Strategic Analysis of the Test Equipment Market for Software-defined Radios (SDRs)

Strategic Analysis of the Test Equipment Market for Software-defined Radios (SDRs)

For the purpose of this research, Frost & Sullivan has adopted the definition of Software-defined Radio (SDR) established by the Wireless Innovation Group (formerly SDR Forum). In a nutshell, SDR is a device that transmits and receives Radio Frequency (RF) signals wirelessly to convey information.

Key components in SDRs include transmitters, receivers, amplifiers, filters, mixers, Analog-to-digital Converters (DAC), and antennas. The implementation of the components in an SDR differs from that of a traditional radio in the sense that some or all of the layer functions are defined by software as opposed to being implemented in hardware. Today, everything from the physical to the network layer in an SDR is implemented in the software or firmware.

Considering this definition, radios that are being produced across industries are predominantly software-defined. However, while SDRs are used across different industries, some end-user segments such as the military implement the SDR concept more explicitly than others. SDRs are used in various applications from military radio communications to cellular phones and, therefore, feature varying RF capabilities. They can be reprogrammed easily, post manufacturing, to support a wide range of communication standards.

This study focuses on the equipment used to test SDRs, which mainly consist of signal analyzers, signal generators, one-box testers, and application-specific solutions.

About this report

The test equipment market for SDRs is a growing segment in the radio test equipment market. Customer needs for greater flexibility to address a myriad of technologies and keep pace with the evolution of these technologies cost-efficiently is increasing demand for SDRs, driving demand for test equipment. In this study, external challenges are identified and form the basis for the revenue forecast. The base year is 2014 and the forecast period runs through 2021. Trends from various perspectives including end-user industry, product lifecycle, and geography are also discussed. A detailed market share analysis is included, identifying leaders and challengers.

  • Executive Summary
    • Market Overview
      • Introduction
      • Technologies
      • Competitive Overview
    • Major Research Findings
      • Opportunities and Forecasts
      • Segment Analysis
      • Conclusions
  • Demand Analysis
    • Overview and Definitions
      • Definitions
      • Key Technology Trends
      • Key Test Equipment Requirements
    • Challenges
      • Key Challenges
      • Application-specific Challenges
    • End-user Analysis
      • Military
        • Table Test Equipment Market for SDRs: List of Key Tactical Radio Contracts, US, 2013-2014
      • Public Safety and Emergency
      • Wireless Communications
      • Other End Users
    • Product Lifecycle Analysis
      • Introduction
      • Research and Development
      • Manufacturing
      • Field Support
    • Application Analysis
      • Existing Applications
      • Emerging Applications
    • Geographic Analysis
      • North America
      • Europe
      • Asia-Pacific
      • Latin America, Africa, and the Middle East
  • Supply Analysis
    • External Challenges
      • Market Engineering Measurements
      • Growth Drivers
        • Table Test Equipment Market for SDRs: Market Drivers in Order of Impact, Global, 2015-2021
      • Market Restraints
    • Revenue Analysis
      • Revenue Forecast
        • Table Test Equipment Market for SDRs: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2011-2021
      • Competitive Structure
        • Table Test Equipment Market for SDRs: Competitive Structure, Global, 2014
      • Market Shares of Leading Participants by Revenue
      • Challengers-National Instruments and Cobham AvComm
      • Other Market Participants
  • Appendix
    • Frost & Sullivan Deliverables
      • List of Companies Interviewed
      • List of Published and Upcoming Deliverables
      • List of Acronyms

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