Social Media Analytics

Social Media Analytics

Social media have become ubiquitous and are playing an increasingly critical role in society. The wide use of social media platforms has generated massive user generated contents (UGCs). To leverage these UGCs, it is important for organizations to develop capability of collecting, storing and analyzing social media data for the purpose of harvesting information and actionable knowledge for decision making and forecasting (Duan, Cao, Yu, & Levy, 2013; Jansen, Zhang, Sobel, & Chowdury, 2009; Schoen et al., 2013; He, Zha & Li, 2013). As one consequence of these developments, social media analytics has emerged as an important area of study. Social media analytics is concerned with ‚Äúdeveloping and evaluating informatics tools and frameworks to collect, monitor, analyze, summarize, and visualize social media data to facilitate conversations and interactions to extract useful patterns and intelligence‚ÄĚ (Fan & Gordon, 2014; Zeng et al. 2010). Therefore, the development of effective and efficient analytics techniques for social media analysis becomes essential. To conduct social media analytics, data mining, text analysis and related advanced analytics techniques, e.g., sentiment analysis and semantic analysis techniques are frequently adopted (Chen, Chiang & Storey, 2012; Pang & Lee 2008). Recently there has been strong interest in the power of social media analytics in creating new value, supporting decision-making and enhancing competitive advantage (Fan & Gordon, 2014; He, Wu, Yan, Akula, & Shen, 2015). A number of studies from various research communities have been devoted to unveil the value, impact, and implications of social media analytics.

This e-book is to showcase the cutting edge research advances in social media analytics in order to provide a landscape of recent research progress and novel applications, techniques, case studies, and strategies in analyzing online information posted on various social media platforms. This e-book contains eight interesting research papers related to social media analytics that unveil the value, impact, and implications of social media analytics for the management and use of online information.

A Method of Potential Customer Searching from Opinions of Network Villagers in Virtual Communities,Competitive Intelligence in Social Media Twitter: iPhone 6 vs. Galaxy S5,Discovering Shilling Groups in a Real E-Commerce Platform,How to Strengthen the Social Media Interactivity of E-government: Evidence from China,Informing Brand Messaging Strategies via Social Media Analytics,Sentimental Interplay between Structured and Unstructured User-Generated Contents - An Empirical Study on Online Hotel Reviews,Social Media Analytics: Unveiling the value, impact, and implications of social media analytics for the management and use of online information,The Role of Trust Management in Reward-based Crowdfunding,Visual Twitter Analytics (Vista): Temporally Changing Sentiment and the Discovery of Emergent Themes within Sport Event Tweets

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