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Why Platform as a Service (PaaS) Will Rule the Cloud

Why Platform as a Service (PaaS) Will Rule the Cloud

In 2012, Stratecast named Platform as a Service (PaaS) the hottest new cloud service, predicting it would eclipse IaaS and SaaS in strategic importance.2 The prediction is closer to reality, as cloud service providers and software vendors invest in platform services as a means to attract a share of the highly active and growing developer market. PaaS is a cloud service on which developers can build, deploy, run, scale, and manage their cloud applications. Stratecast believes that, more so than its better understood cloud brethren Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS) and Software as a Service (SaaS), PaaS is the cloud layer that truly facilitates innovation, and fuels the technology magic that will shape the future.

PaaS is the bridge between application development and cloud deployment. With PaaS, developers can focus on their unique code, trusting the platform to automatically and efficiently handle the logistics of deployment and runtime. Freed from even thinking about infrastructure, developers can simply do what they love: solve problems with their choice of code. It’s as if any tinkerer could ship off his plans to a facility that not only builds a prototype but supports a complete factory production run—at little to no charge. Too much hyperbole? Not at all. PaaS has been known to inspire poetic outpourings; most notably, this Haiku penned by Pivotal’s Onsi Fakhouri.

About this report

In this analysis, Stratecast provides an overview of the PaaS landscape. We look at the various manifestations of Platform as a Service—public and private, open and proprietary, domain-specific and general. We examine the value of PaaS to developers, and what shapes their choices across PaaS providers, including pricing, functionality, and deployment options. Finally, we consider the future of PaaS.

  • Introduction1
  • Defining Platform as a Service (PaaS)
    • How PaaS Differs from IaaS and SaaS
    • Blurring Lines
  • Why PaaS Appeals to Developers
  • Why PaaS Appeals to Businesses
  • What does a PaaS Contain?
  • Public versus Private PaaS
    • Hybrid PaaS
  • Proprietary versus Open Source PaaS
  • Choosing a PaaS
    • Domain
    • Language Support
    • Technical Support
    • Pricing
  • Beyond Application Development PaaS
    • Jenkins Continuous Delivery PaaS: CloudBees
    • Integration PaaS (iPaaS) - Scribe Software
  • The Future of PaaS
  • The Last Word

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