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The 2014 Latin American Internet of Things (IoT) Market

The 2014 Latin American Internet of Things (IoT) Market

The Internet of Things (IoT) is an emerging concept based on the vision of a fully connected world. Seamless connectivity between things, people, processes, and data anywhere, anytime, and in any condition is the goal driving the IoT concept.

The convergence of telecommunications and Internet protocol (IP) technologies has resulted in an increasingly connected world. By 2020, each human being will have an average of 􂀀 connected devices.

Moreover, by 2020, approximately 􂀀 billion connected devices across the globe will be in use, permeating multiple facets of everyday life. This will fundamentally change both private and public modes of operation and will require technology and service providers to re-think their business models and the technological implications of the solutions they introduce.

Internet of Things (IoT) opportunities will reach ~$􂀀 trillion USD globally over 2013–2022.

In 2013, Brazil had ~$􂀀billion USD and Mexico had ~$􂀀 billion USD available.

IoT implementations are expected to grow rapidly across multiple industries, with logistics and transportation enjoying the earliest technology solutions. IoT implementations in consumer technology, manufacturing, healthcare, and the public sector (smart cities) are expected to be the fastest-growing areas over the next 􂀀 years.

The IoT is characterized by a fragmented ecosystem with numerous vendors providing solutions across different technology and industry domains.

  • Methodology
  • Executive Summary
  • Market Overview
    • IoT Taxonomy
    • Oxford Dictionary Definition
    • Internet of Things Overview
    • IoT Opportunities
    • A Key Global Mega Trend-Acceleration of the "Internet of Things"
    • Key Drivers
    • Key Restraints
    • IoT in 3 Stages
    • IoT Implementation Timelines Survey
    • IoT Business Benefits Survey
    • IoT Potential Market-Brazil and Mexico
    • Vast Scope of IoT Applications-Short-term Opportunities in Automotive, Logistics, and Utilities
    • From ICT Convergence to Multi-industry Convergence
    • Powering Industry Transformation
  • IoT Market Analysis
    • The Importance of IoT for ICT-From ICT Provision to Business Enabler
    • IoT Ecosystem Map
    • IoT Correlated Areas and Trends
    • Looking ahead to 2020-Numbers behind the Facts
    • Smart City-An Ecosystem of Intelligent Services Enabled by Interconnected Sensors and Big Data Analytics
    • Smart City Global Market-One of the Top Opportunities in IoT
    • Smart City Roles
    • Smart City Roles-Examples of a Typical Suite of Solutions
  • IoT Success Cases
    • Smart City-Use Cases
    • Smart City-Barcelona
    • Potential IoT Use Cases in Healthcare
  • The Last Word
    • Key Takeaways

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