Children's Apparel Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The children’s apparel market comprises clothing, accessories and footwear for children ages 0 through 12. Apparel for older children (teenagers) is a different set of products and manufacturers and has its own section for market research.

Reports in this section provide industry analysis for national and international children’s apparel market. Reports include analysis of the children’s footwear markets as well as apparel made of different materials and in different styles and sizes. Reports address distribution channels (online or in-store), research on children’s apparel companies, and consumer information. Data presented includes current information on sales, identifying the key drivers and restraints, and forecasts for future sales. Reports include a strategic analysis of key factors influencing the market.

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Children's Apparel Industry Research & Market Reports

  • Children’s Wear Market: Global Industry Trends, Share, Size, Growth, Opportunity and Forecast 2020-2025

    ... to the age group of 0 months to 12 years. It consists of innerwear, outerwear, nightwear, socks and tights, which are manufactured using materials, such as hosiery, cotton-, polyester-, silk- and satin-based fabrics. In comparison ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Taiwan

    ... believe they would be unable to support their children financially or be able to provide them with a good environment to grow up in. As a result, the share of the population aged 0-14 years ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Singapore

    ... boosted by rising purchasing power in local households and the low number of children that are being born. Working mothers in Singapore, with significant levels of disposable income but limited time to spend with their ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Brazil

    ... rapidly replaced by products in new sizes as the children grow. However, in addition to this, Brazilians are frequently engaged in gifting families with newborn babies as well as organising events in many social circles ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in the United Arab Emirates

    ... babies and toddler wear remains high. Affordable, quality and long-lasting products are the winners when it comes to the choice of brands. Therefore, well-known brands, such as Baby Shop, Zara Kids, Marks & Spencer, H&M, ... Read More

  • Childrenswear Market - Growth, Trends, and Forecasts (2020 - 2025)

    ... of children apparel and footwear products are driving the market growth across the globe. The growing influence of social media and celebrities on children and their parents has encouraged children’s apparel industry to evolve with ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Argentina

    ... clothes than on clothing for their children. Children’s clothes also need replacing more frequently than adults clothes, whether due to growth or wear. These factors serve to reduce the impact of the adverse economic conditions ... Read More

  • Global Fashion E-Commerce Market: Analysis By Product Type (Clothing, Footwear, Accessories), End User, By Region, By Country (2020 Edition): Market Insight, Competition and Forecast (2020-2025)

    ... USD 497.82 billion in the year 2019. Escalating urban population with growing access to internet with government taking various initiatives in order to make internet accessible to everyone coupled with rapidly surging smartphones penetration with ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Romania

    ... average unit price in current terms, as a result of the higher inflation rate. Parents’ increasing disposable incomes boosted value sales despite the declining numbers in the demographic groups relevant to childrenswear. For boys’ and ... Read More

  • Apparel and Footwear Specialist Retailers in Greece

    ... displaying positive, albeit modest, current value growth in 2019, with further positive sales increases expected throughout the forecast period. Economic recovery and rising consumer confidence, along with the momentum coming from tourism – tax-free shopping ... Read More

  • Women's & Girls' Apparel Manufacturing in Canada - Industry Market Research Report

    ... and Girls' Apparel Manufacturing industry in Canada has been in decline. The industry is now characterized by offshoring, import competition and a subsequent shift toward the production of high-end, value-added designer and handcrafted fashions. Since ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Thailand

    ... have been observed, with imported products from China challenging smaller domestic as well as some global brands, while demand for high-quality products such as those made with organic cotton was increasing as well. On the ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Hong Kong, China

    ... and toddler wear. In addition to a stronger need for repeat purchases in childrenswear, as children grow out of smaller sized apparel, there is also a novelty factor with childrenswear which helps to drive ongoing ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Malaysia

    ... Nature Baby and Cotton On Kids. Parents with stronger purchasing power also search for childrenswear made from better quality fabric and cotton, for example organic cotton, as it is perceived to be safer for their ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Australia

    ... projected to see faster retail volume and current value growth, compared with 2019 and the respective review period CAGRs. Girls’ apparel is expected to see the highest growth rates, although positive performances are also anticipated ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in India

    ... others, aiming to promote sports at the grass roots level. Brands are leveraging on both retail stores and digital platforms to expand the reach of these offerings. For example, sportswear brand Puma announced that it ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Greece

    ... conservative with their purchases in 2019. Most Greeks remained highly price sensitive when it came to purchasing childrenswear, opting for economy brands in an attempt to cut down on their expenses. Consequently, the average unit ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Morocco

    ... consumers do not generally wish to pay high prices for children’s apparel and are seeking the best bargains they can find. In order to cater to this demand, companies are lowering their profit margins on ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Turkey

    ... because of the ongoing fallout from the currency and debt crisis, but mainly due to the fact that the country’s fertility rate has been declining gradually for several years. However, Turkey’s crude birth rate remains ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Colombia

    ... children’s clothes changed as the fact that children grow out of their clothes very quickly caused parents to gravitate towards good-quality second-hand clothes provided by friends and relatives during the recession. However, current value sales ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Egypt

    ... Egypt at different price points. Boys’ apparel witnessed strong growth as boys tend to grow faster than girls, leading to increased turnover. Towards the end of the review period the category saw the promotion of ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Hungary

    ... a result of improving conditions, many households still opted for cheaper variants when buying childrenswear. Sales are hampered by the fact that smaller children wear apparel products for only a short period of time, discouraging ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Austria

    ... lower unit price rise for baby and toddler wear also helped that category sustain demand in 2019, as the majority of parents aim to spend less for baby and toddler apparel that must be frequently ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Denmark

    ... and sustainable clothing, another eco-friendly trend seen is that for organic and natural childrenswear. This is particularly prevalent with apparel for babies and toddlers, which could also explain who baby and toddler wear is the ... Read More

  • Childrenswear in Ukraine

    ... a positive influence on childrenswear. Furthermore, even minor improvements in domestic budgets benefit retail volume sales in childrenswear, as parents typically focus their spending on their offspring. Interest in branded childrenswear has increased as parents ... Read More

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