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Analyzing the Petrochemical Industry in China 2016

Analyzing the Petrochemical Industry in China 2016

The Chinese petrochemicals industry is the fastest growing petrochemical industry worldwide. Despite facing a downslope as recession slowed down growth, Chinese petrochemicals market has held on to its stimulus packages and strong demand from its large domestic market helped in its revival.

The Chinese petrochemicals industry is imports-dependent, which will continue to benefit the producers across nations like Saudi Arabia, Japan, Korea and the United States. These countries can extend their excess supply to the Chinese market. The fast growing Chinese market is welcoming foreign producers who are investing their efforts into joint ventures with Chinese producers to establish manufacturing facilities in China.

The growing Chinese demand in the recovery phase provides opportunities to producers in other countries who can export their excess supply to the Chinese market. Major Asian countries such as Japan and South Korea have benefited most by exporting to China.

Aruvian Research analyzes the petrochemical industry in China in its research report Analyzing the Petrochemical Industry in China 2016. The report analyzes the industry by first profiling the global petrochemical industry as well as the Asia Pacific petrochemical industry.

Moving on to the petrochemical industry in China, the industry is analyzed through an industry overview, industry developments, other petrochemical markets in the country, the refining sector and a look at the feedstock requirement of the industry.

A SWOT framework analysis of the petrochemical industry in China is carried out in the report followed by an analysis of the regulatory framework of the Chinese petrochemical industry. Industry forecast for the Chinese petrochemical industry is also included

An analysis of the major industry players such as Sinopec, CNPC, PetroChina and other companies is carried out through corporate analysis, analysis of their segments, financial analysis and a SWOT analysis.

A. Executive Summary
B. Global Petrochemical Industry
B.1 Global Markets Development
B.2 Present Scenario of Markets
B.3 Emergence of Shale Gas
B.4 Global Supply Scenario
B.5 Developed Markets
B.6 Emerging Markets
B.7 Industry Growth – Present and Future
B.7.1 Looking at the Past
B.7.2 Present Scenario
B.7.3 Looking at the Future
B.7.4 Declining Oil Prices
B.7.5 PET, PVC and PS Troughing
C. Petrochemical Industry in China
C.1 Industry Overview
C.2 Industry Developments
C.3 Ethylene Sector
C.4 Other Sectors
C.4.1 Bisphenol A
C.4.2 Methylene Di-p-Phenylene Isocyanate
C.4.3 Phenol
C.4.4 Phthalic Anhydride
C.4.5 Terephthalic Acid
C.5 Refining Sector
C.6 Feedstock for the Industry
D. Petrochemical Industry in China: SWOT Analysis
D.1 Strengths to Build Upon
D.2 Weaknesses to Overcome
D.3 Opportunities to Exploit
D.4 Threats to Overcome
E. Regulatory Framework
F. China Petrochemical Industry Forecast
G. Industry Players
G.1.1 Corporate Analysis
G.1.2 Financial Analysis
G.1.3 SWOT Analysis
G.2 China National Petroleum Corporation
G.2.1 Corporate Analysis
G.2.2 Financial Analysis
G.2.3 SWOT Analysis
G.3 China Petroleum & Chemical Corporation (Sinopec)
G.3.1 Corporate Analysis
G.3.2 Financial Analysis
G.3.3 SWOT Analysis
G.4 PetroChina Company Limited
G.4.1 Corporate Analysis
G.4.2 Financial Analysis
G.4.3 SWOT Analysis
G.5 Sinochem Group
G.5.1 Corporate Analysis
G.5.2 Financial Analysis
G.5.3 SWOT Analysis
G.6 Sumitomo Chemical
G.6.1 Corporate Analysis
G.6.2 Financial Analysis
G.6.3 SWOT Analysis
G.7 China National Chemical Corporation
G.8 LCY Chemical Corporation
G.9 Sinopec Shanghai Petrochemical Company Limited
G.10 Weifang Yaxing Chemical Co., Ltd.
G.11 Yibin Tianyuan Group Co., Ltd
H. Glossary of Terms
List of Figures
Figure 1: Global Ethylene Capacity by Countries (in Million tpa), 2015-2020
Figure 2: Global Capacity of Ethylene by Countries (%), 2015
Figure 3: Refining Capacity & Oil Consumption Worldwide by Regions (in '000 barrels per day), 2015-2022
Figure 4: Refining Capacity in Developed Markets (in '000 barrels per day), 2010-2017
Figure 5: Refining Capacity in Emerging Markets (in '000 barrels per day), 2010-2017
Figure 6: Global Additions of Ethylene Capacity (in Million Tons per Annum), 2015-2020
Figure 7: Ethylene and Plastic Output (10,000 tons) in 2015
Figure 8: Ethylene Consumption in China by Sector
Figure 9: Active Ethylene Plants in China, by State (%) 2015
Figure 10: Top Ethylene Plants in China (%) 2015
Figure 11: Revenues & Profitability of BASF SE (in USD Million), 2009-2013
Figure 12: Revenues & Profitability of CNPC (in USD Million), 2009-2013
Figure 13: Revenues & Profitability of Sinopec (in USD Million), 2009-2013
Figure 14: Revenues & Profitability of PetroChina Company (in USD Million), 2009-2013
Figure 15: Revenues & Profitability of Sinochem Group (in USD Million), 2009-2013
Figure 16: Revenues & Profitability of Sumitomo Chemical (in USD Million), 2010-2014
List of Tables
Table 1: Leading Ethylene Producers in 2015
Table 2: HDPE Capacity in China
Table 3: Low-Density Polyethylene Capacity in China
Table 4: Linear Low-Density Polyethylene Capacity in China
Table 5: Polypropylene Capacity in China
Table 6: Cracker Capacity in China
Table 7: PVC Capacity in China
Table 8: Polystyrene Capacity in China
Table 9: Ethylene Projects in China
Table 10: Polyethylene Projects in China
Table 11: Polypropylene Projects in China
Table 12: Polystyrene Projects in China
Table 13: Total Ethylene Plant Capacity in China (MMTPA) 2000-2015
Table 14: Capacity of Ethylene Plants in China (MMTPA) 2000-2015
Table 15: Ethylene Consumption in China by Sector
Table 16: Active Ethylene Plants in China, by State (%) 2015
Table 17: Details of Active Ethylene Plants in China (MMTPA)
Table 18: Top Ethylene Plants in China 2015
Table 19: Details of the Top Ethylene Plants in China
Table 20: Major Refineries in China

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