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Cambodia and Laos Telecommunications Report Q2 2015
3/11/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... andMyanmar in the last year. Investors from elsewhere in Asia such as SEATEL and Emaxx are also eyeing upthe three countries and the potential for broadband internet over a longer term horizon. While mobilegrowth is ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
Saudi Arabia: Rising Data Traffic and Strong Demand for Enterprise IT Services Will Underpin Growth Through 2019
3/25/2015 | published by: Pyramid Research
... 2019,’ a new Country Intelligence Report by Pyramid Research, offers a precise, incisive profile of Saudi Arabia’s mobile and fixed telecommunications and pay-TV markets based on comprehensive proprietary data and insights from our research in ...  |  read more...
USD 990
West Africa Telecommunications Report Q2 2015
3/11/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... the Congo (DRC), Gabon, Mali, Mauritania and Senegal. As mobile subscriptionsgrowth slows down in these markets, operators will increasingly shift their resources towards advanceddata services to sustain revenue growth. Their efforts will be complemented by ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
Nigeria Telecommunications Report Q2 2015
3/18/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... operator NITEL, including its mobile arm Mtel, to NATCOM Consortium, and also awarded the first two InfraCo licences for the Lagos area and the North Central Zone. These major developments will all help to drive ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
Spain Telecommunications Report Q2 2015
3/18/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... Ono, the market would have expanded even when excluding this transaction. This points to a more positive outlook for the market, particularly with early returns on 4G investment proving to be strong. The rise of ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
Sweden Telecommunications Report Q2 2015
3/18/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... networks remain a key part of the broadband access market, but IP-based services are growing steadily, not all of them provided by the country's telecoms operators. The mobile market appears to be growing, with net ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
Fixed Telephone Services in India (2015) – Market Sizes
3/11/2015 | published by: Mintel - Snapshots
... have a limited range to a fixed point/hub in a residence or business, even if that business or residence is supplied with a signal wirelessly. Market size is based on numbers of subscribers. Market size ...  |  read more...
USD 600
Tanzania Telecommunications Report Q2 2015
3/18/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... to rural areas. We believe renewed growth has been triggered by increased investment in network expansion, as demonstrated by Zantel's launch of 3G services on mainland Tanzania and the deployment of the government's Universal Access ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
The Sub-Saharan Africa telecoms market: interim forecast update 2014–2019
3/12/2015 | published by: Analysys Mason
... as a faster-than-expected erosion of voice and messaging revenue. The steep currency depreciation of the South African Rand compared with the US dollar in 2013 also caused a reduction of our historical regional revenue (and ...  |  read more...
USD 7,999
Zimbabwe - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Market Insights and Statistics
3/13/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... the country's political leaders. The normalisation of Zimbabwe's economy is reflected in the International Monetary Fund's (IMF) forecast of continuous annual GDP growth at around 4% from 2014 onwards. Despite the overall economic difficulties in ...  |  read more...
USD 490
Cote d Ivoire (Ivory Coast) - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Market Insights, Statistics and Forecasts
3/18/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... from strong economic growth, with GDP having grown by 9.8% in 2012 before slowing to 8% in 2013 and an expected 8.2% for 2014. Although it has two competing fixed network operators, the countrys telecommunications ...  |  read more...
USD 485
Chad - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Market Insights and Statistics
3/17/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... in the world. Penetration rates in all market sectors fixed, mobile and internet are well below African averages. Nevertheless, recent regulatory developments and renewed commitments from existing players in the telecom market are showcasing the ...  |  read more...
USD 445
Finland - Mobile Market Insights, Statistics and Forecasts
3/18/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... auctioned spectrum in the 800MHz to extend the availability of LTE services nationally. The Finnish vendor Nokia Networks is also involved in developing 5G technologies. Growth in the number of mobile subscribers has stalled, in ...  |  read more...
USD 215
Peru - Mobile Market - Insights, Statistics and Forecasts
3/17/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... country's penetration data hides the fact that about one quarter of the population has no mobile phone at all, while many Peruvians especially urban dwellers have multiple mobile subscriptions. Three companies compete in the mobile ...  |  read more...
USD 210
Australia - Telecoms Industry - Wholesale Market
3/18/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... particular have created significant new competition in the market since 2008. This regime is still in place and continues to drive the current level of competition. Mobile wholesale has also been relaxed the margins available ...  |  read more...
USD 125
Global Cloud Billing Services Market 2015-2019
3/18/2015 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... invoicing flexibility for multiple payment models, methods, and channels. It also supplies tools for personalization of billing services and customized invoice calculation. It also enables resolution of end-to-end billing-related disputes. With changes in technology, vendors ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
Philippines Telecommunications Services 2014–2018 Analysis and Forecast Update
3/17/2015 | published by: IDC
... until 2018. With total spending of PHP112.8 billion in the first half of 2014, the market is expected to record spending of PHP224.8 billion in 2014 and continue to grow steadily within the forecast period ...  |  read more...
USD 4,500
The Social media platforms in customer care: integrating tools from multiple vendors
3/24/2015 | published by: Analysys Mason
... of the social media functions required for a complete solution. This report discusses how communications service providers (CSPs) are integrating social media tools into customer care operations and their role in the overall customer lifecycle.  |  read more...
USD 4,999
Asia-Pacific Unified Communications Market CY 2013
3/16/2015 | published by: Frost & Sullivan
... Although the awareness and significance of unified communications (UC) grew in 2013, there were several factors which negatively impacted the market. Some of these factors include: reduced IT budgets, changing enterprise priorities, growth of UC ...  |  read more...
USD 20,000
Global Cloud-based Video Conferencing Market 2015-2019
3/11/2015 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... cloud server is used to transfer, access, and storage data. Video conferencing is different from videophone calls as the former is designed to process multiple locations rather than individuals. VCaaS provides organizations the benefits of ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
Australia - National Broadband Network - Fixed Wireless and Satellite Networks
3/12/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... cover 5%, with a satellite-based network dealing with the remaining 2%. In all just under one million premises. In 2013 NBN Co announced an upgrade of the infrastructure with new speeds of 25 Mbps download ...  |  read more...
USD 125
Netherlands - Key Statistics, Telecom Market and Regulatory Overviews
3/10/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... There is also strong competition in the mobile sector, and a progressive digital TV platform with the services of the two dominant cable companies being complemented by KPN's Digitenne and IPTV offerings. This report introduces ...  |  read more...
USD 185
ICT Opportunities Across European Vertical Markets
3/9/2015 | published by: Frost & Sullivan
... GDP forecast between 2014 and 2016 of %, the total ICT spending by industries in Europe is expected to grow at faster pace of an average year-on-year (YoY) of ??% between 2014 and 2019. Five ...  |  read more...
USD 5,000
Japan Unified Communications and Collaborative Application System Enterprise User Survey 2014
3/9/2015 | published by: IDC
... 2014 Enterprise Collaboration User Survey , conducted in July 2014. This study presents an analysis on usage trends as well as future intentions of enterprise VoIP equipment and services, unified applications, and contact center systems. ...  |  read more...
USD 5,000
India Telecommunications Report Q2 2015
4/1/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... new and established players alike. The fluid regulatory regime is open to highly variableinterpretation by the government, the regulators and the most influential businesses while the fragmentednature of the mobile and wireline markets - caused ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
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