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Storage Market Research Reports & Industry Analysis

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Storage Industry Research & Market Reports

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Japan Storage in the Cloud 2013–2017 Forecast and Analysis
6/23/2014 | published by: IDC
... the storage in the cloud market into two segments, "basic services" and "advanced storage services." The market structure and growth factors of the two segments shall be analyzed and a market forecast presented for the ...  |  read more...
USD 5,000
Document Management Services in Australia - Industry Market Research Report
1/17/2014 | published by: IBISWorld
... recovery services. This report covers the scope, size, disposition and growth of the industry including the key sensitivities and success factors. Also included are five year industry forecasts, growth rates and an analysis of the ...  |  read more...
USD 965
Worldwide Virtualization Services 2014–2018 Forecast
3/12/2014 | published by: IDC
... analyzes what has changed in the market in the past 18 months since the previous forecast was released. "The size of the server virtualization services market is significantly larger than was estimated in our last ...  |  read more...
USD 4,500
Worldwide Storage Services 2013–2017 Forecast: Challenging Global Dynamics Keep Pressure on Storage Services Growth
11/18/2013 | published by: IDC
... 2009–2012, and data for 2013–2017 is forecast. Worldwide storage services revenue was $31.8 billion in 2012 and is forecast to grow to almost $42.7 billion by 2017. According to Paul Hughes, program director for Storage ...  |  read more...
USD 4,500
Poland Enterprise Storage Systems Market 2013–2017 Forecast and 2012 Vendor Shares
12/25/2013 | published by: IDC
... intended to provide an understanding of the changes and opportunities facing the storage industry in this emerging market. Our analysis of 2012 data is based on information gathered from interviews with the leading IT companies ...  |  read more...
USD 7,500
CD Computing News January 2014
1/1/2014 | published by: Worldwide Videotex
... select CD-ROM discs and products such as CD-ROM drives and networks. Comprehensive information on DVD technology and marketing is also provided. Reviews current CD-ROM databases and new CD-ROM/DVD releases providing detailed information on their contents.  |  read more...
USD 25
Digital Storage Devices
5/1/2014 | published by: Global Industry Analysts
... Flash Drive (USB Flash Memory Drive, & Others).The report provides separate comprehensive analytics for the US, Canada, Japan Europe, Asia-Pacific, Latin America, and Rest of World. Annual estimates and forecasts are provided for the period ...  |  read more...
USD 4,950
Global Data Center Integrated Infrastructure Systems Market 2014-2018
11/8/2013 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... key factors contributing to this market growth is the increased deployment of data centers. The Global Data Center Integrated Infrastructure Systems market has also been witnessing the transition to SDN solutions. However, the concerns regarding ...  |  read more...
USD 2,000
Global Flash Memory Cards Market 2014-2018
12/6/2013 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... this market growth is the increasing demand for highly compact, robust memory cards with maximum storage capacity. The Global Flash Memory Cards market has also been witnessing the increasing adoption of high-density memory cards by ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
Global Mobile DRAM Market 2014-2018
12/13/2013 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... growth is the increasing adoption of mobile DRAMs in smartphones. The Global Mobile DRAM market has also been witnessing the increasing number of mergers and acquisitions. However, the declining ASP of mobile DRAMs could pose ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
Global Big Data Market 2014-2018
1/10/2014 | published by: TechNavio - Infiniti Research Ltd.
... growth is the need to upgrade business processes and improve productivity. The Global Big Data market has also been witnessing the increase in market consolidation. However, the lack of awareness about the potential of big ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
Japan Tape Drive and Tape Automation 2013–2017 Forecast Update
4/22/2014 | published by: IDC
... study presents the latest forecast and the changes made to the previous forecast based on the actual market performance during 1H13 (January–June). Forecasts are based on unit shipments and revenue. Tape drive shipment forecasts are ...  |  read more...
USD 2,500
Reproduction of Recorded Media in South Korea: ISIC 223
3/7/2014 | published by: Euromonitor International
... of the Reproduction of Recorded Media market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and ...  |  read more...
USD 600
Database, Storage & Backup Software Publishing - Industry Market Research Report - in the US
3/27/2014 | published by: IBISWorld
... the economy recovers and more businesses require database and storage services, industry firms will benefit. Furthermore, the industry will look to small businesses, a previously underserved market, to expand. This industry develops and distributes database ...  |  read more...
USD 1,020
Non-Volatile Memory Market by Type (Traditional, Emerging), Product (Printed Memory, Hard disk drives and others), Application (Industrial, Healthcare, Automotive, Energy and Power, Enterprise Storage and others) and Geography - Global Trends & Forecasts
4/21/2014 | published by: MarketsandMarkets
... 2014 - 2020 Non-volatile memory is used to store data even if it is non-powered. Non-volatile memory is used for secondary storage, especially long term storage, as these memory devices do not require continuous power ...  |  read more...
USD 4,650
Computer Hardware: Flash Memory - Technologies and Global Markets
5/1/2014 | published by: BCC Research
... grow to $43.9 billion by 2018, a compound annual growth rate (CAGR) of 7.8% for the five-year period, 2013 to 2018. This report provides: An overview of the global market for solid-state flash memory and ...  |  read more...
USD 6,650
Worldwide Branded Tape 2013 Vendor Analysis
4/14/2014 | published by: IDC
... data is reported for the worldwide tape drive and automation markets by supplier. IDC's branded tape analysis enables tape vendors to gain a better understanding of the distribution model for tape products and the role ...  |  read more...
USD 3,500
Japan Disk Storage Systems 2013–2017 Forecast and 1H13 Analysis by Vertical Segment
4/16/2014 | published by: IDC
... systems market by industry and by company size, and presents the forecast for 2013–2017. The Japan disk storage systems market revenue by industry was analyzed in terms of OS, installation environment, and external and internal ...  |  read more...
USD 7,500
Emerging Non-Volatile Memories Patent Landscape
2/18/2014 | published by: Yole Developpement
... PCRAM). Time evolution of patent publications and countries of filings. Current legal status of patents. Ranking of main patent assignees. Joint developments and IP collaboration network of main patent assignees. Key patents. Granted patents near ...  |  read more...
USD 5,550
Reproduction of Recorded Media in Australia: ISIC 223
1/8/2014 | published by: Euromonitor International
... the Reproduction of Recorded Media market at a national level. It provides the latest retail sales data, allowing you to identify the sectors driving growth. It identifies the leading companies, the leading brands and offers ...  |  read more...
USD 600
How 3D NAND Stacks Up
1/1/2014 | published by: Forward Insights
... of planar technology. What’s next? Samsung’s August 2013 announcement of the production of a 24-layer vertical string V-NAND shows the way forward. Vertical NAND or 3D NAND promises to continue increases in storage capacities and ...  |  read more...
USD 14,999
IDC's Worldwide Storage and the Cloud Taxonomy, 2014
1/21/2014 | published by: IDC
... "IDC expects that in 2014 cloud services will continue to exert their heavy influence on IT buyers worldwide, which in turn will shape the future development and market expansion of the infrastructure industry, of which ...  |  read more...
USD 8,000
Colocation Facilities in the US - Industry Market Research Report
1/31/2014 | published by: IBISWorld
... increase in demand for server space. As such, greater demand from data processing and hosting services, an increase in the percentage of services conducted online and private investment in computers and software have all benefited ...  |  read more...
USD 1,020
Enabling Technologies and Semiconductors: March 31, 2014
4/3/2014 | published by: IDC
... New Consortium to Accelerate the Industrial Internet Highlights from IDC's Semiconductors and Enabling Technologies Vendor Focus : Cloud Infrastructure, 4Q13 Highlights from IDC's Worldwide Top 10 Mobile Phone Chipset and Connectivity Semiconductor 4Q13 Vendor Shares  |  read more...
USD 500
Hypergrowth Company Nimble Storage Prepares for IPO
2/25/2014 | published by: IDC
Hypergrowth Company Nimble Storage Prepares for IPO This IDC Vendor Profile looks at Nimble Storage, an early innovator in hybrid storage arrays based on both HDD and SSD.  |  read more...
USD 3,500
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