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A New Use Case for Purpose-Built Analytics: Saving Lives

A New Use Case for Purpose-Built Analytics: Saving Lives

Data in the world of Communication Service Providers (CSPs) is a double-edged sword. On the one hand, the seemingly never-ending growth in data volumes traversing telecom networks represents a cost—something that must be dealt with in order to survive. Networks must continually scale up to handle more traffic. Additional spectrum is needed to meet the needs of mobile customers. And, the business management and operations systems—what Stratecast now refers to as Operations, Orchestration, Data Analytics & Monetization (ODAM)2—must address these larger data volumes, often in real time.

On the other hand, CSP data provides valuable benefits. Many in the industry, including Stratecast, believe that data ownership is the currency of today, and the gateway to long-term business success. Data and, more specifically, the analysis of data, provides the key to opening the door to smoother operations, more satisfied customers, and hopefully increasing revenue. Supporting large data volumes, and analyzing the customer usage traversing a network, is not an either-or situation. As data volumes rise, the cost increases; yet, so does the potential for greater intelligence and better business results.

This week’s SPIE looks primarily at the benefits realized from CSP data analysis, and examines how CSPs, globally, are using data analysis to address a myriad of business needs tied to use cases for improving operations and generating new revenue. However, there are times when data analysis is important for reasons outside of the CSP; when the needs of the community outweigh the bottom line. For this purpose, the report also looks at how one supplier—Neural Technologies—is expanding the use of CSP data analysis in ways that may ultimately save lives.

  • Introduction1
  • The Benefits that Data Analysis Brings
  • CSP Use of Data Analysis: Purpose-Built to Meet the Need
  • Neural Technologies Support of CSP Risk Management
  • Back to Saving Lives
  • The Last Word

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