Assessment of the Small-Satellite Market

Assessment of the Small-Satellite Market

The number of small satellites to be launched between 2015 and 2020 is 􂀀. More than 􂀀% of these belong to the micro/mini-satellite segment.

Small satellites lost in launch failures in 2015 will result in an increase in the demand for small-satellite launch services in 2016. OneWeb’s satellite constellation will account for 􂀀% of the total small-satellite launch demand during 2015–2020.

he small-satellite imaging market is estimated to be valued at $􂀀 million in 2015 and reach $􂀀million in 2020 at a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 􂀀% from 2015 to 2020. However, this revenue only represents the partial revenue that small-satellite imagery will take away from the existing satellite imaging market.

% of the small satellites to be launched during 2015–2020 will belong to commercial organizations looking to enter the Earth observation/imaging market with diverse imaging data services using cloud/Big Data technologies.

Recent research efforts of Surrey Satellite Technology Limited (SSTL) have resulted in the successful integration of high-resolution sensors onboard small-satellite platforms.

Although small-satellite imagery data products will compete with existing products, they will account for about 􂀀% of the existing market in 2020. The evolution of web-based analytics platforms and customized analytics algorithms will bring in new customers that previously had no access to satellite data.

Upcoming dedicated small-satellite launch services will drive the imaging and analytics market owing to the reducing launch costs for small-satellite missions.

About this report

This market insight covers the small-satellite market from an Earth-imaging standpoint. It touches on the research and commercial versions of small-satellite technology. Other domains such as in-orbit debris mitigation and satellite-based internet services have also been covered. The study attempts to identify the differentiating factors and success factors, and estimates the revenue for the small-satellite imaging market. The small-satellite launch forecast for 2015-2020 has also been provided. The study ends with key pointers for capitalizing on this growing market that can benefit suppliers and service providers in the small-satellite imaging market.

  • Executive Summary
    • Small Satellites-Conventions and Current Status
    • Key Findings
    • Small-Satellite Market-Key Differentiators
    • Small-Satellite Missions-Pros & Cons
  • Recent and Upcoming Research Efforts
    • Cubesats in Interplanetary Mission
    • Cubesat for Remote Sensing on Moon
    • Cubesats for Testing Inter-Satellite Communication (ESA)
    • Inter-Satellite Communication Link for Micro-Sats (DARPA)
    • High-Resolution Sensor in a Small-Satellite Platform
    • Small-Satellite Research Efforts-Future Implications
  • Recent Upcoming Business Efforts-Imaging/GIS Analytics Services
    • Market Overview-Uniting Themes and Success Factors
    • PlanetiQ
    • Spire Global Inc.
    • Planet Labs Inc.
    • Urthecast Corp.
    • Skybox Imaging Inc.
    • BlackSky Global
    • Twenty First Century Aerospace Technology (21AT)
    • GeoOptics Inc.
    • OmniEarth Inc.
  • Recent Upcoming Business Efforts-Other Small-Satellite-Based Services
    • Astroscale Pte. Ltd
    • OneWeb Ltd.
    • Key Trends of Evolving Small-Satellite-Based Services
  • Small-Satellite Launch Forecast
    • Table Small-Satellite Market: Launch Forecast, Global, 2014-2020
    • Commercial Imagery Small-Sat Launch Forecast
      • Table Commercial Imagery Small-Satellite Market: Estimated Launch Forecast, Global, 2014-2019
    • Small-Satellite Launch Forecast Discussion
  • Small-Satellite Imaging Market
    • Small-Satellites Imaging Market-Partial Revenue Forecast
      • Table Small-Satellite Imaging Market: Partial Revenue Forecast*, Global, 2014-2020
    • Satellite Imaging Market-Revenue Forecast
      • Table Satellite Imaging Market: Revenue Forecast, Global, 2013-2020
    • Small-Satellite Imaging Market-Revenue Forecast
    • Small-Satellite Imaging Market-Revenue Forecast Discussion
    • Small-Satellite Imaging Market-Winners and Success Factors
  • Strategic Recommendations
    • Key Pointers for Capitalizing on the Fast Growing Market

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