US Data Services 2015

US Data Services 2015

Business data services have become the platform for all business services – voice, data, and video.  In a US Business Services market that has been flat over the past few years, data services are rising.  Over the next five years CMR projects that business data services revenues will increase to 82 percent of the total business services market, leaving voice and video in a distant second and third place.    Business Data services include broadband (DSL, cable), TDM (PL, FRS, ATM), IP (Dedicated Access, VPNs), Ethernet, and Network Cloud services (Hosting, IP Applications).   This report examines both the mature (PL, Broadband) and growing (IP, Cloud, Ethernet) data services.  The report provides five-year revenue projections by each service, by business size (Small, Medium, Enterprise), and by channel (wholesale, retail). In addition to revenues forecasts the report includes projections on data services pricing and detailed demand forecasts, including subscribers, circuits, and port counts.   

1.1 US Data Services Market
1.2 Data as Platform
1.3 Forecast Summary
1.4 Report Structure
2.1 Definitions
2.2 Business Environment
2.3 Data Service Revenue Trends
2.4 Business Strata
2.5 Retail, Wholesale
2.6 Service Provider Opportunities
3.1 Copper to Fiber Conversion
3.2 Ethernet
3.3 Internet Access
3.4 TDM Migration
3.5 Wireless Backhaul
3.6 Cloud Computing and Hosting Segments
4.1 Broadband
4.1.1 DSL
4.1.2 Cable Modems
4.2 Private Lines
4.3 Packet: FRS, ATM
4.4 Ethernet Technology in the WAN
4.5 IP Services
4.6 Network Cloud
4.7 Hosting
4.8 Managed Services
5.1 Forecast Summary
5.2 Methodology
5.3 Detailed Data Services Forecasts
5.3.1 Revenue Forecasts
5.3.2 Demand Forecasts
5.4 Conclusion
Figure I-1 US Data Services Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Figure I-2 Report Segmentation
Figure II-1 Porter’s Five Forces
Figure II-2 US Services Revenues by Service, 2003-2013 ($Billions)
Figure II-3 US Business Services Revenues by Service, 2010, 2014 (Percent)
Figure II-4 US Data Revenues by Service, 2010, 2014 (Percent)
Figure II-5 US Business Revenue Distribution by Segment, 2014
Figure II-6 Business Strata Data Services Pyramid
Figure II-7 US Business Revenues: Retail, Wholesale, 2010, 2014 (Percent)
Figure II-8 US Business Revenues Market Share, 2010, 2014 (Percent)
Figure III-1 Broadband Demand, 2012, 2019 (Percent)
Figure III-2 Ethernet Demand, 2012, 2019 (Percent)
Figure III-3 Dedicated IP Demand, 2012, 2019 (Percent)
Figure III-4 TDM Integration
Figure III-5 Wireless Backhaul Business District
Figure III-6 Carrier Ethernet for Mobile Backhaul
Figure III-7 Cloud Computing
Figure IV-1 US Broadband Subscribers, 2003-2013 (Millions)
Figure IV-2 Current HFC Bandwidth Available for Data
Figure IV-3 Future HFC Network Bandwidth for Data
Figure IV-4 Private Line Architecture
Figure IV-5 E-Line Services
Figure IV-6 E-LAN Service
Figure IV‑7 IP Network Services Architecture
Figure IV-8 Cloud Services
Figure IV‑9 Managed Services
Table II-1 Business Data Services
Table II-2 Business Strata Characteristics
Table II-3 Business Strata Functional Requirements
Table II-4 Business Strata Data Services
Table II-5 Data Services Growth Drivers
Table II-6 Business Data Services by Provider
Table II-7 Service Providers’ Strengths and Weaknesses
Table IV-1 Data Services and Technology Development
Table IV-2 Downstream DSL Bit-rates vs. Reach (Mbps)
Table IV-3 Optical Carrier Hierarchy
Table V-1 US Data Services Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-2 Broadband Services Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-3 Private Line Local Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-4 Private Line Long Distance Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-5 Frame Relay Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-6 Dedicated IP Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-7 IP VPN Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-8 Ethernet Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-9 IP Application Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-10 Hosting Revenues, 2014-2019 ($Billions)
Table V-11 Broadband Subscribers, 2014-2019 (Millions)
Table V-12 Private Line Local Ports, 2014-2019 (Thousands)
Table V-13 Private Line Long Distance Ports, 2014-2019 (Thousands)
Table V-14 Frame Relay Ports, 2014-2019 (Thousands)
Table V-15 Dedicated IP Ports, 2014-2019 (Thousands)
Table V-16 IP VPN Ports, 2014-2019 (Thousands)
Table V-17 Ethernet Ports, 2014-2019 (Thousands)

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