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LANs/WANs market research reports and industry analysis

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U.S. SIP Trunking 2012–2016 Forecast
5/23/2012 | published by: IDC
... take advantage of these opportunities. The analysis in this study includes: A discussion of recent trends in the U.S. SIP trunking market Forecasts of U.S. SIP trunking service revenue from 2012 through 2016 Market characteristics ...  |  read more...
EMEA WLAN Market 2012–2016 Forecast: Vendors to Concentrate on Higher Growth CEMA Region
5/23/2012 | published by: IDC
... by country and vendor. Shipment and revenue data for embedded solutions is not included in this study. Only IEEE 802.11-related products are covered in IDC's definition of WLAN. Country tables are available upon request for ...  |  read more...
CEMA WAN Manager Survey, 2011: Telcos, Collaboration, and Cloud Services
5/22/2012 | published by: IDC
... a survey of 787 respondents from businesses and organizations from nine countries across the CEMA region, the study suggests that IT decision makers in the CEMA region are generally familiar with technologies such as UC, ...  |  read more...
Worldwide Ethernet Access Device 2012–2016 Forecast and 2011 Vendor Shares
5/21/2012 | published by: IDC
... network (LAN). EADs provide a bridge between these two networks and enable the provisioning of Ethernet services from the service provider core all the way to the customer premises. Key questions answered include: What is ...  |  read more...
Global Enterprise Mobility Market 2011-2015
5/18/2012 | published by: Infiniti Research Limited - TechNavio
... The Global Enterprise Mobility market has also been witnessing increasing popularity of the bring your own device policy. However, data security issues could pose a challenge to the growth of this market TechNavio’s report, the ...  |  read more...
Worldwide Layer 4–7 Switch Application Delivery 2012–2016 Forecast
5/7/2012 | published by: IDC
... revenue. It segments the forecast into the following geographic segments: North America, EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and Latin America. Additionally, it provides a five-year forecast by region and customer segment. This study also presents the key underlying ...  |  read more...
Computer Protocols - May 2012
5/1/2012 | published by: Worldwide Videotex
... news and developments of computer communication protocols and their related products, such as bridges, gateways and LANs with special coverage on the development of international protocols. Also monitors software interfaces between personal computers and mainframes.  |  read more...
LAN Product News - May 2012
5/1/2012 | published by: Worldwide Videotex
... The newsletter covers new hardware and software products, as well as research and development. Special emphasis is on the marketing strategies of LAN manufacturers and vendors. Articles also include user applications and industry standards developments.  |  read more...
Worldwide Enterprise Network Infrastructure 2012–2016 Forecast
4/15/2012 | published by: IDC
... Layer 4–7 switch, WAN application delivery, Fibre Channel switch, InfiniBand switch, and enterprise videoconferencing and telepresence technologies, and it segments the market by customer type as well as geography: North America, EMEA, Asia/Pacific, and Latin ...  |  read more...
EMEA WLAN 2011 Competitive Analysis: NETGEAR and TP Link Increase Market Share
4/12/2012 | published by: IDC
... and vendor. Shipment and revenue data for embedded solutions is not included in this study. Only IEEE 802.11-related products are covered in IDC's definition of WLAN. Included in the pivot table are the figures for ...  |  read more...
Global WLAN IC Market 2011-2015
4/5/2012 | published by: Infiniti Research Limited - TechNavio
... Wi-Fi in consumer electronics. The Global WLAN IC market has also been witnessing technology convergence in WLAN ICs. However, the increasing complexity of WLAN ICs could pose a challenge to the growth of this market. ...  |  read more...
WLAN Market 2012: Wireless Local Area Network Market Study & Business Overview
4/1/2012 | published by: Mind Commerce Publishing
... with broadband access and bit rates higher that 2 Mbps, including broadband WLANs, multimedia, and interactive broadcasts in a global environment based on terrestrial and satellite systems. This necessity will give rise to a fourth ...  |  read more...
Emphasis on Efficiency Improvements Leading to the Growth of Power Plant Automation
3/31/2012 | published by: GlobalData
... implement plant automation technologies in order to attain high efficiency and reduce energy waste. The pioneering improvements in the field of power plant automation are in-line with the market demand for open standards, multiple controllers, ...  |  read more...
EMEA WAN Manager Survey, 2011: Voice and Data Network Services
3/30/2012 | published by: IDC
... presents the results relating to fixed-line voice and data network services and covers service providers used, WAN/VPN usage, outbound voice, VoIP, and PBX adoption and management. "This year's survey shows the continued movement away from ...  |  read more...
Worldwide Carrier Ethernet 4Q11 and Full Year 2011 Market Share Update
3/29/2012 | published by: IDC
... service provider portion of the Ethernet aggregation market, as well as a subset of the service provider edge router market where routers are used primarily for Ethernet business services, wholesale services, and residential broadband/video services.  |  read more...
The Taiwanese WLAN Industry, 1Q 2012
3/29/2012 | published by: Market Intelligence & Consulting Institute
... destinations, business types, and customer portfolios are also examined. The content of this report is based on primary data obtained through interviews with WLAN makers. The report finds that Taiwanese WLAN NIC (Network Interface Card) ...  |  read more...
Worldwide WAN Application Delivery 2011 Vendor Shares
3/29/2012 | published by: IDC
... the network. Further, these workloads bring diverse bandwidth, security, performance, and latency requirements that need to be managed holistically and individually. Successful suppliers will offer the network manager a helping hand in this daily juggling ...  |  read more...
Mobility in the Enterprise: Key Initiatives for 2012
3/28/2012 | published by: IDC
... relevance across the business market in the United States — in particular managed mobility," says Suzanne Hopkins, research analyst, Mobile Services. "Service providers need to investigate offering solutions not only as a bundled service but ...  |  read more...
Worldwide WLAN 4Q11 and 2011 Year-End Market Share Update
3/27/2012 | published by: IDC
This IDC update reviews preliminary 4Q11 and full-year 2011 manufacturing revenue and shipments in the wireless LAN (WLAN) infrastructure market (excluding WLAN NICs) and shows the quarter-over-quarter (q/q) and year-over-year (y/y) changes.  |  read more...
Worldwide Ethernet Switch and Router 4Q11 and 2011 Full Year Market Share Update
3/25/2012 | published by: IDC
This IDC update reviews 4Q11 and full year 2011 manufacturing revenue and shipments in the Ethernet switch and router markets and shows the quarter-over-quarter (q/q) and year-over-year (y/y) changes.  |  read more...
Fieldbus Market in Australia and New Zealand
3/20/2012 | published by: Frost & Sullivan
... influencing their buying decisions. The study provides an analysis of the various kinds of technologies involved and how these have transformed the way end users operate, and the benefits brought about through the use of ...  |  read more...
Japan Global WAN Services 2012-2015 Forecast and 2011 Review
3/14/2012 | published by: IDC
... in Japan. This study reveals the steady growth of the Japan global WAN services market and rapid growth of the Asia market, infrastructural competition among global carriers to achieve competitive advantage, and measures by carriers ...  |  read more...
Australia Semiannual Wireless LAN Market 2011–2015 Forecast and Analysis
3/7/2012 | published by: IDC
... which consists of access points (APs), outdoor APs, wireless switches/controllers, and wireless routers/gateways. Further segmentation is made into total revenue for consumer and enterprise equipment, as well as by vertical for the Australian market. "Enterprise ...  |  read more...
The Role of MPLS in Next-Generation IP/Ethernet Access and Aggregation Networks
3/4/2012 | published by: IDC
... provides an analysis of MPLS in access and aggregation networks and the role of MPLS-TP and MPLS enhancements to configure IP and Ethernet circuits end to end from routers located near the network edge through ...  |  read more...
Analysis of the Network Access Control Market
2/28/2012 | published by: Frost & Sullivan
... NAC market has enjoyed renewed interest and rejuvenated growth due to innovative vendors that have focused on solving key customer challenges. This research service identifies market challenges, market growth, competitive analysis, and key technology trends. ...  |  read more...
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