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The 3D (three-dimensional) industry is one that is primarily engaged in the three dimensional technological innovations as they can be applied to film, television, computers, video games, and other electronic presentation or display devices. Creating a 3D piece of media incorporates the process of enhancing the illusion of depth perception for display on a presentational device. 3D technology was developed a form of photography known as “stereoscopic”; a photography system that documents images from two different perspectives, and when applied with specialized projection equipment and the use of specialized eye-wear (3D glasses), the resulting effect is the “3D” viewing experience.

In modern times, the manufacture of televisions with 3D capabilities have started to become more common and more consumers are investing in them. Patrons of movie theaters also find more often that movies are offered in 3D. While previously 3D movies were typically animations and scheduled in IMAX theaters, recently all movie genres and cinema locations have adapted to the 3D trend, charging more for admission to 3D viewings with additions of 3D glasses to enhance the experience.

In the displaying of 3D content, there are a variety of techniques utilized for production of the desired effect. The standard technique applied involves the filtering of offset images individually to the right and left eye. Generally there are two strategies to accomplish this task: the viewer wears specialized eyeglasses, or the images are directionally split via their light source.

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