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Network Operators Pay Attention: New "Device-Enabled Network Operator IT Cloud Technology" is Resetting the Rules for Monetizing Mobile Services

Network Operators Pay Attention: New "Device-Enabled Network Operator IT Cloud Technology" is Resetting the Rules for Monetizing Mobile Services

It is not uncommon today to hear the frustration of communications service provider (CSP) chief marketing officers (CMOs). Internal systems are constraining the CMO’s ability to increase revenue by attracting new customers and introducing new services.

This should come as no surprise as mobile network technology has evolved, and customer expectations for the always available digital lifestyle have increased CSP back-office business processes, systems and network management functions. The integrated billing, customer care and provisioning platform, built to support business and customer needs for early generation mobile voice in the 1980’s, has grown today into an interconnected set of multiple systems with specialized functions.

The technological evolution of mobile services, from analog (AMPS) through generations of digital (2G, 2.5G, 3G, 3.5G and now 4G), has driven the Operations and Monetization (O&M) systems into specialized applications tied to various business and network operations processes. Most CSPs have systems that cover generations of technology, and that focus on specialized functions delivered by suppliers fully versed in the business and technical issues their systems address. These systems are tasked to address not only multiple types of network technology, but different network services (voice, text, and mobile data) as well. Over the past 20 years, the focus of automating mobile operator systems and processes has evolved to management of the network first, followed by support for the customer experience and service offers.

Today’s competitive mobile services environment involves applications, content, and cloud services suppliers working with network operators to rapidly deliver innovative, optimized, value-added customer service offerings. Installed systems and processes no longer meet the needs of today’s business environment. Yet, today, rapidly-emerging competitors are making a big play for customer attention, customer mindshare, customer loyalty, and the customer’s pocketbook. CSP competitors such as Amazon, Apple, Facebook and Google, have a very different IT-systems mindset and solution structure that enables a fast and adaptable response to customer needs, and rapid optimization capabilities developed in the Internet industry.

  • Introduction1
  • Most CSPs' Current Business Solution Architecture
  • Today's Mobile Internet and Enterprise Development Environment
  • A Cloud-Based Mobile Services Enablement Architecture
  • New Solution Approach: Cloud-Based Mobile Services Enablement
  • Live Deployments Now Emerging
  • A Brief Assessment of the Solution Supplier Marketplace
  • The Last Word

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