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2025-A Day in the Life of Big Data

2025—A Day in the Life of Big Data

Introduction: Big Data Changes Everything
Big Data Analytics has emerged from a vision of an always connected world. The goal: seamless connectivity among devices anywhere, anytime, and under any conditions to improve living standards and create new business opportunities in retail, healthcare, logistics, buildings, energy, cities, and the home. Big Data should increase environmental efficiency and reduce carbon footprints. It can also help businesses use their assets more efficiently and in more innovative ways to introduce new products and services, resulting in additional revenue streams.

Companies that effectively analyse and act on the huge amount of information available today and in the near future will improve decision making and enable the accurate delivery of advanced functionality like predictive insights. Pervasive, or ubiquitous, computing is gradually helping technologists worldwide to realize the Big Data vision. Here are five examples of how Frost & Sullivan expects the trend to transform business and personal life in the next 10 years.

Sales Professionals: Data Drives Revenue
When Mary’s smartphone alarm goes off at 6:00am, she has to get out of bed to turn it off—if she relied on voice commands, she’d never get out from under the covers. But once she hits the big red button on the screen, the phone’s personal assistant recites her schedule for the day ahead: several virtual client calls, two in-person meetings, lunch with her boss, and an update from the marketing team on the upcoming new-product launch. She asks for suggestions on what to wear. The phone searches her personal contacts and corporate sales database as well as public information to get a read on the two companies she’s visiting later that day. One has a start-up culture, but the other is unusually conservative; the phone’s assistant recommends a classic gray suit and pumps, but suggests she wear a blouse with a bright print, so that she can take off her jacket at the start-up and fit right in.

As Mary heads for the bathroom to shower and dress, the phone automatically connects with her home’s thermostat to turn up the heat by five degrees for the next hour; it knows that she will be out the door by then, heading to her first meeting at the conservative client’s site. It also starts the brew function on her coffee maker, turns on the screen in her kitchen and sets it to stream CNBC, and sets an alarm to ring 10 minutes before she needs to leave the house.

  • Introduction: Big Data Changes Everything
  • Sales Professionals: Data Drives Revenue
  • Field Services: Ramp up Productivity and Performance
  • Healthcare: Using Big Data to Improve Patient Outcomes
  • Financial Services: Identifying and Keeping High-Value Clients
  • Retail: Personalizing the Customer Experience
  • Big Data Enables the Internet of Things

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