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Aviation/Aerospace market research reports by Freedonia Focus Reports

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  • Civil Aircraft: United States

    ... business jets, helicopters, turboprop, and piston. To illustrate historical trends, total shipments, total demand, the various shipment segments, and trade are provided in annual series from 2008 to 2018. The scope of this report covers ... Read More

  • Air Transport Services: United States

    ... domestic nonscheduled (i.e., chartered) passenger; international nonscheduled (i.e., chartered) passenger; domestic scheduled freight; international scheduled freight; and other sources such as fees, nonscheduled (i.e., chartered) freight services, and specialty air transport services. To illustrate historical ... Read More

  • Freight Services: United States

    ... illustrate historical trends, total revenues, the various segments, the value of the US goods trade, and the value of the US goods trade with North American countries by freight mode are provided in annual series ... Read More

  • Public Transport: United States

    ... ridesharing services or transportation network companies (TNCs); cruise and ferry; sightseeing and charter bus; mass transit, including commuter bus, commuter rail, light rail, mixed-mode, monorail, subway, and tramway (also referred to as trolley or streetcar); ... Read More

  • Drones: United States

    ... vehicle method of lift in terms of: fixed wing, rotorcraft, and hybrid and other vehicle methods of lift. Total demand in dollars is also segmented by market as follows: military, other government markets, consumer, and ... Read More

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Aviation/Aerospace market research reports by Freedonia Focus Reports

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