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Future of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Australian Jobs, Forecast to 2030

Future of Artificial Intelligence and its Impact on Australian Jobs, Forecast to 2030

AI market in Australia is currently in a nascent stage. With several new companies and new technologies entering the market it is expected to see accelerated growth from 2020–2030. This study examines the current and future trends in the AI market in Australia. It also examines closely the key technologies aiding the market growth and key competitors in the market. The study also provides information on the impact of AI on the Australian economy and labor market with focus on various industries where AI is to be implemented. This includes Healthcare, Information Technology, Education, Retail, Manufacturing and Financial Services. The study also gives detailed profiles of major Global Companies and Australian start-ups active in AI market, their activities, and areas of focus. In terms of future of AI in Australia this RS examines the impact of AI on the Australian economy and labor market and the future of industries with AI implementation. The section on customer experience transformation gives detailed case studies of Chatbot implementation by key OEMs involved in AI activities in the country. In addition the Appendix section gives a data on the Job Growth Outlook in Australia for 2015-2030 for each of the key business sectors in Australia.

Research Scope
This RS aims to present an overview of the current and future trends and developments in the Artificial Intelligence Market in Australia during 2011–2030. This includes
Introduction to AI and its key technologies
Overview of the AI Market in Australia
Major Global Companies Active in AI and Activities in Australia
Impact of AI in the Australian Economy and Labor Market
The Future of Industries with AI Implementation
Analysis of profiles of key players and their activities in AI Market
Market Forecasts 2017 to 2030
Impact of AI implementations on Job Markets across various Industries

Key Issues Addressed
What is Artificial Intelligence? What is its Evolutionary process in Australia? What are the Key Classifications and types of AI systems in the country?
Which are the key technologies aiding the growth of AI in Australia?
Which are the key competitors in the AI market and what are their focus areas?
What is the likely impact of AI to Australia’s economy and Job generation?
What is the future of Industries which are expected to adopt Artificial Intelligence?

  • Executive Summary
    • Key Findings
  • Research Scope, Objectives, Background, and Methodology
    • Research Scope and Overview
    • Research Aims and Objectives
    • Key Questions this Study will Answer
    • Research Background
    • Research Methodology
    • Key OEMs or Participant Groups in this Study
  • Definitions
  • Introduction to AI
    • What is AI?
    • AI Systems Overview
    • Evolution of AI
    • Understanding AI
    • AI Readiness Map
  • Key Technologies Aiding the Growth of AI
    • AI Technologies
    • Dissecting AI
    • Machine Learning Applications
    • Computer Vision and Machine Learning
    • Natural Language Processing Tasks
    • Deep Learning Applications
  • Overview of the AI Market in Australia
    • AI Market Snapshot
    • Key Competitors in the Market
    • Australian AI Start-ups
  • Major Global Companies Active in AI and Their Activities in Australia
    • IBM Watson
    • Google
    • Microsoft
    • Facebook
  • Impact of AI on the Australian Economy and Jobs
    • AI Shifting and Disrupting the Global Labour Ecosystem
    • The Industrial Revolution and Impact on Jobs
    • Technological Revolutions Shaping Job Trends
    • Automation-Mapping of Jobs Under Threat in Australia
    • AI and Automation-Job Threat Mapping in Australia
    • Growth by Industry in Australia
    • Impact of AI on Growth in Jobs by Industry in Australia
    • Loss/Creation of Jobs due to AI Implementation by Industry
      • Table Artificial Intelligence Market: Loss/Creation of Jobs due to AI Implementation by Industry, Australia, 2015-2030
    • Job Type Composition in Labour Market in New South Wales, Australia
    • Industries with High Job Growth
    • Industries with High Job Loss
    • Jobs Likely to be Created due to AI Implementation
    • Jobs Likely to be Disrupted due to AI Implementation
  • The Future of Industries with AI Implementation
    • AI-driven Industry Transformation-Agriculture and Agribusiness
    • AI-driven Industry Transformation-Automotive
    • AI-driven Industry Transformation-Banking and Finance
    • AI-driven Industry Transformation-Education
    • AI-driven Industry Transformation-Healthcare
    • AI-driven Industry Transformation-ICT
    • AI-driven Industry Transformation-Legal Services
    • AI Disrupting Business Functions
    • AI Impacting Organizations and Management
  • Customer Experience Transformation
    • Chatbots in Australia-Key Opportunity for Australian Businesses to Increase Online Conversion Rates
    • Case Study-IBM Watson
    • Case Study-Microsoft Cortana
    • Case Study-Avaya Chatbots
    • Case Study-Flamingo's Rosie Chatbot
    • Case Study-Nuance Nina Chatbot
    • Case Study-Optus Olivia Chatbot
    • Case Study-Allianz Allie Chatbot
    • Case Study-Uber and Facebook Messenger
    • Case Study-Domain Group and Facebook Messenger
    • Case Study-ANZ
    • Case Study-Xero and Facebook Messenger
    • Case Study-Aspect Software
    • Case Study-Omilia
  • Growth Opportunities and Companies to Action
    • Growth Opportunity 1-Increased implementation of AI
    • Growth Opportunity 2-Investments in AI
    • Growth Opportunity 3-Development of Key Technologies
    • Growth Opportunity 4-Positive Impact on Job creation
    • Strategic Imperatives for Success and Growth
  • Key Conclusions
    • The Last Word-3 Big Predictions
  • Appendix
    • Abbreviations and Acronyms Used

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