Mesothelioma - Pipeline Insight, 2022

Mesothelioma - Pipeline Insight, 2022

DelveInsight’s, “Mesothelioma - Pipeline Insight, 2022,” report provides comprehensive insights about 50+ companies and 50+ pipeline drugs in Mesothelioma pipeline landscape. It covers the pipeline drug profiles, including clinical and nonclinical stage products. It also covers the therapeutics assessment by product type, stage, route of administration, and molecule type. It further highlights the inactive pipeline products in this space.

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Mesothelioma Understanding

Mesothelioma: Overview

Mesothelioma is a rare form of cancer that affects the cells that make up the mesothelium. The mesothelium is the lining or membrane that covers and protects various internal organs of the body. The mesothelium is composed of two layers of specialized cells known as mesothelial cells. One layer directly surrounds the internal organs; the other forms a protective sac around thoracic and peritoneal organs. The most common form of mesothelioma affects the pleura, which is the membrane or sac that lines the lungs and chest cavity. Other common sites include the peritoneum, which is the membrane lining the abdominal cavity, and the pericardium, which is the membrane lining the heart (heart sac). Mesothelial tissue is also found in other areas of the body including the membrane covering the testicles (tunica vaginalis). The disorder most often occurs in older adults. Mesothelioma is often an aggressive form of cancer with a poor prognosis, with pleural mesothelioma patients having a median survival of only about 12-14 months with current therapies. Treatments are available, but are not effective for everyone.

""Mesothelioma - Pipeline Insight, 2022"" report by DelveInsight outlays comprehensive insights of present scenario and growth prospects across the indication. A detailed picture of the Mesothelioma pipeline landscape is provided which includes the disease overview and Mesothelioma treatment guidelines. The assessment part of the report embraces, in depth Mesothelioma commercial assessment and clinical assessment of the pipeline products under development. In the report, detailed description of the drug is given which includes mechanism of action of the drug, clinical studies, NDA approvals (if any), and product development activities comprising the technology, Mesothelioma collaborations, licensing, mergers and acquisition, funding, designations and other product related details.

Report Highlights

A better understanding of disease pathogenesis contributing to the development of novel therapeutics for Mesothelioma.

In the coming years, the Mesothelioma market is set to change due to the rising awareness of the disease, and incremental healthcare spending across the world; which would expand the size of the market to enable the drug manufacturers to penetrate more into the market.

The companies and academics that are working to assess challenges and seek opportunities that could influence Mesothelioma R&D. The therapies under development are focused on novel approaches to treat/improve the disease condition.

A detailed portfolio of major pharma players who are involved in fueling the Mesothelioma treatment market. Several potential therapies for Mesothelioma are under investigation. With the expected launch of these emerging therapies, it is expected that there will be a significant impact on the Mesothelioma market size in the coming years.

Our in-depth analysis of the pipeline assets (in early-stage, mid-stage and late stage of development for the treatment of Mesothelioma) includes therapeutic assessment and comparative analysis. This will support the clients in the decision-making process regarding their therapeutic portfolio by identifying the overall scenario of the research and development activities.

Mesothelioma Emerging Drugs Chapters

This segment of the Mesothelioma report encloses its detailed analysis of various drugs in different stages of clinical development, including phase II, I, preclinical and Discovery. It also helps to understand clinical trial details, expressive pharmacological action, agreements and collaborations, and the latest news and press releases.

Mesothelioma Emerging Drugs

MesoPher: Amphera

MesoPher is Amphera’s lead product to treat mesothelioma, a cancer of the lining of the lungs (pleural mesothelioma) or the lining of the abdominal cavity (peritoneal mesothelioma). MesoPher is currently in a phase II/III study to treat pleural mesothelioma. MesoPher is comprised of autologous patient DCs loaded with “PheraLys” – Amphera’s allogeneic lysate of mesothelioma cell lines. While extraction of autologous DCs is a well-recognized practice, sourcing of autologous mesothelioma cells is highly invasive and is limited by the quality of biopsy material.

Durvalumab: AstraZeneca

Durvalumab is a human immunoglobulin G1 kappa (IgG1κ) monoclonal antibody and a novel immune-checkpoint inhibitor for cancer treatment. Produced by recombinant DNA technology in Chinese Hamster Ovary (CHO) cell suspension culture, durvalumab is a programmed death-ligand 1 (PD-L1) blocking antibody that works to promote normal immune responses that attack tumor cells. Currently, it is in Phase III stage of clinical trial evaluation to treat mesothelioma.


HMPL‑453 is a novel, highly selective and potent inhibitor targeting FGFR 1, 2 and 3. Aberrant FGFR signaling has been found to be a driving force in tumor growth (through tissue growth and repair), promotion of angiogenesis and resistance to anti-tumor therapies. Abnormal FGFR gene alterations are believed to be the drivers of tumor cell proliferation in several solid tumor settings. Currently, it is in Phase II stage of clinical trial evaluation to treat mesothelioma.

Further product details are provided in the report……..

Mesothelioma: Therapeutic Assessment

This segment of the report provides insights about the different Mesothelioma drugs segregated based on following parameters that define the scope of the report, such as:

Major Players in Mesothelioma

There are approx. 50+ key companies which are developing the therapies for Mesothelioma. The companies which have their Mesothelioma drug candidates in the most advanced stage, i.e. phase III include, AstraZeneca.


DelveInsight’s report covers around 50+ products under different phases of clinical development like

Late stage products (Phase III)

Mid-stage products (Phase II)

Early-stage product (Phase I) along with the details of

Pre-clinical and Discovery stage candidates

Discontinued & Inactive candidates

Route of Administration

Mesothelioma pipeline report provides the therapeutic assessment of the pipeline drugs by the Route of Administration. Products have been categorized under various ROAs such as





Intravenous/ Subcutaneous






Molecule Type

Products have been categorized under various Molecule types such as


Antisense oligonucleotides


Monoclonal antibody



Recombinant protein

Small molecule

Stem Cell


Product Type

Drugs have been categorized under various product types like Mono, Combination and Mono/Combination.

Mesothelioma: Pipeline Development Activities

The report provides insights into different therapeutic candidates in phase II, I, preclinical and discovery stage. It also analyses Mesothelioma therapeutic drugs key players involved in developing key drugs.

Pipeline Development Activities

The report covers the detailed information of collaborations, acquisition and merger, licensing along with a thorough therapeutic assessment of emerging Mesothelioma drugs.

Mesothelioma Report Insights

Mesothelioma Pipeline Analysis

Therapeutic Assessment

Unmet Needs

Impact of Drugs

Mesothelioma Report Assessment

Pipeline Product Profiles

Therapeutic Assessment

Pipeline Assessment

Inactive drugs assessment

Unmet Needs

Key Questions

Current Treatment Scenario and Emerging Therapies:

How many companies are developing Mesothelioma drugs?

How many Mesothelioma drugs are developed by each company?

How many emerging drugs are in mid-stage, and late-stage of development for the treatment of Mesothelioma?

What are the key collaborations (Industry–Industry, Industry–Academia), Mergers and acquisitions, licensing activities related to the Mesothelioma therapeutics?

What are the recent trends, drug types and novel technologies developed to overcome the limitation of existing therapies?

What are the clinical studies going on for Mesothelioma and their status?

What are the key designations that have been granted to the emerging drugs?

Key Players




Momotaro-Gene Inc.


Kissei Pharmaceutical Co., Ltd.



Oncotelic Inc.

Trizell Ltd

Polaris Group

Epizyme, Inc.


Pierre Fabre Laboratories

RS Oncology LLC


Verismo Therapeutics

Vivace Therapeutics, Inc

Bristol-Myers Squibb

Shanghai Cell Therapy Group Co.,Ltd


Ascentage Pharma Group Inc.

CSPC ZhongQi Pharmaceutical Technology Co., Ltd.

Advanced Accelerator Applications

Incyte Corporation

Seagen Inc.

TCR2 Therapeutics

Bellicum Pharmaceuticals

Turnstone Biologics, Corp.

NGM Biopharmaceuticals, Inc

Mirati Therapeutics Inc

Seagen Inc.

Key Products











iCasp9M28z T cell








αPD1-MSLN-CAR T cells
















Executive Summary
Mesothelioma: Overview
Mechanism of Action
Signs and Symptoms
Disease Management
Pipeline Therapeutics
Comparative Analysis
Therapeutic Assessment
Assessment by Product Type
Assessment by Stage and Product Type
Assessment by Route of Administration
Assessment by Stage and Route of Administration
Assessment by Molecule Type
Assessment by Stage and Molecule Type
Mesothelioma – DelveInsight’s Analytical Perspective
Late Stage Products (Phase III)
Comparative Analysis
Durvalumab: AstraZeneca
Product Description
Research and Development
Product Development Activities
Drug profiles in the detailed report…..
Mid Stage Products (Phase II)
Comparative Analysis
Product Description
Research and Development
Product Development Activities
Drug profiles in the detailed report…..
Early Stage Products (Phase I)
Comparative Analysis
ATA 2271: Atara Biotherapeutics
Product Description
Research and Development
Product Development Activities
Drug profiles in the detailed report…..
Preclinical and Discovery Stage Products
Comparative Analysis
Jantibody: H-CYTE
Product Description
Research and Development
Product Development Activities
Drug profiles in the detailed report…..
Inactive Products
Comparative Analysis
Mesothelioma Key Companies
Mesothelioma Key Products
Mesothelioma- Unmet Needs
Mesothelioma- Market Drivers and Barriers
Mesothelioma- Future Perspectives and Conclusion
Mesothelioma Analyst Views
Mesothelioma Key Companies

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