Artificial Intelligence- led Disruptions Powering the Future of Media

Artificial Intelligence- led Disruptions Powering the Future of Media

Impact of ‘Digitization’ in the media space is likely to put over half a trillion USD at stake, as per industry estimates. The digital paradigm in the media industry is expected to restructure the entire business model. In the digital age, user experience has moved away from being content driven to ‘on-demand’ delivery, offered in a device of consumer choice. Emphasis in the coming years is likely to be placed at the intersection of content, technology, and user experience. A number of emerging technologies are disrupting existing business models within the media industry and are offering new opportunities, which traditional enterprises are only beginning to acknowledge.

Artificial Intelligence (AI) is being increasingly used to transform the way media houses create content and present them to viewers. AI, by virtue of its data driven intelligence and self-learning abilities, can be used to automate repetitive skill-based jobs. Additionally, AI can power the development of superior prediction engines that offer cutting-edge analytics and business intelligence to media enterprises globally. Key innovation areas powered by AI include:
a. Media archiving and search
b. Targeted advertising and marketing
c. Personalized content management

In brief, this research service covers the following points:
Artificial Intelligence – Technology Review and Analysis
AI in the Media Industry – An Overview
Regional Adoption Trends and Companies to Watch
Best Practices: R&D, Government Initiatives and Funding Trends
How AI is Transforming User Experience in the Media Industry?

  • Executive Summary
    • Research Scope
    • Research Methodology
    • Research Methodology Explained
    • Key Findings
  • Artificial Intelligence: Technology Review and Analysis
    • Which AI Sub-Technologies Are Gearing Up ?
    • AI - Technology Value Chain
    • Database Providers are Essential Contributors to the Value Chain
    • Increasing Demand for Automation Drives Enterprise Adoption
    • Lack of Domain Experts to Train and Maintain AI Systems Hinders Adoption
    • AI Enables Accurate Predictions and Recommendations Based on Pattern Recognition and Advanced Analytics Capabilities
    • AI Brings Cognitive Skills to Transform Traditional Robots into Smart Robots
    • Over $15 Billion Funding for AI in 2017
    • AI Patent Publishing Rate Rising Consistently Every Year
      • Table Artificial Intelligence: Top Patent Assignees, Global 2015-2017
    • The Global AI Market is Expected to Grow at a Consistent CAGR of More than 31% till 2022
    • AI Enables Business Performance Improvements Across Industry Value Chain
    • AI-powered Innovations Impacting Almost Every Sector
    • Increasing Adoption of AI in Asia will be a Key Factor Driving Market Growth
  • AI in the Media Industry – An Overview
    • AI is Expected to Transform Content Creation and Delivery
    • Impact of AI on Various Stakeholders
    • Where is AI being Largely Used in the Media?
    • Monetizing Media Content Using AI
    • AI is being Considered for Precision Targeting and Enabling Automated Interactions with Audience
    • Beyond Automated Content Generation to Content Creation
  • Regional Adoption Trends
    • Regional Adoption Trends: North America
    • Regional Adoption Trends: Europe
    • Regional Adoption Trends: APAC
  • Best Practices: R&D, Government Initiatives and Funding Trends
    • Best Practices: North America & Europe
    • Best Practices: APAC & Middle East
    • Government Initiatives: North America & Europe
    • Government Initiatives: APAC & Middle East
    • Developed Countries Have Rolled out Significant AI Budgets to Drive Innovation
  • Companies to Watch
    • Companies Are Emerging Across The Value Chain With Diversified Products
    • Companies to Watch: Other Key Players
    • Comparison of AI Capabilities Across Cloud Service Providers
  • How AI is Transforming User Experience in the Media Industry? Use-Case Examples
    • Creating Personalized Video Highlights Using Cognitive Solution
    • Use of Artificial Intelligence to Craft a Movie Trailer
    • Automated News Generation Using Natural Language Platform
    • Smart Media Management Using AI
    • Optimizing Streaming Performance Across CDN Providers
    • Streaming High Quality Videos on Low Internet Speeds Using AI
    • Scrubbing Extremist Content Using AI
    • Combating Video Buffering and Quality Using AI Prototype
    • Using AI for Audience Insights to Construct Highly Relevant Content
  • Future Outlook and Recommendations
    • How AI Efforts Will Evolve in the Future?
    • Will Human Creativity be Replaced by AI?
    • Technology Convergence and Roadmap
    • Technology Convergence will Create Significant Opportunities to Lower Costs, Reduce Job of Humans and Also to Eradicate Piracy
    • Strategic Recommendations to Media Stakeholders
  • Key Contacts
  • Appendix
    • Application Impact Across Industry Sectors – Evaluation Approach

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