Impact of Microspheres in Key Application Sectors (TechVision)

Impact of Microspheres in Key Application Sectors (TechVision)

Microspheres are being touted as the next generation materials in a broad range of applications. These are characteristically free flowing powders which are loaded with proteins or synthetic polymers having a particle size ranging from 1-1000 micrometers. There are various approaches to production methods of microspheres which is based on the form to be generated associated with the purpose of applications. As challenges related to large-scale production are gradually addressed, the market becomes ripe for innovations and emerges stepwise.

This Research Service is tracks the developments in the microsphere industry and its significance to different end use segments. An elaborative industry value chain helps in understanding the various stakeholder segments from different approaches. Various technology and business drivers and challenges have been identified which helps in understanding the exact requirements of the industry.

Briefly, this research service provides:

A snapshot of microsphere as a material and its capabilities
Market impact assessment and analysis of recent innovations
A detailed analysis of technology and business accelerators and challenges in microspheres in the medical, food, and personal care markets
An assessment of technology adoption focusing on the global hotspots
An evaluation of emerging opportunities and a roadmap that helps identify the year of impact
Some key patents that provide an insight into notable activities of global participants
A detailed list of contacts in the field

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope
    • Research Process and Methodology
    • Key Findings
  • Microspheres-Technology Overview
    • Technology Snapshot of Microspheres
    • Key Manufacturing Methods
    • Properties of Microspheres
    • Market Potential and Impact
    • Application Landscape
    • Technology Capability
  • Industry Assessment
    • Value Chain Analysis
    • Key Business Drivers
    • Key Business Challenges
    • Stakeholder Initiatives to Address Business Challenges
    • Impact Mapping of Business Drivers and Challenges
    • Key Technology Drivers
    • Key Technology Challenges
    • Stakeholders Initiatives to Address Technology Challenges
    • Impact Mapping of Technology Drivers and Challenges
    • R&D Intensity of Top Application Sectors
    • Patent Landscape
      • Microspheres for Healthcare -Patent Publishing Trends (2005 to 2015)
      • Current R&D Focus Based on Patent Activity
      • Microspheres for Food Technology -Patent Publishing Trends (2005 to 2015)
      • Current R&D Focus Based on Patent Activity
      • Microspheres for Personal Care -Patent Publishing Trends (2005 to 2015)
      • Current R&D Focus Based on Patent Activity
    • Key Stakeholders
      • Pharmaceuticals and Drug Delivery-Corporate Initiatives
      • Food Technology -Corporate Initiatives
      • Personal Care and cosmetics-Corporate Initiatives
      • Other Applications- Corporate Initiatives
      • Pharmaceutical and Drug Delivery - Academic Initiatives
      • Food Technology- Academic Initiatives
      • Personal Care and Cosmetics- Academic Initiatives
      • Other Applications- Academic Initiatives
    • Top Funding for Microspheres
      • Pharmaceutical and Drug Delivery
      • Food Technology
      • Personal Care and Cosmetics
    • Funding Trends-Global Insights
    • Demand Side Analysis
  • Technology Development and Adoption-Global Scenario
    • Existing R&D Initiatives
      • North America
      • Europe
      • Asia Pacific
    • Technology Adoption Trends
      • Commercialization Activities Across Regions
    • Application Assessment
      • Pharmaceutical and Drug Delivery
      • Food Technology
      • Personal Care and Cosmetics
    • R&D Initiatives-Application Assessment
      • Other Applications
    • Partnerships and Collaborations
  • Microspheres-Future Prospects
    • Emerging Applications
    • Microspheres in the Next 5 Years-Medical Markets
    • Microspheres in the Next 5 Years-Food Markets
    • Microspheres in the Next 5 Years-Personal Care and Cosmetics Markets
    • Microspheres-An Emerging Market
  • Analyst Insights and Recommendations
    • Strategic Recommendations for Technology Developers
    • Strategic Recommendations for Technology Adopters
    • Strategic Recommendations for Technology Investors
  • Key Patents
    • Patents
  • Key Contacts
    • Contacts

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