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Organ-On-A-Chip Innovations Fueling Drug Screening Applications

Organ-On-A-Chip Innovations Fueling Drug Screening Applications

Organ-on-a-chip technology involves the incorporation of microphysiological systems harboring dynamic living 3D organoids, tissue-culture, or cell cultures on a microfluidic platform. The physiologically relevant Organ-chip models offer a better and more precise insight to the possible in vivo effects of drugs in the human body. The flexibility of Organ-on-a-chip is such that the innovation is not just human relevant per se but can mimic a wide variety of human functions such as breathing, heart beats, peristalsis, menstruation, neuronal communication.

Animal models and in vitro assays have served as the gold standard for pre-clinical research and study for a long time now. But for all the benefits, animal models and in vitro assays have seen poor results in human translation and prediction due to unsatisfactory human relevance. Organ-on-a-chip innovations are currently making themselves relevant by offering better data for human translation and prediction through their high degree of human relevant systems.

US are currently the frontrunners in the Organ-on-a-chip technology followed closely by Netherlands, United Kingdom and Germany. The countries have been capitalized on the need for a better study model in drug screening application to pioneer the development of Organ-on-a-chip innovations which has seen relative success in the pharmaceutical industry as evidenced by the adoption of Organ-chip technology by major pharmaceutical companies such as Roche, AstraZeneca among many others.

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope – Application of Organ-on-a-chip Technology in Drug Screening Process
    • Research Methodology – The Frost & Sullivan Core Value
    • Key Findings: Organ-on-a-chip Technology
  • Technology Snapshot
    • A Brief Overview of Organ-on-a-chip Functioning
    • Key Factors Empowering Organ-on-a-chip Technologies for Drug Screening Processes
    • Current Trends in the Organ-on-a-chip platform
  • Organ-on-a-chip Platforms
    • Heart-on-a-chip Platform
    • Liver-on-a-chip Platform
      • High Throughput Capability of Liver-on-a-chip Platforms Integral to Large-Scale Drug Screening Applications
      • Flow Systems Adopted in Liver-on-a-chip Platforms that Facilitate Stability
    • Lung-on-a-chip Platform
      • Lung-on-a-chip: Platform Overview, Application, Disadvantages and Features
    • Kidney-on-a-chip Platform
      • Kidney-on-a-chip: Features, Platform Design, Applications, and Challenges
    • Gut-on-a-chip/Intestine-on-a-chip Platform
      • Intestine- and Gut-on-a-chip Serve as Enhanced Study Models
      • Intestine- and Gut-on-a-chip: The Applications and the Challenges
    • Nerve-on-a-chip Platform
      • Evaluation of Neurotoxicity with Nerve-on-a-chip platform
    • Muscle-on-a-chip Platform
      • Muscle-on-Chip Platform to Determine Long-term Drug Effects on Muscle Loss and Toxicity
      • Muscle-on-a-chip: Physiology, Features and Application Areas
    • Brain-on-a-chip Platform
      • Emulation of Human-Blood-Brain Barrier for Drug- Screening Applications
    • Multi-Organ Chip Platforms
    • Human-on-a-chip Platform
  • Drivers and Challenges of Organ-Chip Technology
    • Drivers and Challenges Impact Chart of Organ-Chip Technology
    • High Drug Attrition Rate in Drug Development to Drive Growth of Organ-on-a-chip Technology
    • Understanding Stem Cell Phenotypes key to unlocking vast Potential of Organ-chip Systems
  • Major Organ-on-a-chip Companies
    • A Well-defined and Robust Nerve-on-a-chip Platform
    • CN Bio- UK's Organ-chip Technology Pioneer
    • Emulate propelling Drug Screening and Development through their Human Emulation System
    • Hesperos facilitates superior Serum-free Media and Pumpless Organ-Chip Systems
    • Liver-on-a-chip platforms with High Biological Fidelity
    • Scaffold-free Human Relevant Liver-on-a-Chip Systems
    • Validated Research-ready Organ-chip Systems
    • Organ-Chips that facilitate High Throughput Screening
    • Precise Flow-controlled ParVivo Organ-Chip Systems
    • Replicating In Vivo Cardiac Biology on an In Vitro Chip Platform
    • TissUse pioneering Human-on-a-Chip platform
  • Intellectual Property Landscape of Organ-on-achip Technology
    • Patent Research Scope and Concepts
    • Top 20 Patent Holders in the Organ-on-a-chip Platform
    • Patent Office-wise Distribution of Organ-on-a-chip Patent Portfolio, 2008–2018*
      • Table Organ-on-a-chip Patent Portfolio Distribution by Patent Offices, Global, 2008–2018*
    • Year-wise Publication Distribution of Organ-on-a-chip Patent Portfolio, 2008–2017
      • Table Publication Year-wise Distribution of Organ-on-a-chip Patent Portfolio, Global, 2008–2017
  • Funding Landscape of Organ-on-a-chip Technology
    • Funding Strength of Organ-Chip Technology- Global View
    • Government Funding for Organ-on-a-chip Development
    • Venture Capitalist-based Investment Funding in the OOC Market
    • Charitable Organizations Promoting Animal Free Research involved in Funding of Organ-on-a-chip Technology Development
  • Growth Opportunities
    • Growth Opportunity 1: Personalized Medicine
    • Growth Opportunity 2: Animal Model Replacement
    • Growth Opportunity 3: Identification of Biomarkers
    • Determinants of Organ-on-a-chip Platform's Impact on Drug Screening Process
  • Appendix
    • Key Contacts

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