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Healthcare Transformations Drive Changes in Business Models

Healthcare Transformations Drive Changes in Business Models

Healthcare Trends Creating a Need for Business Model Innovation 1.Industry-wide shift in focus from acute care to prevention and wellness
2.Growing emphasis on predictive, preventive, and personalized health and healthcare delivery
3.Systematic shift in point of care delivery with provider organizations beginning to take a back-seat
4.Increasing influence and importance of data and the emergence of data-oriented products and services in healthcare

Business Model Transformations Impacting Healthcare
1.Perceivable shift in target customer from payors and providers to patients and consumers
2.Emergence of Business-to-consumer (B2C) models, although Business-to-business (B2B) models continue to have a stronghold on the industry
3.B2B models shifting from a product-oriented value proposition to a service-oriented one
4.Growing influence of eCommerce, mCommerce, and social media in healthcare

Key Challenges and Threats for Market Participants
1.Lack of information on potential competitive threats as non-healthcare companies expand into the industry
2.Business model sustainability in an environment that is experiencing rapid changes in technologies and regulations
3.Identifying innovative, futuristic healthcare products and services that will give the company a first-mover advantage
4.Developing relevant and sustainable industry partnerships

About this report

The healthcare industry is on the brink of transformation driven by a shift in the objective of care from treatment to prevention and wellness. Other major paradigm shifts such as the emergence of consumer as the center of the healthcare ecosystem and the need for delivering healthcare services at unconventional locations are creating new and exciting market opportunities. The challenge, however, is identifying a sustainable business model to monetize emerging market opportunities. This study presents an analysis of some unique business models that have recently made a debut in the industry.

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
    • CEO's Perspective
  • Transformations in Healthcare
    • Care Delivery Transformation From Acute Care to Prevention
    • Stakeholder Roles
    • Competitive Success Factors Change Who Will Win
    • Leveraging Big Data
  • Themes Driving New Business Models in Healthcare
    • Definition of a Business Model
    • Key Variables of a Business Model
    • Six Big Themes Driving New Business Models in Healthcare
    • The Decentralization of Care Delivery
    • Many Needs, Many Models
  • Applications of Business Model Innovation in Healthcare
    • B2B and B2C Business Models Can Be Divided into Three Main Categories
    • Service Based Model: Product as a Service
    • Service Based Model: Data as a Service
    • Industry Consortium-Supplier Driven
    • Disruption Through eCommerce
    • Localization-Home-based Services
    • Novo Nordisk: Changing Diabetes in Asia
    • Democratization-Digitization of Product: Alivecor
  • Value Proposition Driven Business Models-Population Health Management
    • Health Catalyst Risk Sharing Contract in Pop Health
    • Health Catalyst Risk Sharing Business Model Example
    • Sanitas
    • athenahealth
  • New Business Models in Genomics and Precision Medicine
    • Personalized Medicine Need
    • The Solution-Companion Diagnostics (CDx)
    • Co-development Business Models
    • Genomics Offered "as-a-service" by a Leading HC Provider
    • Precision Medicine Initiative-Opportunity Analysis
    • Payers Accept ROI on combination of Genomics and Digital Health
  • Connected Health Creating New Opportunities for Business Model Innovation
    • Business Model Case Study
    • Digital Transformation at Merck
  • The Business Model Change Journey
    • Healthcare Increasingly Data Driven and Customized
    • Considerations for Business Model Change
    • Recommendations

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