Europe Bullet Proof Glass Market - Industry Trends and Forecast To 2027

Europe Bullet Proof Glass Market - Industry Trends and Forecast To 2027

Short Description

By Type (Acrylic, Traditional Laminated Glass, Polycarbonate, Glass-Clad Polycarbonate, Ballistic Insulated Glass, Others), Security Level (Security Level, Standard Security Level), Car Make (Luxury, SUV, Sedan, Truck, Minivan, Convertible, Coupe, Hatchback, Others), End-User (Building & Construction, Banking & Finance, Automotive, Military, Others), Country (Germany, Italy, France, U.K., Spain, Russia, Netherlands, Switzerland, Belgium, Turkey, and Rest of Europe)

Market Definition

Bulletproof glasses are widely used in the building/construction and in the automotive industry. The glasses usually contain multi-layered sheets of polycarbonate, acrylic and others that help in absorbing the extreme energy of bullet, when fired. There are various levels of bulletproof glasses available in the market. For commercial buildings, level 1 to level 3 bulletproof glasses are preferred, and for military purposes level 4 to level 8 bulletproof glasses are used. The market for bulletproof glasses is expected to show a healthy growth in the coming years, owing to its increased demand in buildings and automotive sectors.
Market Segmentation
Europe bullet proof glass market is categorized into four notable segments which are based on the basis of type, security level, car make and end-user.

• On the basis of type, the market is segmented into acrylic, traditional laminated glass, polycarbonate, Glass-clad polycarbonate, ballistic insulated glass and others.

• On the basis of security level, the market is segmented into security level and standard security level.
• On the basis of car make, the market is segmented into Luxury, SUV, Sedan, Truck, Minivan, Convertible, Coupe, Hatchback and Others

• On the basis of end-user, the market is segmented into building & construction, banking & finance, automotive, military and others.

Market Players

The key market players for Europe bullet proof glass market are listed below:

• Saint-Gobain
• PPG Industries, INC
• AGC Inc
• Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd
• Schott AG
• Taiwan Glass IND. CORP
• Apogee Enterprises, Inc
• Total Security Solutions
• Guangdong Golden Glass Technoligies LTD
• Guardian Glass LLC
• RAY-Bar Engineering Corp
• Binswanger Glass
• Armassglass
• New Glass Technology
• Centigon Security Group (A subsidiary of Carat Duchatelet Holdings)
• Yildiz Cam
• Stec Armour GLASS (M) SDN BHD
• Armortex
• Texas Armoring Corporation
• Protective Structures, Ltd
• Mil-Spec Industries Corporation

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1 Market
1.1 Market Size Data (2014 – 2019) (2020 – 2027)
1.1.1 Europe Bullet Proof Glass Market, By Type Overview Acrylic Traditional Laminated Glass Polycarbonate Glass-clad Polycarbonate Ballistic Insulated Glass Others
1.1.2 Europe Bullet Proof Glass Market, By Security Level Overview Security Level Level Level Level Level Level Level Level Level Standard Security Level
1.1.3 Europe Bullet Proof Glass Market, By Car Make Overview Luxury Suv Sedan Truck Minivan Convertible Coupe Hatchback Others
1.1.4 Europe Bullet Proof Glass Market, By End-user Overview Building & Construction Building And Construction, By End-user Government Buildings Schools Police Station Jewellery Stores Convenience Stores Pharmacies Liquor Stores Check-cashing Stores Churches Art Galleries Gas Stations Atm Booths & Teller Stations Post Offices Others Building And Construction, By Type Acrylic Traditional Laminated Glass Polycarbonate Glass-clad Polycarbonate Ballistic Insulated Glass Others Banking & Finance Banking & Finance, By Type Acrylic Traditional Laminated Glass Polycarbonate Glass-clad Polycarbonate Ballistic Insulated Glass Others Automotive Automotive, By End-user Defense & Vip Vehicles Law Enforcement Vehicles Cash-in Transit Vehicles Others Automotive, By Type Acrylic Traditional Laminated Glass Polycarbonate Glass-clad Polycarbonate Ballistic Insulated Glass Others Military Military, By End-user Fighter Aircraft Ships & Boats Submarines Others Military, By Type Acrylic Traditional Laminated Glass Polycarbonate Glass-clad Polycarbonate Ballistic Insulated Glass Others Others Others, By Type Acrylic Traditional Laminated Glass Polycarbonate Glass-clad Polycarbonate Ballistic Insulated Glass Others
1.1.5 Europe Bullet Proof Glass Market, By Geography Europe Russia Turkey France U.K. Germany Italy Spain Switzerland Netherlands Belgium Rest Of Europe
1.2 Market Deep Analysis
1.2.1 Market Overview Drivers The Rising Number Of Armed Robberies In North America Growing Demand Of Luxury Cars Increasing Defense Budgets By The Apac Countries Rising Safety And Security Needs Of Ministers And Bureaucrats Increasing Usage Of Bullet Proof Glass In Military Bases Restraints High Cost Of Raw Materials Such As Polycarbonate High Installation Cost Of Bullet Proof Glasses High Replacement Cost Of Bullet Proof Glass Opportunities Increased Stone-chip And Scratch Resistance In Bullet Proof Glass Bullet Proof Glass With Anti-reflective Coating Bullet Proof Glass With Anti-laser Protection Challenges Legal Issues Related To The Manufacturing Of Bullet Proof Glass Unfavorable Laws And Non-compliance In The Quality Standards Of Bullet Proof Glasses
1.2.2 Swot Analysis Strength: - Business Expansion Weakness: - Weak Product Portfolio Opportunity: - Increased Participation In Exhibitions And Trade Shows Threat: - Stiff Competition
1.2.3 Data Bridge Market Research Analysis
1.2.4 Porter’s Analysis
1.2.5 Pestel Analysis
1.2.6 Regulatory Changes
2 Technology
2.1 Standard And Classification Level (National And Regional)
2.1.1 European En 1063 Standard
2.1.2 Ul 752 Ballistic Standards
2.1.3 Nij Standard 0108.
2.2 Key Technology And Technology Development And Research
2.2.1 Development Of Thin And Lightweight Bullet Proof Windows Using Strengthened Soda-lime Silicate Glass By Ion Exchange
2.3 Products And Product Specific Technology
3 Production
3.1 Raw Material – Prices And Trends
3.2 Supplier And Contact Details
3.3 Production Main Equipment
3.3.1 Vacuum Lifter
3.3.2 Cnc Point-to-point Router
3.3.3 Extrusion Cutter
3.3.4 Vacuum Bag
3.3.5 Autoclaving
3.3.1 Fiberglass Cutter
3.4 Production Process Analysis
3.5 Testing Equipment
3.5.1 Chronograph
3.5.2 Support Fixture
3.5.3 Witness Plate
3.6 Production Cost Analysis (Cost Proportion)
3.6.1 Bullet Proof Glass Key Raw Materials Analysis Key Raw Materials Price Trend Of Key Raw Materials Key Suppliers Of Raw Materials
3.6.2 Proportion Of Manufacturing Cost Structure Raw Materials Labor Cost Manufacturing Expenses
4 Sell Side Analysis
4.1 Market Channel/Distribution Analysis
4.2 Customer Name And Contact
4.3 Focused Regions For Suppliers
5 Europe Bullet Proof Glass Market, Company Landscape
5.1 Competitve Landscape
5.1.1 Company Share Analysis: Europe
6 Competitors
6.1 Saint-gobain
6.1.1 Company Snapshot
6.1.2 Revenue Analysis
6.1.3 Company Share Analysis
6.1.4 Product Portfolio
6.1.5 Recent Developments
6.1.6 Swot Analysis
6.2 Ppg Industries, Inc.
6.2.1 Company Snapshot
6.2.2 Revenue Analysis
6.2.3 Company Share Analysis
6.2.4 Product Portfolio
6.2.5 Recent Development
6.2.6 Swot Analysis
6.3 Agc Inc.
6.3.1 Company Snapshot
6.3.2 Revenue Analysis
6.3.3 Company Share Analysis
6.3.4 Product Portfolio
6.3.5 Recent Development
6.3.6 Swot Analysis
6.4 Schott Ag
6.4.1 Company Snapshot
6.4.2 Company Share Analysis
6.4.3 Product Portfolio
6.4.4 Recent Development
6.4.5 Swot Analysis
6.5 Taiwan Glass Ind. Corp.
6.5.1 Company Snapshot
6.5.2 Revenue Analysis
6.5.3 Company Share Analysis
6.5.4 Product Portfolio
6.5.5 Recent Development
6.5.6 Swot Analysis
6.6 Nippon Sheet Glass Co., Ltd
6.6.1 Company Snapshot
6.6.2 Revenue Analysis
6.6.3 Product Portfolio
6.6.4 Recent Development
6.6.5 Swot Analysis
6.7 Armortex
6.7.1 Company Snapshot
6.7.2 Product Portfolio
6.7.3 Recent Development
6.7.4 Swot Analysis
6.8 Total Security Solutions (Tss)
6.8.1 Company Snapshot
6.8.2 Product Portfolio
6.8.3 Recent Development
6.8.4 Swot Analysis
6.9 Apogee Enterprises, Inc.
6.9.1 Company Snapshot
6.9.2 Revenue Analysis
6.9.3 Product Portfolio
6.9.4 Recent Development
6.9.5 Swot Analysis
6.10 Armassglass
6.10.1 Company Snapshot
6.10.2 Product Portfolio
6.10.3 Recent Development
6.10.4 Swot Analysis
6.11 Binswanger Glass (A Subsidiary Of Wingate Partners Llp)
6.11.1 Company Snapshot
6.11.2 Product Portfolio
6.11.3 Recent Development
6.11.4 Swot Analysis
6.12 Centigon Security Group (A Subsidiary Of Carat Duchatelet Holdings)
6.12.1 Company Snapshot
6.12.2 Product Portfolio
6.12.3 Recent Developments
6.12.4 Swot Analysis
6.13 Esg
6.13.1 Company Snapshot
6.13.2 Product Portfolio
6.13.3 Recent Development
6.13.4 Swot Analysis
6.14 Guangdong Golden Glass Technoligies Ltd.
6.14.1 Company Snapshot
6.14.2 Product Portfolio
6.14.3 Recent Developments
6.14.4 Swot Analysis
6.15 Guardian Glass Llc. (A Subsidiary Of Koch Industries, Inc.)
6.15.1 Company Snapshot
6.15.2 Product Portfolio
6.15.3 Recent Development
6.15.1 Swot Analysis
6.16 Mil-spec Industries Corporation
6.16.1 Company Snapshot
6.16.2 Product Portfolio
6.16.3 Recent Development
6.16.4 Swot Analysis
6.17 New Glass Technology
6.17.1 Company Snapshot
6.17.2 Product Portfolio
6.17.3 Recent Development
6.17.4 Swot Analysis
6.18 Protective Structures, Ltd.
6.18.1 Company Snapshot
6.18.2 Product Portfolio
6.18.3 Recent Development
6.18.4 Swot Analysis
6.19 Ray-bar Engineering Corp
6.19.1 Company Snapshot
6.19.2 Product Portfolio
6.19.3 Recent Development
6.19.4 Swot Analysis
6.20 Stec Armour Glass (M) Sdn Bhd
6.20.1 Company Snapshot
6.20.2 Product Portfolio
6.20.3 Recent Development
6.20.4 Swot Analysis
6.21 Texas Armoring Corporation
6.21.1 Company Snapshot
6.21.2 Product Portfolio
6.21.3 Recent Development
6.21.4 Swot Analysis
6.22 Yildiz Cam
6.22.1 Company Snapshot
6.22.2 Product Portfolio
6.22.3 Recent Developments
6.22.1 Swot Analysis
7 Investment Advice
7.1 Top Investment Pockets
7.1.1 Market Attractiveness Analysis, By Region
7.1.2 Market Attractiveness Analysis, By Type
7.1.3 Market Attractiveness Analysis, By Security Level
7.1.4 Market Attractiveness Analysis, By End-user
7.2 Penetration & Growth Prospect Mapping
7.2.1 Industry Life Cycle Analysis
8 Conclusion
9 Questionnaire
10 Related Reports

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