Healthcare Packaging Market Forecast 2014-2024

February 3, 2014
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Healthcare Packaging Market Forecast 2014-2024


Healthcare Packaging Market Forecast 2014-2024

Future Prospects for Top Companies in OTC & Non-OTC Pharmaceuticals

Healthcare packaging - discover trends and segments with the highest revenue potential

What does the future hold for the healthcare packaging market? Visiongain's brand new report shows you potential revenues to 2024, assessing data, trends, opportunities and prospects there.

Our 133 page report provides 103 tables, charts, and graphs. Discover the most lucrative areas in the industry and the future market prospects. You will see financial results, interviews, trends, opportunities, and revenue predictions.

Forecasts from 2014-2024 and other analyses show you commercial prospects

Besides revenue forecasting to 2024, our new study provides you with recent results, growth rates, and market shares. There you will find original analyses, with business outlooks and developments. Discover qualitative analyses (including SWOT), company profiles and commercial developments. Read the full transcript of an exclusive expert opinion interview from an industry specialist informing your understanding and allowing you to assess prospects for investments and sales:

Andrew Love, Vice President Capability Development, Be4ward Ltd

You will find prospects for key submarkets

In addition to analyses of the overall world market, you will see revenue forecasting of 5 major submarkets to 2024:
  • Paper healthcare packaging
  • Metal healthcare packaging
  • Glass healthcare packaging
  • Rigid plastic healthcare packaging
  • Flexible plastic healthcare packaging
With our new investigation you will gain business research and analysis with individual sales predictions and discussions. You will find analysis of competition, as well as commercial drivers and restraints. See what is likely to achieve the most success.

What are the prospects in the leading regions and countries?

Events and progress worldwide will influence the market.

In our study you will find individual revenue forecasts to 2024 for 13 leading national markets:
  • USA
  • Japan
  • China
  • Germany
  • France
  • Brazil
  • Italy
  • Spain
  • Canada
  • UK
  • India
  • Russia
  • Australia
  • RoW
Many opportunities exist within the healthcare packaging market. Increasing patient and physician demand for more secure and user-friendly packaging will continue to drive the market. Greater uptake of existing technology worldwide will also stimulate the industry and market.

Leading companies and potential for market growth

Overall world revenue for the healthcare packaging market will reach $106.3bn in 2014, our work forecasts. We predict strong revenue growth from 2014 to 2024. Our work shows you what organisations hold greatest potential. See profiles of 11 leading companies, including these:
  • Amcor
  • Becton, Dickinson and Company
  • Owens-Illinois
  • Rexam
  • MeadWestvaco
  • Bemis
  • SCHOTT Pharmaceutical Packaging
  • Gerresheimer
  • West Pharmaceutical Services
  • Chesapeake
  • Catalent
In general, a company profile gives you the following information
  • Discussion of a company's activities and outlook
  • Sector revenues
  • Recent financial results
  • Assessment of recent developments - mergers and acquisitions (M&A) and collaborations.
Discover capabilities, progress, and commercial prospects, helping you stay ahead.

What issues will affect the healthcare packaging market? Our new report discusses issues and events affecting the healthcare packaging market. You will find discussions, including qualitative analyses:

A rapidly evolving regulatory landscape
  • Increasing cost pressures particularly in mature regions of the market
  • Rising healthcare expenditure in developing nations
  • Uptake of serialisation and track and trace technologies is increasing demand for anti-counterfeit packaging in the healthcare sector
  • Increasing patient and physician demand for innovative and user-friendly packaging
You will see discussions of technological, commercial, and economic matters, with emphasis on the competitive landscape and business outlooks.

How the Healthcare Packaging Market Forecast 2014-2024: Future Prospects for Top Companies in OTC & Non-OTC Pharmaceuticals report helps you

In summary, our 133 page report gives you the following knowledge:
  • Revenues forecasts to 2024 for the overall world healthcare packaging market and 5 submarkets - discover the industry's prospects, finding promising places for investments and revenues
  • Assessment of 11 leading companies, and others, discovering activities and outlooks
  • Market forecasting to 2024 for the leading 13 national markets - USA, Japan, China, Germany, France, Brazil, Italy, Spain, Canada, UK, India, Russia, Australia and RoW
  • View opinions from our survey, seeing interviews with authorities
  • Investigation of competition and opportunities influencing sales
  • Discussion of what stimulates and restrains the healthcare packaging market
You will find quantitative and qualitative analyses with independent predictions. You will receive information that only our report contains, staying informed with this invaluable business intelligence.

Information found nowhere else

With our survey you are less likely to fall behind in knowledge or miss opportunity. See how our study could benefit your research, analyses, and decisions. Also discover how you can save time and get recognition for commercial insight.

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Additional Information

Healthcare Packaging Regulations and Traceability Methods Vary Globally

Global pharmaceutical companies must deal with vast and complex legislations that may change
unexpectedly. Two of the largest regional healthcare packaging markets, North America and
Western Europe, are pursuing two different methods of accountability and traceability of healthcare
packaging throughout its supply chain.

The European healthcare packaging solution to traceability of pharmaceutical products is mainly
driven by unique serialisation of packaging. For example, packaging may contain a unique product
number, and/or a unique barcode, QR code etc. that can be checked off the manufacturer’s
databases for verification before dispensation by a healthcare professional. The US market tends
to more inclined towards verification at each step in a supply chain. Global Healthcare companies
must adapt their packaging lines to suit individual markets, adding expense, complexity and
potential errors to operations.

Companies Listed

Accudial Pharmaceutical Inc.
Adelphi Group
Air Packaging Technologies Inc
Alcan Packaging
Allergan Pharmaceuticals
Alverix, Inc.,
Amcor (Alcan),
Aperio Group
Be4ward Ltd
Becton & Dickinson,
Benson Group
Berry Plastics Corporation
Cardinal Health Inc.
Cezar S.A.
Clondalkin Group
CWS Packaging Inc
E-Labelling LLC
Firstan Quality Packaging
Inge S.p.A
Johnson and Johnson
Klockner Pentaplast
Manufacturing Applications eXperts, Inc.
NNE PharmaPlan
Plastech Group
Ruby Macons Limited,
Sagentia UK
sanofi Pasteur
Schaefer Technologies, Inc.
Schott Pharmaceutical Packaging
West Pharmaceutical Services

Other Organisations Mentioned in This Report

Agência Nacional de Vigilância Sanitária (ANVISA) (The Brazilian National Health Surveillance Agency)
Australia New Zealand Therapeutic Products Authority (ANZTPA).
Australian Department for Health
Brazilian Mint
China Food and Drug Administration (CFDA)
China Department of Drug Safety and Inspection
Communist Party of China
Food and Drug Administration (FDA)
National Health Service (NHS)
Therapeutic Goods Administration of Australia (TGA).
USA Centres for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC)
World Health Organisation

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