Stratecast Predictions 2016: The Year Ahead

Stratecast Predictions 2016: The Year Ahead

Another year has passed, while a new one, full of opportunity, is soon upon us. The key questions that beg some level of focus in 2016, with a reflection on what already came to the communications industry in 2015, are:

For consumers, how have advances in communications technology changed your personal digital lifestyle, such as the way you shop or interact with friends, now versus a year ago? What will make your experiences better in 2016?

For small business, have new operational strategies of the global marketplace made it easier or harder to reach out to your customers?

For large business and enterprise, how much have developments in cloud

technologies and business solutions impacted your company? Have these improvements made a difference with your customers; if so, do you expect more industry change in 2016?

Is the communications industry really moving up the value chain, or is it forever stuck in the past: selling networking capabilities?

One could say that these questions, and many others, can simply be answered as “it depends,” based on the personal experiences of individuals as well as organizations. Yet, the focus on change today is really driven by factors that are not directly about the human element. They are centered around: technology evolution at both the network access and device levels; an ever expanding deluge of data usage volumes; adoption of mobile services by enterprises in all industries, to improve the experience of their customers; cloud services as a faster, easier, and cheaper way to meet business needs; and the continued reaction to security threats at a network, business and personal level.

In this year’s look forward, Stratecast provides several views voiced by our analyst teams of likely developments in the multiple dimensions of the communications marketplace, including those tied to: Big Data, business services, cloud, connected home, consumer services, the operations & monetization functions, and secure networking. These prognostications are what form this, our 2016 Predictions report. The complex interactions between what customers want, what technology can presently support, what business is willing to deliver, and what regulation will allow, all combine to make the prediction process more of an art than a science.

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