From Tax Burden to Dividend: How Data Integration Helps ODAM Paint a Better Picture

From Tax Burden to Dividend: How Data Integration Helps ODAM Paint a Better Picture

It has long been the contention of Stratecast that the technologies traditionally known as OSS and BSS get short shrift when it comes to acknowledging their roles in the success of any implementation—compared to network infrastructure. This has been true whether it be the implementation of a new technology architecture or a new service. It is also Stratecast’s contention that support software will soon get its due. Network architectures are evolving to be more virtual and software-driven, so OSS and BSS must evolve as well. To Stratecast, they already have; thus, the new acronym, ODAM, which stands for Operations, Orchestration, Data Analysis & Monetization.

The dynamic nature of emerging architectures such as Network Function Virtualization (NFV), Software Defined Networking (SDN), and Cloud, requires ODAM solutions to operate, and help other systems operate, in real-time. In fact, the new architectures would fall far short of expectations without a more equitable emphasis on both networking and support software. And it is not only the new architectures that will rely increasingly on real-time, data-driven, malleable ODAM. Legacy systems, and their need for batch-processing support systems, will not suddenly disappear. Supporting both architectures calls for a re-thinking of the mediation layer.

Until recently, the idea of real-time ODAM was viewed skeptically, to use a polite term. For decades, software vendors and network equipment manufacturers beat their heads against the back office wall trying to integrate and pre-integrate their systems in order to streamline processes and inch closer to real-time capabilities. In addition to coming up short of this goal, the price of most implementations skyrocketed because of the cost of integration. There was even a term for this phenomenon: the integration tax. In a recent, non-scientific poll of some ODAM experts, the word most often associated with “integration” was “tax.”

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  • Billing and OSS Mediation
  • Moving Toward Data Integration
  • Integration and Mediation Are a Dynamic Duo
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