Heating by Electromagnetic Sources (HES 2016)

Heating by Electromagnetic Sources (HES 2016)

The Triannual HES conference on Heating by Electromagnetic Sources was held in Padua on May 24-27, 2016.

The latest results of research and industrial development activities in the field of Induction, Conduction, Dielectric, Microwaves, Heating and EMP (Electromagnetic Processing)

were presented and discussed by researchers, international experts and engineers from industry.

The main topics included:

Heating of metal billets, strips and wires

Heat treatments of metals

Melting of metals

MHD problems in metallurgical processes

EM stirring, casting, shaping, forming, levitation

Modelling for electromagnetic processing

Modern power supply

Microwaves and RF Modelling and Processing

Processes for new and innovative products

Biomedical Applications

Food Industry Applications

Sensors and actuators in electroheat processes

Optimization and process control

This e-Book presents a selection of papers from the conference.

A neural network identifier for electromagnetic thermotherapy systems,AC induction heating of ferromagnetic slabs saturated with a DC field,Construction improvement of the thermoelastic clutch based on shape optimization,Design and simulation of the electromagnetic heating of a biological tissue,Design concepts of induction mass heating technology based on multiple-criteria optimization,Design of power converters for induction heating applications taking advantage of wide bandgap semiconductors,Emissivity compensated infrared thermometry for planar materials,Improved Litz wire manufacture process using resonant power converter based induction heating,Improving the accuracy of time-harmonic FE simulations in induction heating applications: towards better ferromagnetic material models,Induction heating in estimation of thermal properties of conductive materials,Influence of SEN depth and port angle on vertical electromagnetic brake effects in continuous casting mould,Influence of the magnetic permeability on modeling of induction surface hardening,Inverse technique for determining temperature dependence of material properties,Lattice Boltzmann modelling for multiphase bubble flow in electroconducting liquids,Mapping of magnetic properties for simulations of high temperature electromagnetic applications,Non-linear model order reduction for the fast solution of induction heating problems in time-domain,Numerical modeling of hybrid laser welding taking into account phase change of material,Numerical modelling of induction heated multi-zones rubber vulcanization process,Self-adaptive NGSA algorithm and optimal design of inductors for magneto-fluid hyperthermia,Striation effect in induction heating: myths and reality

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