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Telecommunications & Wireless Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

The terminology wireless communication includes a wide range of products including handheld radios, PDAs, cell phones, and wireless networking. There are other examples of wireless technology that can be found in devices like Maritime VHF, garage door openers, computer mice, satellite television, GPS, keyboards, and cordless telephones.

Wireless communication has the ability to be limited to small distances, like it’s done with bluetooth communications, or also to thousand mile distances like with short wave radio communication.

Very often wireless communication is applied where wires are not possible or costly.

Wireless communications can be found frequently within the telecommunication sector as a vehicle to transport data without the need to use wires. This transfer of data over large distances to communicate with complex, electrical products can be found in devices like telegraphs, teletypes, telephones, the use of microwave and radio waves, fiber optics and their corresponding electronics, in addition to its use in various orbiting satellites and the Internet.

While the focus of opportunity in the telecommunications industry continually changes from wired to wireless frameworks, the necessity to access a larger portion of the electromagnetic spectrum becomes increasingly valuable. There are many competing opinions of the best way to free up spectrum under the present power and control of the government bureaucracy’s around the world.

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Telecommunications & Wireless Industry Research & Market Reports

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Private Label Credit Cards in the U.S., 9th Edition
5/13/2015 | published by: Packaged Facts
... strategies.  As tabulated in this report, p rivate label card usage trends are positive, and our proprietary consumer survey research findings indicate that the cards can meaningfully influence in-store payment decisions, retail purchasing, and personal ...  |  read more...
USD 4,500
North America Enterprise Video Market by Delivery Mode (Video Streaming, Video Conferencing, Web Casting, Web Conferencing), by Vertical, and by Geography - Analysis & Forecasts to 2019
5/11/2015 | published by: MicroMarketMonitor
... healthcare, transportation and logistics, and others. Academia and government verticals will be expected to grow at a high CAGR from 2014 to 2019. Video is used by government sector for running their internal video distribution ...  |  read more...
USD 2,650
Key Players, Insights and Market Share for Retail Repair Vendors and Wholesale Refurbishment Providers: Mobile Device Repair and Refurbishment Overview
5/14/2015 | published by: Compass Intelligence
... the mobile device lifecycle: retail repair and wholesale phone refurbishment. Here we provide highlights from key retail repair players like GeekSquad, Cellairis (in Walmart) and AppleCare. Total market size (in revenue) is also provided. In ...  |  read more...
USD 1,995
End User Insights around Device Reclamation and Recycling Program Participation: Mobile Phone and Device Recycling Survey-2Q 2015
5/13/2015 | published by: Compass Intelligence
... 2015, which provides end user insights around mobile device reclamation. According to the latest survey results, at least 30% of the respondents (sample size of nearly 900) said they had recycled, traded in or sold ...  |  read more...
USD 2,995
China Telecommunications Report Q3 2015
5/27/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... 4G is taking off quickly. The creation of a national infrastructure company will help rural growth for China Unicom and ChinaTelecom, putting China Mobile at a greater disadvantage. Increased price competition through theintroduction of mobile ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
Electric Wire and Cable Market in India 2015-2019
5/13/2015 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... wire is commonly formed by drawing strands of metals such as copper or aluminum through a die or draw plate. A cable comprises two or more wires which are bonded, twisted, or braided together to ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
Fiber Optic Test Equipment (FOTE) Market in China 2015-2019
5/13/2015 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... accesses only one end of the fiber and makes multiple measurements, which are used to reveal defects and faults, and to determine the amount of signal loss at any point in a single optical fiber ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
Colombia Telecommunications Report Q3 2015
5/27/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... This shouldhelp with competition dynamics, as well as result in downward pressures on ARPU spending. LTEdemonstrates the development of the market, with greater demand for higher-value data services, with theuptake of LTE services growing more ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
Hungary Telecommunications Report Q3 2015
5/27/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... keep costslow and ensure competitive pricing. As taxation on the industry continues, with no confirmed end in sight,operators face uncertainty that will result in lower investment while the government continues to target theindustry. Bundled services ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
South Africa Telecommunications Report Q3 2015
5/27/2015 | published by: BMI Research
... contributing toespecially strong subscriptions growth. Price competition eased in early 2015 and will result in muchslower subscriptions growth over our five-year forecast; operators are therefore intensifying their efforts tolaunch new, higher value services, revolving around ...  |  read more...
USD 1,295
Estonia - Mobile Market - Insights, Statistics and Analysis
5/15/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... network operators EMT, Elisa and Tele2 as well as by one MVNO. WCDMA-based (3G) and HSPA networks serve as the basis for the growing mobile broadband sector, supporting a range of mobile content and applications, ...  |  read more...
USD 155
Indonesia - Internet, Broadband Services and Forecasts
5/10/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... not launched in Indonesia until 1995. Coming into 2015, it was estimated that Indonesia had around 88 million internet users, substantially up on the 16 million reported five years earlier. This meant that internet users ...  |  read more...
USD 215
Indonesia - Major Telecommunications Operators
5/10/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... to moderate and competition becomes more intense. Market leader Telkomsel continues to maintain a huge presence despite the increased pressure from the competition. It still claims around 45% of the total subscriber base. To expand ...  |  read more...
USD 300
Samoa - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Market Insights and Statistics
5/19/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... dynamic, competitive mobile sector, with one of the highest rates of mobile phone coverage in the Pacific region. Since mobile networks were upgraded to enhanced 3G technology, the spread of mobile internet is in part ...  |  read more...
USD 325
United Kingdom - Key Statistics, Telecom Market and Regulatory Overviews
5/21/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... innovative broadcast sector which has pioneered business models for distributing digital content. As a consequence, mobile and broadband penetration is comfortably ahead of the European average, while digital TV uptake has reached 90% of the ...  |  read more...
USD 245
United Kingdom - Mobile Market – Insights, Statistics and Analysis
5/21/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... served by major providers with a significant international presence. Recent merger activity has seen dramatic consolidation in the market and has had knock-on effects for network infrastructure deals struck between them in recent years. The ...  |  read more...
USD 270
United Kingdom - Wireless Broadband Market - Insights and Statistics
5/21/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... major wireless operators have expanded their networks and concentrated on sharing hotspots. Wireless broadband on mobile networks has shown phenomenal growth since 2010 as consumers exploit the wider availability of HSPA networks, and this growth ...  |  read more...
USD 120
Global Security Software Market in the Telecom Industry 2015-2019
5/27/2015 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... security, governance, data loss prevention, security information and event management, and identity and access. A security software solution provides several features such as encryption, endpoint monitoring, identity and access management, intrusion detection, vulnerability scanning, and ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
M-commerce Market in the US 2015-2019
5/27/2015 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... has enabled various retail stores to go online and adopt more effective marketing strategies.With advances in technology, there is tremendous growth in the mobile device market, which has led to high adoption of smartphones and ...  |  read more...
USD 3,000
Global Mobile Phone Loudspeaker Industry Report - 2015
5/29/2015 | published by: QYResearch Group
... definitions, classifications, applications and industry chain structure. The Mobile Phone Loudspeaker market analysis is provided for the international markets including development trends, competitive landscape analysis, and key regions development status. Development policies and plans are ...  |  read more...
USD 2,800
Algeria - Broadband Market - Insights, Statistics and Analysis
5/28/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... services in coming years. In addition, commercial services based on LTE technology are expected to be available in early 2014. At the same time, the fixed-line incumbent Algerie Telecom has invested in expanding and upgrading ...  |  read more...
USD 170
Angola - Telecoms, Mobile and Broadband - Market Insights, Statistics and Analysis
5/28/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... investment in Angola has intensified. This has had a knock-on effect in the telecoms sector, where there has been considerable interest in national infrastructure upgrades, as well as in developing addition international capacity, as seen ...  |  read more...
USD 475
Australia - Data Centres
5/26/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... broadband networks allowed for a large range of new services and applications, especially aimed at small and medium organisations. The data centre market includes telehousing facilities, co-location facilities, cloud and IT services, content hosting, connectivity ...  |  read more...
USD 250
Australia - Digital Media - Gaming and Gambling
5/26/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... seen console games change dramatically, with games, music and movies merging, integrating and moving online. Online gaming and gambling can take players from outside the boundaries of their home countries where these online activities may ...  |  read more...
USD 225
Australia - Digital Media - Social Networks
5/28/2015 | published by: Paul Budde Communication Pty Ltd
... Web 2.0, email, broadband infrastructure and mobile phones and tablets. However, for these new social media tools to succeed, they need to be fully and totally integrated into our daily communication. Popular social media sites ...  |  read more...
USD 225
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