Digital Transformation

Digital Transformation

Exponential growth over the next 10 years will drive technological advancement faster than in any other time in history. Emerging technologies such as autonomous robotics, artificial intelligence, blockchains, and drones will disrupt industries. Augmented and virtual reality will revolutionise our interaction with the digital and physical worlds. Game Changing Technologies by the Digital Transformation team analyses developments in emerging technologies and provides context to help businesses capture growth opportunities.

  • Introduction
  • Forget the Terminator Scenario: Artificial Intelligence is Already Here and Transforming Industries
  • Hide Magic Up Your Sleeve: Fabric Could be Your New Touchscreen
  • MIT's "Enigma" Project Secures Cloud Computation
  • AI Meets… Research
  • Can Wearable Technology Occupy the Smart Home Space?
  • Google Rewrites the Alphabet: They're Coming for your Industry Too
  • The Kansas City Shuffle, Bitcoin and the End of the Accounting Industry
  • Google and its Internet of Things Strategy
  • Bitcoin 2.0? A Fork in the Road Ahead
  • Sharing Economy 2.0: La Zooz and Ride Sharing
  • GE Advances in the Industrial Internet of Things with Predix Cloud
  • Bit by Bit: NIST Advances Quantum Computing

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