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The Safety-Security Argument—Expanding Needs in a Connected Enterprise

The Safety-Security Argument—Expanding Needs in a Connected Enterprise

Key Findings and Inferences—Regional Perspective

North America and Europe are at the forefront of creating awareness and initiating developments in collaboration with their governments to address attacks from advanced persistent threats (APTs).

Industrial Cyber Security Market: Global Cyber Security Perspectives, Global, 2014

North America—the US in particular—and Europe are leading in developments for industrial cyber security. Government-supported initiatives and regulations in these regions are driving the implementation of cyber security solutions and creating awareness for industrial control system security.

ICS 62443 is a commonly used standard for industrial control system security across the world.

About this report

As part of the Internet of Industrial Things (IoIT) research portfolio from the Industrial Automation and Process Control practice, this study provides a strategic outlook of cyber security requirements and best practices in a new era of connected assets and connected enterprises. It includes key challenges in the manufacturing industry due to advanced persistent threats as well as opportunities and strategies for cybersecurity value chain participants and solution providers. The report details the current state of the industry and throws light on the trends that are expected to change, providing various perspectives that help decipher the digital footprints.

  • Executive Summary
    • Market Outlook
    • Key Findings and Inferences-Regional Perspective
    • Key Findings and Inferences-Technology Perspective
    • Key Findings and Inferences-Customer Perspective
    • Key Findings and Inferences-Economic Perspective
  • Internet of Industrial Things-A Research Perspective
    • Internet of Industrial Things-The 4 Functional Facets
    • Relevant Research
  • Research Scope, Objectives, and Segmentation
    • Research Scope and Objective
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • Definitions
  • Current State of the Industry
    • APTs and Industrial Security
    • Present State of ICS Security
    • ICS Attack Types
    • Understanding the New Risk Landscape
    • The State of ICS Security-An Industry Perspective
    • The State of ICS Security-A Regulatory Perspective
  • IoIT and Industrial Cyber Security
    • Introduction-IoIT and Industrial Cyber Security
    • Key Components of the IoIT and Manufacturing Requirements
    • Key Industrial Network Implications
    • Smart Devices and Cyber Security
    • Endpoint Security Implications
    • IoIT and the Industrial Networks
    • Understanding the `EDGE'-Industrial Networks
  • A Stitch in Time Saves Nine-Evolving Cyber Security Solutions in the IoIT Ecosystem
    • Key Technologies in Smart Factories
    • Big Data, Analytics, and Cyber Security
    • Big Data and Analytics Opportunities
    • Big Data and Analytics Solutions
    • Cyber Security and the Cloud
    • Implications of Using the Cloud
    • Cloud-based Cyber Security Opportunities
  • Industry Perspectives-Deciphering Digital Footprints
    • Factories of the Future
    • Security Challenges in the Factory of the Future
    • Case Example-Automotive Industry
    • Critical Infrastructure Industries
    • Security Challenges in Critical Infrastructure Industries
    • Case Example-Power Industry
    • Security Opportunities-Factories of the Future
  • Strategic Insights-The T² (Trust and Trap) Security Framework
    • Develop a New Trust Model
    • Set the Security `TRAP'
    • Top Trends in the Industrial Cyber Security Market
    • The ICS Security Ecosystem
    • Tactical Technical Approach to a Strategic Balanced Approach
    • Defense-by-design-In-built Security Solutions
    • Taking a Strategic Partnership Approach
    • In-built Security Solutions-Creation of the Trust Network
    • Opportunity Mapping-Creating a New Trust Model
    • Cyber Security Services
    • Security-A Safety Issue
    • Security as a Service (SaaS)
    • Emergence of the Totally Integrated Security Provider
    • Opportunity Mapping-Developing Cyber SaaS
    • The Safety-Security Continuum
    • From SIL to SAL-Developing a Safety-based Security Framework
    • Opportunity Mapping-The Safety-to-security Approach
    • ATPs and ICS Networks
    • Present State of ICS Security
    • Key Solutions Required to Address ATPs
    • Applied Security Intelligence
    • Future Cyber Security Solutions
    • Opportunity Mapping-The New Portfolio of ICS Security Solutions
    • Emergence of the Digital Engineer
    • Digital Engineers in the ICS Ecosystem
    • Opportunity Mapping-The New Age Workforce
  • Conclusion
    • Future Cyber Security Solutions
    • Trust and Trap (T²)-Keeping Security Simple

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