The Market for Stem Cell Exosomes

The Market for Stem Cell Exosomes

Although long overlooked, exosomes are rapidly gaining momentum as a novel strategy for accessing the therapeutic effects of stem cells without the risks and difficulties of administering the cells to patients.

Although exosomes were discovered more than 30 years ago, it was not until recently that the scientific community began to give credit to exosomes for a range of promising traits. Ten years ago in 2006, there were only 76 articles published about exosomes on Today, there are more than 4,400 articles published about exosomes on, of which approximately 25% were released in the past year.

When exosome publications are analyzed, U.S. authors have published approximately 40% of the articles and Chinacomes in second place. When the term "exosome" is searched in the scientific literature, Dr. Susanne Gabrielsson from the Karolinska Institutet in Sweden is the leading author, with 37 articles.

When the term "extracellular vesicles" is searched, Unicyte AG, a regenerative medicine unit of Fresenius Medical Care, takes the lead. Headquartered in Switzerland, the company has published more than 100 papers on exosomes and extracellular vesicles in combination with Prof. Giovanni Camussi.

On the venture capital front, there has also been a great deal of market activity. In January 2016, Exosome Diagnostics closed $60 million in Series B financing, which it followed in July 2017 with $30 million in Series C financing. Similarly,Codiak Biosciences was launched in 2016 when the MD Anderson Cancer Center joined two venture capital firms to form the company with more than $80 million in series A and B financing. On November 29, 2017, Codiak BioSciences added another $76.5 million in Series C financing. In May 2017, ExCoBio Inc. raised US $11 million in a Series A funding round.

Companies leading the charge in the area of exosome therapeutics include Anjarium Biosciences, Capricor Therapeutics, Codiak Biosciences, Creative Medical Technology Holdings, Everkine Corporation, Evox Therapeutics, Exogenus Therapeutics, Kimera Labs, ReNeuron, and Unicyte AG, a subsidiary of Fresenius Medical Care.

Numerous life science companies have also launched tools and systems to support exosome research, including Beckman Coulter, Exiqon, System Biosciences (SBI), Lonza, Thermo Fisher, Qiagen, ZenBio, and more. In particular, Lonza made aggressive investments in the sector through its May 2017 acquisition of HansaBioMed Life Sciences and investment into Exosomics.

Similarly, techniques for large-scale clinical-grade manufacture of stem cell exosomes is becoming a focal point within the industry, as highlighted by a recent partnership between RoosterBio and Exopharmand Lonza’s strategic acquisitions.

Exosome Market Forces

Exosome-related technologies have been developing rapidly over the past few years and substantial growth is expected for the market as they get integrated into the fields of liquid biopsy, precision medicine and regenerative medicine. In particular, cancer derived exosomes influence the invasive potential of cells by regulating angiogenesis, metastasis, and immunity, making them an extremely useful source of biomarkers for use in cancer detection, diagnosis, and therapeutic selection.

While exosomes derived from multiple stem cell types are being explored, mesenchymal stem cell (MSC) derived exosomes are best represented within the scientific literature and global patent activity.

To characterize this rapidly forming marketplace, we have released a 134 page market report that explores growing demand for exosome therapeutics, diagnostics, research tools, consumer care products, and manufacturing technologies. It also reveals trend rate data for exosome patents, grants, scientific publications, andclinical trials, and present social analytics from Google Trends and Google Adwords.

Claim it to:

1. Identify the five market segments that compose the industry
2. Reveal the market players competing in each niche
3. Identify opportunities for exosome product development
4. Access market size determinations and projections through 2022

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Companies Mentioned Include:

Anjarium Biosciences
Avalon GloboCare Corp.
Beckman Coulter
Capricor Therapeutics
Cavadis B.V.
Cell Guidance Systems
Codiak Biosciences
CosmoBio USA
Creative Medical Technologies Holdings
ExoCoBio Inc.
Exerkine Corporation
Exosome Diagnostics
Evox Therapeutics
Exogenus Therapeutics
Exosome Sciences
Exosomics Siena SpA
Exostemtech Co. Ltd.
Exovita Biosciences
Galen Lab Supplies
Guangzhou Selaira Stem Cell Technology Co., Ltd
HansaBioMed Life Sciences
iZon Science
Kimera Labs
Miltenyi Biotec
Norgen Biotek
Unicyte AG

  • Abstract
  • Research Methodology
    • Input Sources
    • Research & Analysis Methodologies
  • Report Purpose
    • Survey Recent Advancements with Stem Cell Exosomes
    • Provide a "Snapshot" of the Global Market for Stem Cell Exosomes
    • Assess Opportunities for Commercialization
    • Identify Major Market Players and Assess the Competitive Environment
    • Identify Existing and Emerging Trends
    • Identify Critical Opportunities and Threats within the Marketplace
  • Key Characteristics of Exosomes
  • Types of Stem Cell Derived Exosomes
    • Table Scientific Publications Involving Exosomes Secreted by Embryonic Stem Cell (ESCS)
  • Advantages of Exosomes
  • Therapeutic Effects of Exosomes
  • Role of Stem Cell Exosomes in Cancer
  • Exosome Characterization
    • Table Methods for Exosome Characterization
  • Rates of Exosome Scientific Publications (All Cell Types)
    • Analysis of Exosome Scientific Publications (All Cell Types)
    • Analysis of Stem Cell Exosome Scientific Publications
      • Table Trend Rate Analysis of Stem Cell Exosome Publications (
    • Comparison of Scientific Publication Rates for Exosome Synonyms
      • Table Comparison of Exosome Synonyms in the Scientific Literature (All Terms)
      • Table Comparison of Exosome Synonyms in the Scientific Literature (Common Terms)
  • Trend Data
    • Grant Funding Analysis
      • Table Analysis of Grants Funding Stem Cell Exosomes (Source: RePORTER Tool)
      • Table Density of Stem Cell Exosome Research Grants in the U.S.
    • Patent Analysis
      • Patents about Stem Cell Exosomes
        • Table Patents Pertaining to Stem Cell Exosomes (Title Only; Google Patent Search)
        • Table Assignees for Patents About Stem Cell Exosomes (Title Only; Google Patent Search)
      • Patents about Exosomes (Derived from All Cell Types)
        • Table # of Patents with Exosome(s) in Title (Google Patent Search)
        • Table Top Assignees for Exosome Patents (Title Only; Google Patent Search)
    • Clinical Trial Analysis
      • Table Clinical Trials Involving Exosomes from All Cell Types (
  • Social Analytics
    • Marketing Costs for Exosomes – Google Adwords Price-Per-Click (PPC)
      • Table Comparison of Google Adwords Costs for Exosome-Related Terms
      • Table Google Adwords Cost-Per-Click (CPC) Costs for Exosome Synonyms
    • Top Social Media Articles (Trailing 12 Months)
    • Google Trends
      • Table Top 5 Most Related Searches (Google Trend Data; 5-Year History)
    • Twitter Data
      • Table Top 10 Hashtags Related to the Term "#Exosomes" on Twitter
  • Timeline of Exosome Industry Events
  • Profiles of Companies Developing Exosome Technologies
    • Anjarium Biosciences
    • Capricor Therapeutics
    • Codiak Biosciences
    • Creative Medical Technologies Holdings
    • Evox Therapeutics
    • Exerkine Corporation
    • ExoCoBio
    • Exogenus Therapeutics
    • Exopharm
    • Exosome Diagnostics
    • Exosome Sciences
    • Exosomics Siena SpA
    • Exovita Biosciences
    • Kimera Labs
    • Lonza
    • ReNeuron
    • RoosterBio
  • Companies Developing Exosome Research Products
    • Market Leaders
    • Companies Advertising Exosome Research Products with Google Adwords
    • All Companies Offering Exosome Research Products
      • Table Companies Offering Research Supplies to Support Exosome Research
  • SWOT Analysis (Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities, Threats)
    • Strengths of Stem Cell Exosome Market
    • Weaknesses of Stem Cell Exosome Market
    • Opportunities for the Stem Cell Exosome Market
    • Threats to Stem Cell Exosome Market
  • Investment Environment
    • Traditional Venture Capital Investments
    • Other Types of Industry Investment (Partnerships, M&A, Co-Branding)
  • Market Segments
    • Table Beneficial Effects of Therapeutic Exosome by Disease Condition
    • Table Companies Developing Exosome Therapeutics
  • Market Size Determination
    • Definitions
    • Methodology
      • Table Breakdown of Stem Cell Exosome Market by Type of Market Participant
    • Future Projections by Market Segment
      • Table Stem Cell Exosome Market Contributions (USD $)
      • Table Five-Year Projections for Stem Cell Exosome Market
  • Regulatory Oversight of Exosomes
    • U.S. Regulation of Stem Cell Exosomes
    • 21st Century Cures Act and REGROW Act
    • Accelerated Approval Pathways in Japan
    • Accelerated Approval Regulator Pathways Worldwide
  • Exosome Conferences and Events
    • Table List of Exosome Conferences
  • Conclusions
    • AAppendix A. Exosome Industry Announcements

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