Pet Grooming Products Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

In the U.S. market, according to data from Experian Marketing Services, a third (33%) of dog or cat owners have purchased grooming supplies in the previous 12 months.

Pet grooming is vital to the overall health and cleanliness of dogs and other domestic animals. Regular pet grooming can help prevent specific health problems, reveal symptoms and indications of illness or injury, and keep the pet hygienic. For dogs, the main beneficiaries of pet grooming, the process involves an array of procedures to tend to the coat, teeth, and ears. Associated pet grooming products include brushes, blades, clippers or scissors, combs, rakes, shampoos and conditioners, and dental care tools.

The pet superstore chains have brought pet grooming services “out of the back room” and into the spotlight, forcing independent groomers to spruce up their operations and fueling a general trend toward premium and, at the top end of the market, spa-like pet grooming services. This new age of pet grooming services has helped boost sales and price points for pet grooming products, which now include specialty offerings from luxury human brands.’s research content on pet grooming spans the North American, European, and Asian markets, and ranges from focus reports on individual product segments in specific countries to industry reports that analyze pet grooming competition and opportunities within the overall context of pet services and supplies. 

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Pet Grooming Products Industry Research & Market Reports

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