deep knowledge of competitor information, analysis, and insights.
Plan collaborations with various industry partners that have role in some or the other stage of drug development such as contract manufacturing, co-development, contract research organization and commercialization etc.
Helps to create in-licensing and out-licensing opportunities by identifying prospective partners with attractive projects to expand business potential and scope.

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1. Introduction
1.1 Tuberculosis - Pipeline Drugs, 2023-Coverage
2. Disease Overview - Tuberculosis
2.1 Causes
2.2 Signs and Symptoms
2.3 Diagnosis
2.4 Disease Management
3. Tuberculosis - Pipeline Drugs Development - Overview
3.1 Comparative Analysis by Stage of Development
3.2 Number of Products under Development by Companies, 2023
3.3 Products under Development by Companies, 2023
4. Assessment of Therapeutics
4.1 Assessment by Target
4.2 Assessment by Mechanism of Action
4.3 Assessment by Molecule Type
4.3 Assessment by Route of Administration
5. Drug Profiles
5.1 Clinical Stage Drugs - Phase III
5.1.1 GamTBvac
5.1.2 GC3107A
5.1.3 MTBVAC
5.1.4 OPC-67683
5.1.5 SimpliciTB
5.1.6 VPM1002
5.1.7 ZeNix
5.2 Clinical Stage Drugs - Phase II
5.2.1 Azacitidine
5.2.2 BPaMZ/SEM
5.2.3 CC-11050
5.2.4 Delpazolid
5.2.5 GSK3036656
5.2.6 GV118819
5.2.7 M72
5.2.8 OPC-167832
5.2.9 QTP101
5.2.10 RUTI
5.2.11 SQ109
5.2.12 Sudapyridine
5.2.13 Sutezolid
5.2.14 TBA-7371
5.2.15 Telacebec
5.3 Clinical Stage Drugs - Phase I
5.3.1 BVL-GSK098
5.3.2 GSK2556286
5.3.3 MBX-400
5.3.4 MNKD-101
5.3.5 SPR720
5.3.6 TB Booster
5.3.7 TBAJ-587
5.3.8 TBAJ-876
5.3.9 TBI-223
5.3.10 WXWH0131
5.4 Early-Stage Drugs - Preclinical
5.4.1 16α-Bromoepiandrosterone
5.4.2 Antitubercular
5.4.3 APC148
5.4.4 BDM-I
5.4.5 BNT164
5.4.6 CRS0393
5.4.7 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.4.8 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.4.9 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.4.10 EG-TB
5.4.11 kanglemycin A
5.4.12 Lassomycin
5.4.13 OTB-658
5.4.14 PDS0201
5.4.15 QcrB Protein Inhibitor
5.4.16 QTP102
5.4.17 REC606
5.4.18 REC607
5.4.19 Recombinant Protein Vaccine
5.4.20 Small Molecules for Tuberculosis
5.4.21 Small Molecules for Tuberculosis
5.4.22 SP0057
5.4.23 TCellMune Candidate Vaccines
5.4.24 Teixobactin
5.4.25 Tuberculosis Vaccine
5.4.26 TVI-Tuberculosis
5.5 Early-Stage Drugs - Discovery
5.5.1 Anti-TB Drug
5.5.2 CAT-5571
5.5.3 ClpP1P2 Inhibitor
5.5.4 CP109
5.5.5 DprE1 Inhibitor
5.5.6 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.7 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.8 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.9 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.10 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.11 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.12 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.13 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.14 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.15 Drug for Tuberculosis
5.5.16 Drugs for Non-Tuberculous Mycobacterial (NTM) Diseases
5.5.17 Drugs for Tuberculosis
5.5.18 Drugs for Tuberculosis
5.5.19 Drugs for Tuberculosis
5.5.20 Inhibitor of Tryptophan Synthase
5.5.21 MK-3854
5.5.22 MK-7762
5.5.23 Monoclonal Antibodies for Tuberculosis
5.5.24 Next Generation Combination Therapy
5.5.25 small molecule Drugs Targeting F-ATP Synthase Nano-motor
5.5.26 Small Molecules for Tuberculosis
5.5.27 Small Molecules for Tuberculosis
5.5.28 Tuberculosis Vaccine
5.5.29 Tuberculosis Vaccine Discovery (ITVD) program
5.5.30 Vaccine for Tuberculosis
6. Key Regulatory Designations
7. Key Deals
8. Key Upcoming Milestones
9. Key Companies Involved
9.1 AdjuTec Pharma AS
9.2 Archivel Farma SL
9.3 Astellas Pharma Inc
9.4 Astria Therapeutics Inc
9.5 Atomwise Inc
9.6 Austrianni GmbH
9.7 Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute
9.8 BioDiem
9.9 Biofabri SL
9.10 BioNTech SE
9.11 Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
9.12 CanSino Biologics Inc
9.13 Changzhou Yinsheng Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
9.14 Collaborations Pharmaceuticals Inc
9.15 Consegna Pharma Inc
9.16 Crestone Inc
9.17 Daiichi Sankyo Co Ltd
9.18 Demuris Ltd
9.19 Eisai Co Ltd
9.20 Enyo Pharma SA
9.21 EpiVax Inc
9.22 Evotec SE
9.23 Exscientia Plc
9.24 EyeGene Inc
9.25 Fimbrion Therapeutics Inc
9.26 Gamaleya Federal Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology
9.27 GC Biopharma Corp
9.28 Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
9.29 GSK plc
9.30 Guangdong Zhongsheng Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
9.31 HanaVax Inc
9.32 Hsiri Therapeutics LLC
9.33 ILiAD Biotechnologies LLC
9.34 Jiangsu Recbio Technology Co Ltd
9.35 Jumbo Drug Bank Co.Ltd
9.36 LegoChem Biosciences Inc
9.37 MannKind Corp
9.38 Medicines Development for Global Health Ltd
9.39 Microbiotix Inc
9.40 Mountain Valley MD Holdings Inc
9.41 Neuro Horizon Pharma LLC
9.42 NovoBiotic Pharmaceuticals LLC
9.43 Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
9.44 Pai Life Sciences Inc
9.45 Palisades Therapeutics
9.46 PDS Biotechnology Corp
9.47 Peking Union Second Phaemaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.
9.48 PeptiDream Inc
9.49 Pharmasyntez
9.50 Protibea Therapeutics Inc
9.51 Quratis Inc
9.52 QureTech Bio AB
9.53 Qurient Co Ltd
9.54 Sentan Pharma Inc
9.55 Sequella Inc
9.56 Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd
9.57 Shanghai Jiatan Pharmaceutical Technology Co Ltd
9.58 Shionogi & Co., Ltd
9.59 Spero Therapeutics Inc
9.60 Standigm Inc
9.61 Target Medicals
9.62 TVAX Biomedical Inc
9.63 Tydock Pharma Srl
9.64 Uvax Bio LLC
9.65 Vaxil Bio Therapeutics Ltd
9.66 Vaxine Pty Ltd
9.67 Vaxxit Srl
9.68 Vichem Chemie Research Ltd
10. Dormant Drugs
10.1 Inactive Drugs
10.2 Discontinued Drugs
11. Appendix
List of Tables
Table 1. 2 Number of Products under Development by Companies
Table 1. 3 Products under Development by Companies
Table 1. 4 Products by Targets
Table 1. 5 Products by Mechanism of Action
Table 1. 6 Products by Molecule Type
Table 1. 7 Products by Route of Administration
Table 2.1 Clinical Trial Details - GamTBvac/Gamaleya Federal Research Center of Epidemiology and Microbiology
Table 2.2 Clinical Trial Details - MTBVAC/Biofabri SL
Table 2.3 Clinical Trial Details - SimpliciTB/Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
Table 2.4 Clinical Trial Details - VPM1002/Serum Institute of India Pvt Ltd
Table 2.5 Clinical Trial Details - ZeNix/Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
Table 2.6 Clinical Trial Details - Azacitidine /Bristol-Myers Squibb Co
Table 2.7 Clinical Trial Details - BPaMZ/SEM/Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
Table 2.8 Clinical Trial Details - Delpazolid/LegoChem Biosciences Inc
Table 2.9 Clinical Trial Details - GSK3036656/GSK plc
Table 2.10 Clinical Trial Details - GV118819/GSK plc
Table 2.11 Clinical Trial Details - M72/Bill & Melinda Gates Medical Research Institute
Table 2.12 Clinical Trial Details - OPC-167832/Otsuka Pharmaceutical Co Ltd
Table 2.13 Clinical Trial Details - RUTI/Archivel Farma SL
Table 2.14 Clinical Trial Details - Sudapyridine/Shanghai Jiatan Pharmaceutical Technology Co Ltd
Table 2.15 Clinical Trial Details - TBA-7371/Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
Table 2.16 Clinical Trial Details - Telacebec/Qurient Co Ltd
Table 2.17 Clinical Trial Details - BVL-GSK098/GSK plc
Table 2.18 Clinical Trial Details - GSK2556286/GSK plc
Table 2.19 Clinical Trial Details - SPR720/Spero Therapeutics Inc
Table 2.20 Clinical Trial Details - TBAJ-587/Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
Table 2.21 Clinical Trial Details - TBAJ-876/Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
Table 2.22 Clinical Trial Details - TBI-223/Global Alliance for TB Drug Development
Table 2.23 Clinical Trial Details - WXWH0131/Jumbo Drug Bank Co.Ltd
Table 2.24 Clinical Trial Details - OTB-658/Peking Union Second Phaemaceutical Factory Co., Ltd.
Table 3. 1 Regulatory Designations
Table 4. 1 Inactive Drugs
Table 4. 2 Discontinued Drugs
List of Figures
Figure 1. 1 Number of Products under Development for Tuberculosis, 2023
Figure 1. 2 Products by Top 5 Targets and Stage of Development for Tuberculosis, 2023
Figure 1. 3 Products by Top 5 Mechanism of Action and Stage of Development for Tuberculosis, 2023
Figure 1. 4 Products by Top 5 Molecule Type and Stage of Development for Tuberculosis, 2023
Figure 1. 5 Products by Top 5 Route of Administration and Stage of Development for Tuberculosis, 2023

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