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Purpose-Built Analytics Advances the Personalization Experience While Capturing New Revenue

Purpose-Built Analytics Advances the Personalization Experience While Capturing New Revenue

With the advent of LTE networks,2 more mobile usage data is now generated globally than at any other point in history.3 Most importantly, data usage per customer has dramatically risen as smartphones, tablets and laptop computers enable a digital lifestyle. But, it isn’t the devices that are capturing customer attention as much as it is the cloud-based applications, entertainment services, and user-generated video enabled as an anytime, anywhere experience.

For data users with tiered and other flexible-use pricing plans, customers are becoming more comfortable with the changes that digital lifestyle services bring to them. This is best evidenced by the number of smartphones, tablets and apps that continue to enter the global consumer marketplace. Customers are also gaining a better idea of just how these services consume purchased network capacity in the form of gigabytes per month or per prepaid recharge. Communications service providers (CSPs) are also noticing that customers are using their devices more; and, as a consequence, that high data users are spending more on larger and larger pricing plans.

But what happens when usage consumption exceeds payment expectations? Customers can become dissatisfied, and, through social networking, share a negative experience or their ongoing concerns with large numbers of friends. With deeper insight about service usage—for both the CSP and the customer—as data volumes approach threshold levels, customer behavior can change for the better, and CSPs can benefit from new revenue opportunities in surprisingly unanticipated ways.

This report provides an analysis of the ongoing data usage growth challenge that all CSPs presently face. The report shows how the generation of billions of daily usage transactions is key to improving the customer experience and unlocking greater customer value. This report walks through implemented examples of how purpose-built, real-time data collection, analysis, and charging solutions, such as those provided by Openet, are delivering a better customer experience while creating new CSP revenue opportunities. The report also helps to show that increasing revenues are possibly even more important than just a focus on cost reductions.

  • Introduction1
  • The Customer Data Experience – Mobile Services Enable Demand
    • Our Digital Lifestyle in Sixty Seconds
    • Mobile Video and Smartphones Lead the Way
    • The Gap is Widening: Exponential Data Volumes and Decreasing Revenues
    • Billing Solution Consolidation: A Key Part of Business Transformation
    • Data Processing Volumes: Today and Tomorrow
  • What is All of This Data Good For?
    • Net Neutrality Will Drive Segmented Marketing
    • Traditional: CSP Data Collection and Analysis for Network Management and Billing
    • New Generation: Customer-Centric CSP Data Collection and Analysis
  • Unlocking the Value of Customer Behavior: Real-Time Usage Analysis
    • Customer Centricity is the New Business Reality
    • Enhancing the Customer Data Charging Experience
    • CSP Use Case: Analytics Changes Customer Behavior and Captures New Revenue
      • New Revenue-Generating Service Usage Hypothesis
      • Initial Analysis Filter – Application Usage as a Function of Billing Cycle
      • Advanced Filter – Application Usage Drop-off During Last Week of Billing Cycle
      • Improved Yield Management – Real-Time Target Marketing
      • Real-Time Business Results Reporting
    • Multi-Play Service Provider Use Case: The Importance of TV Audience Measurement to Customer Understanding and Opening New Revenue Streams
  • The Last Word

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