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The Expanding Role of Service Providers in DDoS Mitigation

The Expanding Role of Service Providers in DDoS Mitigation

Cyber security awareness is at all-time highs in the wake of record-breaking data breaches, cyber espionage, cyber warfare, and sophisticated threats. While threats to data confidentiality and network integrity remain a top-of-mind concern, businesses are reminded daily of the importance of protecting availability as well.

Distributed denial-of-service (DDoS) is a type of attack that leverages the massive stolen computing power provided by infected endpoints to flood targets with traffic. The goal of a DDoS attack is to disrupt the online operations of a target organization by consuming available network bandwidth or server resources. Attack success is determined by the lack of available computing resources for legitimate end users.

Businesses that rely heavily on an Internet presence, such as e-commerce, online gaming, and financial services, are the most common targets. The attacker profile is expanding rapidly as nation-states, criminal organizations, and hacker activist groups are utilizing or commissioning others to launch DDoS attacks against selected targets. Cyber criminals develop, maintain, and rent out a botnet (the network of infected computers controlled remotely by hackers) to mount DDoS attacks against selected targets, for as little as $ an hour, according to Verizon’s 2014 Data Breach Investigations Report

About this report

This SPIE examines the role, capabilities, and advantages of service providers in the DDoS mitigation process, as well as how this role might develop in the future.

  • Introduction1
  • The Need for Intelligent DDoS Mitigation Solutions in the Enterprise
  • Limitations of DDoS Mitigation Solutions in Enterprise Networks
  • Service Providers Require Intelligent DDoS Mitigation Solutions
    • Evolving Customer Expectations Drive Interest in DDoS Mitigation Solutions
    • Service Provider Needs Will Only Increase in the Future
  • Service Providers Have Advantages in the DDoS Mitigation Process
  • The Service Provider Role in DDoS Mitigation Today
    • DDoS Mitigation as an Essential Differentiator
    • Companies Providing Successful DDoS Mitigation Services
    • Restraints for Service Provider Participation in DDoS Mitigation
  • The Effect of Service Provider Participation on the DDoS Mitigation Market
  • The Last Word

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