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Telecom Industry Forecast 2015

Telecom Industry Forecast 2015

The report covers the entire telecommunications spectrum, from wireline to wireless, from business to consumer services. CMR tracks the entire global market, which includes most of the major service providers in each region, as well as the underlying services (voice, data, and video) they provide. Telecommunications Industry Forecasts 2015, provides a high-level assessment of this multi-trillion dollar services market and the economic environment over the next few years that will influence its growth. The report provides a historical perspective of these markets and sub-segments, along with identification of key technology trends that will influence demand, pricing, and revenues over the forecast horizon. Complete five year forecasts of revenues are also provided based on CMR’s experienced judgment of the industry.

1.1 Telecommunications – an Important Element of the Global Economy
1.2 Regional Environment
1.3 Market Forecast Summary
1.4 Report Structure
2.1 Global Markets
2.2 Technology Trends
2.3 Business Models
2.4 Industry Players
2.4.1 Power of Suppliers
2.4.2 Power of Buyers
2.4.3 Availability of Substitutes
2.4.4 Threat of New Entrants
2.4.5 Competition
3.1 Service Definitions
3.2 Service Mix -- Historical
3.3 Connected World
3.4 Channels
4.1 Population and Penetration
4.2 Wireline Demand
4.3 Wireless Demand
5.1 Summary
5.2 Methodology
5.3 Market Forecast
5.3.1 Global Telecommunications Forecast North American Telecommunications Forecast
5.3.3 US Telecommunications Forecast
5.3.4 European, Middle East, and Africa Telecommunications Forecast
5.3.5 Asia-Pacific Telecommunications Forecast
5.3.6 Latin America-Caribbean Telecommunications Forecast
5.3.7 Wireline Forecasts
5.3.8 Wireless Forecasts
5.4 Conclusion
Figure I-1 Global Telecommunications Revenues, 2014 ($Billions)
Figure I-2 Regional Wireless Subscribers, 2014-2019 (000)
Figure I-3 Report Segmentation
Figure II-1 GDP by Region, 2014-2019 (Annual Percentage Change)
Figure II-2 Service Platforms
Figure II‑3 Service Provider Value Chain
Figure III-1 Telecom Services Framework
Figure III-2 US Wireline & Wireless Revenues, 2003-2013 ($Billions)
Figure III-3 US Wireless Revenues by Service, 2003-2013 ($Billions)
Figure III-4 Global Internet Access Penetration, 2005-2013
Figure III-5 US Channels and Marketing
Figure III-6 Business Sales Channels
Figure IV-1 Regional Population (Millions)
Table II-1 Product Lifecycle by Region
Table III-1 Telecom Services Definitions
Table IV-1 Wireline Access Lines by Region, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table IV-2 US Wireline Access Lines, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table IV-3 Broadband Subscribers by Region, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table IV-4 US Broadband Subscribers, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table IV-5 Wireless Subscribers by Region, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table IV-6 NA Wireless Penetration, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table IV-7 US Wireless Penetration, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table IV-8 EMEA Wireless Penetration, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table IV-9 AP Wireless Penetration, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table IV-10 LA Wireless Penetration, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table V-1 Wireline and Wireless Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-2 Revenue by Region, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-3 US Revenue, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-4 NA Revenues, Wireless & Wireline, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-5 US Revenues, Wireless & Wireline, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-6 EMEA Revenues, Wireless & Wireline, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-7 AP Revenues, Wireless & Wireline, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-8 LA Revenues, Wireless & Wireline, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-9 Wireline Revenue by Region, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-10 Wireline Access Revenue by Region, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-11 US Wireline Access Revenue, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-12 Wireline Broadband Revenue by Region, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-13 US Wireline Broadband Revenue, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-14 Wireless Revenue by Region, 2014-2019 ($Billions)

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