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Quick service restaurants are also known as fast food restaurants. This type of restaurant focuses on fast food service and limited table service. Take away or take-out options are also offered. The food is often cooked in bulk ahead of time and kept hot until sold.

Quick service restaurants are often part of a restaurant chain such as McDonalds or KFC. Fast food is often highly processed and served in bags or cartons. The food is often prepared at a central supply facility and then shipped to individual locations where they are cooked quickly in response to incoming orders. Pre cooked items are closely monitored for freshness and holding time.

Fast food products require the use of additives such as salt, sugar and preservatives. These processing techniques limit the nutritional value of the food.

In order to enhance speedy delivery, many fast food restaurants offer a drive-thru. Wireless systems allow orders to be placed thru speakers. Computer systems and software are used to increase efficiency and provide reports to managers and corporate offices.

Fast food restaurants have been criticized for promoting un- healthy eating by offering foods high in fat and sodium. The advertising practices of the fast food industry have also been targeted for contributing to the childhood obesity epidemic in America.

Many large chains are now offering healthier choices such as white meat, fresh fruit and salads. McDonalds now includes nutritional information on the packaging of each menu item.

Examples of well known fast food chains include McDonalds, Burger King, KFC, Wendy’s and Little Caesars.

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Quick Service Restaurants Industry Research & Market Reports

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